INTRODUCTION STORY Filmed entirely in Italy! Cast & STAFF

A Japanese film of breathtaking Italian beauty!
A meticulously-crafted suspense thriller
with an all-star cast and crew!


A 50th Anniversary Commemorative Film by Fuji Television Network


Rome. December 16,2008 marked the start of a landmark event in Japanese cinema.
On this day,thousands of miles from Japan,shooting began on an ambitious film project to be shot entirely on location in Italy. Amalfi is a special film made in part to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Japan's leading creator of television and film entertainment: Fuji Television Network.
Over the past half-century,Fuji Television has not only redefined and shaped the television industry,but simultaneously produced more than half of Japan's highest grossing live-action movies ever made. These include the reigning box office king in Bayside Shakedown II ('03,173.5 million),as well as Antarctica ('83,59.5 million),"The Adventures of Milo & Otis" ('86,54 million),Bayside Shakedown ('98,53 million in distributed earnings),"HERO" ('07,81.5 million),and Limit of Love: Umizaru ('06,71 million).
For Amalfi,Fuji TV has assembled the best and the brightest among those who have long been instrumental in the company's growth and success,beginning with Chihiro Kameyama,producer of the Bayside Shakedown film and TV franchise,Toru Ota,project planner and producer for 'Twixt Calm and Passion ('01),director Hiroshi Nishitani (Suspect X,'08,49.2 million),and master suspense screenwriter,Yuichi Shimpo,to pen an original script.
The cast is no less spectacular,starting with Japan's perennial box office headliner,Yuji Oda,and supported by Yuki Amami,Erika Toda,Nene Ohtsuka,Atsushi Ito,Shiro Sano,and Koichi Sato | all marquee stars in their own right. Throw in a special appearance by Masaharu Fukuyama,and you have a heavy-hitting ensemble unlike any before it in Japanese cinema.
The theme song for the film is performed by the worldfs best selling soprano of all time, Sarah Brightman, who also makes her Japanese movie debut in the film, playing herself.
Shot completely on location in Italy,Amalfi brings together beautiful places,breathtaking photography and divine music in the service of a completely original,tightly written,suspense thriller. Everything you can possibly have in a film comes packed into this one,and takes the Japanese suspense genre to a new magnificent place.

A young Japanese girl's abduction potentially triggers a series of terrorist events in Italy.
The perpetrators' true motives lie secret in the "most beautiful commune on Earth."


Christmas time in Rome.
A man arrives in the city upon news of a potential terrorist strike in Italy. He is Japanese foreign diplomat,Kosaku Kuroda (Yuji Oda),and he's here under orders of his supervisor at the Foreign Ministry,Hiroshi Kataoka (Kiichi Nakai),to aid in the safeguarding of Japanese citizens.
Kuroda's main contacts at the Japanese embassy consist of Ambassador Kikuhara (Akira Onodera),Counselor Nishino (Shiro Sano),and fellow diplomatic envoys Haba (Nene Ohtsuka) and Tanimoto (Atsushi Ito). All are busy preparing for the visit of Japanese Foreign Minister Kawagoe (Mitsuru Hirata) due to arrive for the high-profile G8 foreign minister's meeting.
Meanwhile,somewhere on the festively-lit streets of the city,a young Japanese girl has suddenly gone missing. Is it an abduction simply for ransom? Or could it be a prelude to terror?

Kuroda is assigned as an interpreter in the investigation,accompanied by Japanese embassy intern,Adachi (Erika Toda). But when he accepts a telephone call from the kidnappers to the missing girl's mother Saeko (Yuki Amami),Kuroda finds himself playing the role of faux husband.
Now deeply involved in the case,Kuroda and Saeko have little recourse but to follow the instructions of the kidnappers in a country where the authorities cannot by law engage in ransom deals. The two are sent on a puzzling "goose chase" to highly populated and touristy locations: Termini Station,Sant 'Angelo Castle and then to the Spanish Steps for ostensibly a trade. But when the kidnappers get alerted to Italian police intervention,the deal is abruptly terminated.
Tormented with regret at having brought her daughter to a country that held fond romantic memories of her deceased husband,Saeko feels her frustration mounting toward local authorities who seem less interested in the girl's safety than in apprehending the perpetrators. Her confidence in Kuroda,too,quickly erodes at his ineffectiveness to help.
Rushing to her side from across the ocean is trading company executive and suitor,Fujii (Koichi Sato),who manages to provide her with much-needed solace and comfort. But it becomes apparent that the perpetrators are a well-orchestrated group as they deftly thwart any attempts of ensnarement.
Kuroda decides to take matters into his own hands,enlisting the aid of a long-time friend and freelance writer in Italy named Saiki (Masaharu Fukuyama). But this gets Kuroda into trouble with his superiors for exceeding his diplomatic authority. Nevertheless,Kuroda plugs on under increasing isolation from his colleagues,stressing that securing the safety of Japanese citizens trumps organizational protocol.
It isn't long,however,before the incident begins to embroil everybody from the Italian president to G8 leaders to the worldfs best selling soprano diva,Sarah Brightman,escalating into a series of terrorist acts that threaten the entire nation.

With events seemingly spinning out of control,Kuroda discovers that a key to the case lies in the picturesque,southern port town of Amalfi. Does it hide the perpetrators' true intentions? Or perhaps a larger,more sinister conspiracy?

Filmed entirely in Italy!

For this first-time ever all-Italian shoot for a Japanese feature film,a crew numbering 150 in Japanese and local talent spent 3 months rolling the cameras against such world-famous backdrops and UNESCO World Heritage sites as the Colosseum,Sant 'Angelo Castle,and The Spanish Steps in Rome; the 18th-century Royal Palace at Caserta outside of Naples with its park,Aqueduct of Vanvitelli and San Leucio Complex. And all enhanced by the seasonal illuminations of the city at Christmastime. The centerpiece of the shoot,of course,was Amalfi in the southern region of Campania,with its dramatic cliffs and picturesque village coastline. Studio filming took place at the world-renowned Cinecitta,built in 1936 and considered the home of Italian cinema. Though it also a favorite birthing ground for major Hollywood movies,the studio had never been used by a Japanese production prior to Amalfi.


Yuji Oda (Kosaku Kuroda)
Born Dec. 13,1967. Film role debut came with Bomber Bikers of Shonan ('87). Arguably Japan's biggest box office draw with also a rich television and singing career. Major film works include: Bayside Shakedown ('97) and Bayside Shakedown II ('03,Japan's No. 1 grossing live-action film) Whiteout ('00),T.R.Y. ('03),Star Reformer ('06) and Sanjuro ('07).

Yuki Amami (Saeko Yagami)
Born Aug. 8,1967. Began career as a stage actor for the Takarazuka theater troupe in 1987,rising to principal by 1993 before becoming a popular TV drama,commercial and stage star. Major film works include: Quartet for Two ('01),A Thousand-Year Love ('01),The Choice of Hercules ('02),The Battery ('07),South Bound ('07) and Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (voice,'08).

Erika Toda (Kanae Adachi)
Born Aug. 17,1988. Followed a meteoric rise to TV drama stardom with debut feature film role in Death Note: ('06). Other major film works include: Death Note: The Last Name ('06),Heaven Can Wait. Maybe... ('07),Tea Fight ('08) and Koikyokusei ('09).

Koichi Sato (Masaki Fujii)
Veteran actor had his film debut with The Gate of Youth ('81) earning recognition for ability to handle challenging roles such as Zhao Xingde in The Silk Road ('88) and Iemon Tamiya in Crest of Betrayal. Immensely prolific box office draw. Major film works include: Whiteout ('00),When the Last Sword is Drawn ('03),Suite Dreams ('06),Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django ('07),The Magic Hour ('08) and Nobody to Watch Over Me ('09)

Hiroshi Nishitani,Director
Born 1962. Began as commercial film director before joining Fuji TV as creator of many hit drama series including Ring: The Final Chapter ('99),The Spiral ('99) and Galileo ('05). Directorial film debut came with Star Reformer ('06),directing Yuji Oda,followed by the hit film,Suspect X ('08)

Yuichi Shimpo,Writer
Born 1961. Rose to prominence as an animation director before winning the 37th Edogawa Rampo Award in 1991 for his debut mystery novel,Rensa. His award-winning novel,Whiteout,was turned into a major motion picture in 2000. Other award-winning writing works include: Dasshu ('96,10th Goro Yamamoto Award & 50th Japan Mystery Writers Association Award) and Haiiro no Kitakabe ('06,25th Jiro Nitta Literary Award in the short story collection category).

Theme Song: Sarah Brightman
"I was thrilled to get the offer and feel it a great honor to be appearing in the movie. I look forward to working with Mr. Nishitani."

In a genre-defying music career that could be described as nothing less than spectacular, Sarah Brightman has established herself as the worldfs best selling soprano of all time.

Her extraordinary abilities as a consummate recording artist and live performer have allowed her to achieve sales of more than 26 million albums and two million DVDs, and earned her more than 150 gold and platinum sales certifications in 34 countries on all continents. She remains the only artist ever to hold the No. 1 spot on Billboardfs Classical and Dance charts simultaneously. Ms. Brightmanfs unprecedented crossover success has also helped pave the way for such performers as Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo, and Josh Groban, and earned her nearly every major music award on the planet, including a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records for the success of gTime to Say Goodbye,h the best-selling single in German recording history.

Chihiro Kameyama,Producer
Born 1956. Kameyama has compiled Japan's most impressive resume of TV drama and movie hits as a director and producer since joining Fuji Television in the early 80s. Won the 18th Fujimoto Award in 1999 for Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE and then went on to create a sequel,Bayside Shakedown Ii,which remains the highest grossing live-action film in Japan. He continues his reign as "big film" creator as senior executive producer within the Fuji Television Network.

Toru Ota,Planning Producer
Born 1958. Ota joined Fuji Television as a television journalist but shifted to TV drama producer in 1986 where he created many of the network's most popular series to date,building alongside with Chihiro Kameyama Japan's golden age of the serial drama. His major feature film producer credits include: Hero Interview ('94),Between Calmness and Passion ('01),Check It Out,Yo! ('06) and Suspect X ('08).