Bayside Shakedown3 - Set the Guys Loose

Are You Ready?

In the summer of 2003, one movie completely rewrote Japanese box-office history. That film was "Bayside Shakedown2 - Save the Rainbow Bridge". With 12.6 million admissions pulling in $186 million in revenue, it broke a 20 year old record for a live action film. Even today, the film still stands at that historic peak, dwarfing the next film on the list by over $50 million.

The Bayside Shakedown boom began with Fuji TV's New Year drama of that name in 1997. After great viewing figures, 3 special one-off dramas and a movie version were to follow. The first movie outing, 1998's "Bayside Shakedown - The Movie" was seen by 7 million people and earned record sales of $108 million, already putting it in 3rd place on Japan's live action box office record. It was against this background that 2003's "Bayside Shakedown2 - Save the Rainbow Bridge" rewrote the record books.

In response to a rising demand for sequels, 2005's "Negotiator" ($45 million grosser box-office no. 1) and "The Suspect" ($41 million) were both big hits in their own right and firmly established the notion of spin-offs in Japan.

And now in 2010, we have movement at last on the long-awaited next installment in the series.


7 years after rewriting Japanese cinema history, the franchise makes its return to the big screen with a fabulous cast of old faces and eager newcomers.

The character of Aoshima (Yuji Oda) has been promoted to head up his own section while still hanging out with his constant buddies, Sumire (Eri Fukatsu) and Mashita (Yusuke Santamaria). Muroi (Toshiro Yanagiba) continues his career fast-track rise through the ranks of the National Police Agency while new characters include an administrator, Torikai (Shun Oguri), who acts as a bridge between "Head Office" (the National Police Agency) and "Local Branch" (the local precincts) and Waku-kun (Atsushi Ito) is the nephew of Waku-san, the beloved character played by the late Chosuke Ikariya. The movie also sees the return of Natsumi Shinohara (Yuki Uchida) after her appearance in one of the drama one-off specials as Aoshima's trusty right hand woman.

The original creators, producer Chihiro Kameyama, writer Ryoichi Kimizuka and director Katsuyuki Motohiro are have re-teamed to ensure this summer's Bayside Shakedown is a big hit.


Recently-appointed to Section Chief of the Violent Crimes division, Aoshima is up to his neck in responsibilities surrounding his precinct's move to a new facility up the road. Amid this turmoil, a series of 8 new crimes strike the neighborhood.

With only 3 days to go before the official opening ceremony for the new precinct, the Bayside precinct team find themselves caught on the wrong foot at the worst of times!

In the 7 years since a string of bizarre homicides struck the Bayside district, the newly-developed suburb based on land reclaimed from the sea, has continued to evolve. Being close to a major airport with a constant flow of foreign dignitaries, hosting a nexus of freeway intersections and having numerous power distribution centers, it is now regarded as a prime target for terrorist disruption. To meet this threat, the Bayside precinct is hurrying to move into a new, secure hi-tech police station.

And it's the newly-promoted Aoshima who has been entrusted with carrying out the move in an efficient manner. With only 3 days to go before the official opening ceremony, Aoshima and his team, Shinohara and Waku, are hard at work on the logistics of the move. However, right in the middle of this headache, a series of crimes rocks the district! First a bank robbery then the bus-jacking, and even a series of homicides made worse by the fact that the murder weapons are pistols stolen from Aoshima and Onda!

A special investigative team sets up at the old precinct as Aoshima and the new liaison, Torikai start work on the case. However, no sooner is this under way than the old police station itself is held hostage!

In the dying hours before the official ceremony, will Aoshima and his team be able to free the precinct and apprehend the suspects!


History of the Bayside Shakedown franchise

Jan. 7 ` 18 Mar.
"Bayside Shakedown" - 11 episode drama
Average ratings: 18.2% (Season finale: 23.1%)
Oct. 15
"Bayside Shakedown - The Movie" official announcement
Dec. 30
"Bayside Shakedown - Year End Warning" One-off special
Viewer rating: 25.4%

Jun. 19
"Bayside Shakedown - Extra Policewoman Summer Traffic Safety Story" One-off special
Viewer rating: 24.9%
Jun. 23
Start of photography - "Bayside Shakedown - The Movie"
Oct. 6
"Bayside Shakedown - Autumn Crime Eradication" One-off special
Viewer rating: 25.9%
Oct. 31
"Bayside Shakedown - The Movie" domestic release
7 million admissions
$108 million box office
(no. 4 in Japanese live-action box office history)

Mar. 1
Start of photography - "Bayside Shakedown2 - Save the Rainbow Bridge"
Mar 12
"Bayside Shakedown2 - Save the Rainbow Bridge" official announcement
Jul. 19
"Bayside Shakedown2 - Save the Rainbow Bridge" domestic release
12.6 million admissions
$186 million box office
(no. 1 in Japanese live-action box office history)

Jan. 6
Start of photography - "Bayside Shakedown3 - Set the Guys Loose"
Feb. 23
"Bayside Shakedown3 - Set the Guys Loose" official announcement
Jul. 3
"Bayside Shakedown3 - Set the Guys Loose" domestic release


Shunsaku Aoshima (Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Serious Crimes Section Chief, Assistant Police Inspector) ... Yuji Oda

Sumire Onda (Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Robbery Section, Sergeant) ... Eri Fukatsu

Masayoshi Mashita (Metropolitan Police Department, Superintendent) ... Yusuke Santamaria

Shinjiro Waku (Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Serious Crimes Section, Sergeant) ... Atsushi Ito
Natsumi Shinohara (Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Serious Crimes Section, Sergeant) ... Yuki Uchida
Shigeru Koike (Metropolitan Police Department, Criminal Investigations, Negotiation Section Head, Inspector) ... Kotaro Koizumi

Chief Kanda (Chief of the Bayside Precinct, Senior Superintendent) ... Soichiro Kitamura
Kengo Hakamada (Bayside Precinct, Head of Criminal Affairs, Police Inspector) ... Takehiko Ono
Deputy Chief Akiyama (Deputy Chief of the Bayside Precinct, Superintendent) ... Satoru Saito

Jiro Uozumi (Bayside Precinct, Head of Police Administration, Inspector) ... Kenta Satoi
Osamu Nakanishi(Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Head of Robbery Section) ... Susumu Kobayashi
Kaoru Ogata (Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Serious Crimes Section, Sergeant) ... Masahiro Koumoto
Koji Morishita (Bayside Precinct, Criminal Affairs, Robbery Section, Sergeant) ... Toshiya Toyama

Joichiro Kijima (Metropolitan Police Department, Criminal Affairs, Investigation Section 1, Special Investigations, Inspector) ... Susumu Terajima
Commander of Explosives Squad (Metropolitan Police Department, Security Division, Explosive Squad, Inspector) ... Yutaka Matsushige
Group Leader Kusakabe (Metropolitan Police Department, Security Division, Special Assault Team, Senior Superintendent) ... Kou Takasugi

Sheichi Torikai (Metropolitan Police Department, Criminal Affairs, Investigation Section 1, Administrative Advisor, Inspector) ... Shun Oguri

Shinji Muroi (National Police Agency, Commissioner-General's Secretariat, Deputy Director-General, Assistant Commissioner) ... Toshiro Yanagiba


Executive Producer: Chihiro Kameyama
Screenwriter: Ryoichi Kimizuka
Producers: Hirotsugu Usui, Chikahiro Ando, Koichi Murakami

Cinematography: Kazunari Kawagoe
Lighting Director: Hiroyuki Kase
Art Director: Masanori Umeda
Production Designer: Yoji Abeki
Sound: Akihiko Kaku
Editor: Takuya Taguchi
VFX Supervisor: Norio Ishii

Music: Yugo Kanno
Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro

Produced by: Fuji Television Network, Inc., I.N.P.
Production: Robot Communications Inc.
Distribution: Toho Co., Ltd.