Who's the honest one?

April Foolsf Day in the big city Tokyo, the one day of the year when it is okay to tell lies. Everywhere people are lying and laughing... or so it should have been. Careless lies trigger more lies and create pandemonium in various parts of Tokyo! Tension and confusion fill the air. What are the hidden truths behind the lies and what do they lead to?!

On April Foolsf Day, a new masterpiece is unveiled in the film industry!

This screenplay is by Ryota Kosawa, a popular screenwriter/teleplay writer/playwright who also wrote the Sunset on 3rd Street franchise, the Partners franchise, the Parasyte duology, a TV drama Legal High, and the movie and theater productions of Kisaragi.
April Fools is his latest screenplay and rather than being an adaptation, it is an original story. Kosawa makes a deft choice of unique characters who are thrown into a series of situations, in which they interweave with one another's lives in unexpected ways. As the multiple arcs progress you'll variously laugh out loud at absurdities and cry. This is the best of Kosawa's universe and it betrays our expectations.

Commenting on the film Kosawa says, "I wrote a story of deception, love and humor, that takes place on April 1st. I'm looking forward to delivering it to audiences as soon as I can. And I hope that the production of the movie is not an April Fool's Day prank."


April Foolsf Day, the one day of the year when it is okay to lie. From the start of the day, various lies are told all over town.

Lie 1: Catastrophe at an Italian Restaurant
After a one-night stand with genius surgeon Wataru, Ayumi, a janitor of interpersonal phobia, confessed her pregnancy. She is furious at Wataru for dismissing her confession as a bad joke so she heads to an Italian restaurant where he is on a lunch date with Reiko, a beautiful cabin attendant. The maître df whose motto is gIfm responsible for everything that happens on the floorh and the restaurantfs proprietor chef are going about their dayfs work without an inkling of what is about to happen. They also have no idea about the presence of a mysterious bearded gentleman who is about to add fuel to the fire...

Lie 2: The Royal Couplefs Day Off
The Royal elderly couple Mr. and Mrs. Sakurakoji are on their day off, and enjoying a clandestine date by shopping, going to hamburger shop, playing video game at the arcade, astonishing their limo driver, the hamburger shop manager, and everyone else with their behavior.

Lie 3: The Awkward Kidnapper
Yuji, an old-school gangster, kidnaps an elementary school girl, Rika. The utterly amateurish and clumsy kidnapping is witnessed by many people. Neither demand money nor threaten. Rikafs mom is shocked when she sees the composite sketch of the kidnapper... What is the truth?

Lie 4: The Truth about the Elderly Fortuneteller
Ono, a police detective traumatized by his past, arrests an elderly female exorcist for extorting huge money from a down-on-his-luck paramedic guy. During the interrogation, Ono receives a call from a friend who reports a kidnapping, but he laughs it off as the friendfs annual April Foolsf Day lie.

Lie 5: A Tearful Return after 42 Years
A man who went missing when he was 11 during a fishing trip with his father is found on Mujunga Island in Indonesia and returns to Japan after 42 years. He has a tearful reunion with his childhood girl friend who never stopped searching for him and prayed every day at a shrine for his safe homecoming.

Lie 6: Ifm an Alien
Middle-school student is a shut-in who loves astronomy. A former brass band member, he stopped going to school when he became a target of bullying. A website he visits by chance confirms his belief that hefs an alien, and he exerts every effort possible for communicating with a spaceship.

Lie 7: A College Studentfs Fate
Matsuda and Umeda are friends and classmates at the same university. They always hang out together, doing nothing in particular. Umeda makes a confession to Matsuda about something he has been feeling for a long time. A truth that may possibly ruin their friendship. However, Matsuda reveals an even more mind-blowing truth...

In the big city Tokyo, whofs being honest?
Which lies are actually lies?
Careless lies trigger other lies, brewing pandemonium as the separate incidents and characters merge together!
At the end of this April Foolsf Day, the seven tiny, tiny lies create a huge miracle that surpasses imagination.


Erika Toda

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