Company Profile
Address 2-5-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-8487@[MAP]
Established October 1, 1966
Paid-in Capital 1,200,000,000 Yen
Directors Takashi Yoshimura , President & C. O. O.
Shingo Inoue , Senior Executive Vice President
Mitsuo Shimano , Senior Executive Managing Director
Eiichi Egawa , Senior Executive Managing Director
Masahiko Mizuguchi , Senior Executive Managing Director
Yosuke Miyake , Senior Executive Managing Director
Employees 340
Business Activities The Production , manufacturing and distribution of varied types of entertainment software in physical and digital format.
Offices Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka

Company History
1966@ The company was founded as Nippon Broadcasting System Service, Inc., a subsidiary of Nippon Broadcasting System Inc.
1967 Began production and sales of 8-track music tapes under the name of gPONYPakh for the first time in Japan.
1968 Released the first PONY music cassette tape.
1970 Changed the trade name to PONY INC. and moved to World Trade Center Building in Hamamatsucho.
Released the first videotape under the brand name of gPONY VIDEOh.
CANYON RECORDS INC. was established in this year to produce and manufacture phonograph records.
1971 Established NIPPON PLANNING CENTER INC. as a house design agency.
1978 BIG SHOT INC. was established as a Fujisankei Group's advertising agency.
New office building was built in Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku and moved to this location.
1979 Established a representative office in Los Angeles.
1982 Released the first personal computer game software under the name of PONYCA.
1983 Released the first Laser Disc.
1984 Started exclusive videogram license agreements with MGM/UA, Vestron Video, Walt Disney Home Video and BBC Video.
1985 Established representative offices in New York and London.
1986 Started exclusive license agreements with A&M Records and RCA/Columbia Pictures.
adquarters' office was moved to Kudan NP Building.
1987 Merged PONY INC. and CANYON RECORDS INC. and changed the company name to PONY CANYON INC.
1989 Entered into equity partnership in Virgin Music Group in the U.K.
1990 Established Virgin Japan as a join-venture company with Virgin Music Group.
ished joint-venture companies in Korea and Hong Kong and also started a local corporation in Singapore.
1991 Established a joint-venture company in Taiwan.
1992 Established CANYON MUSIC INC. (the present name of the company is PONY CANYON MUSIC INC.)
NYON ENTERPRISE INC. was established as a manufacturing company.
Established a joint-venture company in Malaysia.
1993 Made capital investments in Echo Label Ltd. in the U.K. and World Domination Music Group in the U.S.
to Hacchoubori, Chuo-ku.
1996 Released the DVD software gSHINJI RA MUNITA / Shinji Tanimurah for the first time in the world.
1998 Moved to Toranomon, Minato-ku.
2001 Started digital video distribution through NTT Communications.
ANYON's official web-site was started on i-mode.
Started the distribution deal with hachama Label.
2002 Acquired the Hip Hop Label gFUTURE SHOCKh.
Started Chaku-Uta (Master Ringtone) digital distribution through Label Mobile.
2004 Started Chaku-Uta-Full (Mobile Single) digital distribution through Label Mobile.
2005 Started the distribution deal with FOR LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, INC.
2006 FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, INC. became the primary share-holder of the company.
Released the HD DVD software for the first time in the world.
Released the Blu-ray software.
Established the PONY CANYON Alumni Association to commemorate the 40th company anniversary.
2007 Established M&I Music Inc.
2009 Established Pony Canyon Music Publishing Inc.
2011 Established Amidea Inc.
2012 Opened Pony Canyon Yoyogi Studio
2013 Opened Pony Canyon Shibuya Studio