“Mastering the art of care giving − yakuza-style.”


Code of Chivalry −
To protect the weak and crush the strong.
To lay down one’s life to fulfill a moral obligation.
I wanted to be a “real” yakuza…

Cast and Crew

監督:西谷 弘 Director: Hiroshi Nishitani

脚本:池上純哉 Screenplay: Junya Ikegami

音楽:河野 伸 高見 優 Music: Shin Kono, Yu Takami

キャスト:草なぎ剛 安田成美 夏帆 風間俊介/黒木メイサ(友情出演) 堺正章(特別出演)/杉本哲太 宇崎竜童 香川照之
Cast: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Narumi Yasuda, Kaho, Shunsuke Kazama, Meisa Kuroki (guest appearance), Masaaki Sakai (special appearance), Tetta Sugimoto, Ryudo Uzaki, Teruyuki Kagawa

Cast of Characters / Cast

翼彦一 (37)/ 草なぎ剛
Hikoichi Tsubasa (37) / Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

一匹狼の極道。元「隼會」六本木地区貸元翼興業・組長。 17歳で極道の世界に入り、ありとあらゆる悪事に手を染めてきたと噂される男。肩と背中に入れた「桜とウグイス」の刺青は、見るものを震え上がらせ、実戦で鍛えた腕っぷしも相当強い。突然、“研修”と称し介護施設「タイヨウ」で働かされることに強く反発するものの、「幹部昇格をかけた試練」と割り切り、渋々介護ヘルパーになる。 その後、介護ヘルパーを通じて生き方を変え、幹部の座を四方木りこにゆずり、隼会を離れた。今は、カタギになろうと、コンビニで働いている。
A lone wolf and ex-head of “Hayabusa-kai” a loan shark business in Roppongi.
Joined the yakuza at the age of 17. Rumored to have broken every law in the book. The “cherry blossom and nightingale” tattoo on his back instills fear in those who see it. An experienced and disciplined fighter. At first, Tsubasa resists when ordered to undergo “training” at a nursing home called “Taiyo” but reluctantly becomes a caregiver or “helper” when told that his promotion in the clan hinges on whether or not he passes this “test.” But through care giving, Tsubasa resolves to change his ways. He concedes his seat as head of the clan to Riko Yomogi and leaves in search of an ordinary life. He ends up working at a convenience store.

蔦井葉子(40) / 安田成美
Yoko Tsutai (40) / Narumi Yasuda

二児の母 家族を捨てた極道の娘
A mother of two who was abandoned by her yakuza father.
Caring for her mother who suffers from dementia. She hates the yakuza.

八代照男(40) / 香川照之
Teruo Yashiro (40) / Teruyuki Kagawa

A practicing attorney and City Council Representative.
Spearheading the “Tourism and Welfare Promotion Project.”

山際成次(25) / 風間俊介
Seiji Yamagiwa (25) / Shunsuke Kazama

A delinquent that wants to work under Hikoichi.

コンビニで一緒に働いていたが、彦一の男気に憧れ子分となる。 Worked with Hikoichi at the convenience store and idolizes for his bravery. He becomes Hikoichi’s right hand man.

仙道 茜(21) / 夏帆
Akane Sendo (21) / Kaho

伊豆のキャバ穣 弟妹を一人で育てている
A bar hostess raising her younger brothers and sisters on her own.

芦川波江(68) / りりぃ
Namie Ashikawa (68) / Lily

Manager of “Seagull House.”

四方木りこ(25) / 黒木メイサ
Riko Yomogi (25) / Meisa Kuroki

「隼会」の若頭。 性格は男勝りで喧嘩っ早い。“ 老人介護施設「タイヨウ」で、彦一と一緒にヘルパーとして働いていた。
Young, female head of “Hayabusa-kai.” Strong-willed and quick to fight. Worked with Hikoichi at “Taiyo” elderly care facility as a helper. (caregiver)

朝比奈道俊(67) / 宇崎竜童
Michitoshi Asahina (67) / Ryudo Uzaki

「極鵬会」の組長Head of the “Kyokuhou-kai" yakuza clan.

蔦井雄三(73) / 堺正章
Yuzo Tsutai (73) / Masaaki Sakai

洋子の父 元極道 Yoko’s father who is an ex-yakuza


“Ninkyo Helper” starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi explores the social theme of the dire shortage of care facilities for the elderly.

草なぎ演じる極道者・翼彦一が、素性を隠しながらヘルパーとして悪戦苦闘する。 数々の実践で鍛えた筋金入りの腕っ節の強さを持つ、強面の男・翼彦一。 そんな彼が、次期組長の座を目指し、“研修”に行くことになったのは…なんと介護施設「タイヨウ」。そこでは、介護ヘルパーの仕事が待っていた。
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi as Hikoichi Tsubasa, a yakuza who must hide his identity while struggling to adapt to his new job as a “helper” or caregiver at a senior care facility. Hikoichi Tsubasa is not only a rugged street fighter, he looks fierce, too. In order to rise to the upper echelons of his clan, he must complete his “training” − at Taiyo, an old folks’ home -- where unimaginable challenges await him.

極道から身を引き、旅に出る。 映画版では、高齢者介護施設「タイヨウ」での介護ヘルパーを通じ、生き方を変えた 元暴力団組長・翼彦一のその後が描かれる・・・。
Working with the elderly at Taiyo causes Hikoichi to reevaluate his life and change his ways. With ex-yakuza boss Hikoichi Tsubasa leaving the clan to embark on a new journey…

彦一はある地方都市で老人介護のホームの立て直しをはかることに・・・。 昨今の社会的問題・介護問題を反映したシリアスなテーマでありながらも、 破天荒な彦一の愛すべき人間味、男気で、さまざまな困難を乗り越えていく・・・。
In a town far from Tokyo, Hikoichi attempts to restore a run-down old folks’ home. While the film reflects the serious social issue of the dire shortage of care facilities for the elderly, it also highlights the human kindness and chivalrous spirit of the protagonist Hikoichi as he overcomes challenging obstacles…

While the human drama element remains, the movie digs deeper into the need to address the growing elderly population, while the latter part of the film is packed with intense action. Hikoichi (Kusanagi) fights the dynamic action escalates as he takes on 50!

極道を辞めた彦一が、堅気として生きる難しさに悩みながらも、 「任侠」の心意気を胸に、新たな介護施設「うみねこの家」で奮闘していく。
While struggling to live a “straight” life, ex-yakuza Hikoichi embraces the spirit of “chivalry” as he fights to restore the care facility “Seagull House.”


“Ninkyo Helper” Ex-yakuza Hikoichi (Kusanagi) struggles to live an “ordinary” life while working at a convenience store. One night, a masked robber holds up the store. When Hikoichi disarms him, he sees that the culprit is a desperate old man, and ends up giving him all the money in the register. He tells the owner that he will pay him back out of his own pocket, but the incredulous owner turns him in to the police. One year later, Hikoichi is reunited with the old convenience store thief (Masaaki Sakai) in prison…

極道をやめ、カタギになろうとコンビニで働きはじめた主人公・彦一(草なぎ)。 ある強盗事件をきっかけに逮捕され、カタギへの道を閉ざされてしまう。。 出所後、行く宛がない彦一は、刑務所で再会した老人・蔦井(堺)のツテを頼りに、 ある地方都市へ・・・、
Protagonist Hikoichi (Kusanagi) leaves the yakuza and begins working at a convenience store. But his hopes of living a “straight” life are shattered when his involvement in a store robbery gets him arrested. In prison, Hikoichi is reunited with Tsutai (Sakai), the old man who robbed the store. With nowhere to go after serving his time, Hikoichi decides to visit Tsutai’s small, seaside hometown…

彦一を兄貴と慕う成次(風間)とともに老人相手の闇金・介護施設をまかせられる 彦一・・・老人介護施設“うみねこの家”――施設とは名ばかりの、悪臭漂う劣悪な 環境だった。借金苦から自己破産した老人、家族から捨てられた老人たちが、 プレハブ小屋に押し込まれている。 Along with his new underling Seiji, (Kazama) Hikoichi takes on a loan shark / elderly care business for the local yakuza. Although the “Seagull House” is called a “nursing home” it turns out to be a run-down, foul-smelling dump. Here, Hikoichi finds abandoned, bankrupt senior citizens crammed into prefab huts…

そして、ヤクザを憎む葉子(安田)に再会する。 認知症を患う母をかかえながらも、二人の子供を育てていた。 暴れる母を高級老人介護ホームから連れ出した葉子は、 ヤクザと関わりたくないと思いつつも、うみねこの家に世話になることに。
Hikoichi meets Yoko (Yasuda) who harbors a deep hatred of yakuza. Yoko is taking care of her senile mother while raising two young kids. When Yoko is forced to discharge her mother from an expensive senior care facility, she has nowhere to turn except for “Seagull House.”

Hikoichi resolves to make some bold changes to save the destitute “Seagull House” …