Study hard. Aim carefully.
The greatest teacher is the greatest target.

"Nu ru fu fu fu fu (Heh heh heh)!" It's a live-action movie!

Our "teacher," or "target," is an enigmatic octopus-shaped super creature.
The bell signaling the start of a strange class now resounds!

Assassination Classroom is a comic that created a buzz shortly after its serialization started in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (Shueisha). Over ten million copies of the comics are in circulation, a figure that was reached with staggering speed of less than two years after the first volume came out. The plot in which inferior students show improvement through their attempts to "assassinate a mysterious creature," the innovative setting that mixes the incompatible elements of "assassination" and "education," and the excessively unique characters all contribute to its popularity among readers of all ages. It has now become a megahit comic that is one of the main draws of the weekly magazine.

And to everyone's surprise, Assassination Classroom… No, "Korosensei" is now a live-action movie!

Eiichiro Hasumi, the director of the Sea Monkey and Mozu series of TV dramas and films, will be directing this work. Making full use of the best computer graphic technology available in the Japanese film industry, he will dynamically depict "Korosensei" as he flies around at Mach 20.

Ryosuke Yamada will make his feature film debut as one of the students of Class 3-E, appearing in a cast of rising new stars including Masaki Suda and Maika Yamamoto. Seishiro Kato and Kanna Hashimoto play the eccentric assassins who target Korosensei. Also, a wide variety of impressive actors assemble to play the teachers of Class 3-E, including Jiyoung, Masanobu Takashima, and Kippei Shiina.
Along with the live-action movie, the TV anime series is on air now!
2015 will no doubt become the "Year of Assassination"!

Laugh, sympathize, and be surprised!
The comical education entertainment will commence!


"Good luck killing me before graduation!"
Our teacher, the super creature = target!

An enigmatic octopus-shaped creature suddenly shows up as the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E, the worst class in the prestigious Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The government assigns the students of Class E with a secret mission to assassinate the mystery creature, aka "Korosensei," who is threatening to destroy Earth next March. The reward is an astounding 10 billion yen to whoever succeeds!

Will the students be able to accomplish their mission before they graduate?
And what is the true goal of Korosensei, the surprisingly dedicated teacher?


Korosensei (Homeroom Teacher of Class 3-E)

Ryosuke Yamada
Masaki Suda
Maika Yamamoto
Seika Taketomi
Mio Yuuki
Miku Uehara
Kanna Hashimoto
Seishiro Kato
Masanobu Takashima
Kippei Shiina


Based on the comic by: Yuusei Matsui,
Assassination Classroom
(serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha)
Director: Eiichiro Hasumi
Screenplay: Tatsuya Kanazawa
Music: Naoki Sato

2015, 110 minutes