Come Kiss Me at 0:00 AM

A Cinderella love story
about an ordinary girl and a superstar


In Roman Holiday (1953), it was a princess and a reporter. In Pretty Woman (1990), a millionaire and a prostitute. In Notting Hill (1999), a successful actress and a dowdy bookshop owner. There are numerous timeless romantic masterpieces that remain popular even today about fateful lovers from different backgrounds. As one in a lineup of the 2020 New Yearfs films, another fantastic romance movie about glove between unequalsh will be released on December 6!
It is based on a successful manga series by Rin Mikimoto still running on Bessatsu Friend (Kodansha). Ryota Katayose, the main vocals for GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, plays the superstar actor Kaede Ayase. Katayosefs SNS accounts are said to be ones of the most influential of all Asian celebritiesf, and his popularity and activities are expanding both domestic and abroad. In the role of Hinana is Kanna Hashimoto, who boasts a massive following of teenagers. She challenges herself to deliver a realistic performance as an ordinary girl who falls in love with a celebrity. And Gordon Maeda, an up-and-coming actor enjoying the spotlight these days who made his first appearance in a drama series, No Side Game on TBS, landed the role of Akira Hamabe, Hinanafs childhood friend.
A fateful encounter between a superstar and an ordinary girl. The attractive people who surround the lovers that face various obstacles, misunderstandings, and a heartbreaking farewell... The exhilarating & intoxicating & enchanting story will make your heart flutter like a rollercoaster ride! This winter, the curtain rises on a fantastic, romantic Cinderella love story straight out of the storybook!


Hinana Hanazawa (Kanna Hashimoto) has a reputation for being super serious and no-nonsense. But contrary to popular belief, she is, in fact, a daydreamer who fantasizes about falling in love with a knight in shining armor, fairy-tale fashion. One day, Kaede Ayase (Ryota Katayose), a superstar actor, comes for a film shoot. Hinana, who participates in the shoot as an extra, notices Kaede ogling the girlsf booties! Truth be told, he has gbutth fetish! Although Hinana is caught off guard by the revelation, she finds herself drawn to the unpretentious and kind Kaede. On the other hand, Kaede also starts falling for Hinanafs straightforwardness... A clandestine romance between an actor and an ordinary girl. A secret that they have to protect at all costs!! Hinana and Kaede, who lead completely different lives, must face one unexpected obstacle after another. Then one day, Akira Hamabe, Hinanafs childhood friend who has always been in love with her, declares war on Kaede. What does fate have in store for these youth in love?!