Lies are always more interesting than the truth
The biggest con game in history begins!!

gConfidence Man JPh is an original TV drama written by Ryota Kosawa of gMixed Doublesh, the gALWAYS Sunset on Third Streeth series and gLegal High.h The theme is gmoneyh and gdesire.h Professional scammers Dako played by Masami Nagasawa, Boku-chan played by Masahiro Higashide and Richard played by Fumiyo Kohinata devise outrageous scams in the glamorous worlds of tourism, real estate, medicine and sports to swindle fortunes from their greedy victims. This entertaining TV series attained a remarkable 15.1% viewer rating and was recognized with multiple awards including the June 2018 Galaxy Award, the April 2018 Confidence Awards for Best Actress and Best Screenplay in a Drama Series, as well as the Tokyo Drama Award for Best Drama Series. The film adaptation announced at the end of episode 9 became the talk of the town as viewers speculated whether the announcement itself was part of a scam.

The film is set in Hong Kong, and features A-list stars as special guests. This time, their target is the cold, merciless gIce Princessh A.K.A. gEmpress of Hong Kongh A.K.A. Lau Lam played by Yuko Takeuchi. The mysterious dragon lady who heads the Hong Kong mafia is in possession of the most valuable diamond in the world and the professional romantic scammer Jesse played by Haruma Miura is hired to steal it. Yosuke Eguchi, special guest star in episode 1 of the drama, reappears as Eisuke Akaboshi, chairman of the public foundation gAkaboshi.h Akaboshi is hellbent on revenge after being swindled out of 2 billion yen by Dako. Prepare to be dazzled as a sensational setting and cast of guest stars set the stage for the most epic gcon gameh in Japanese film history!
Donft believe everything you see
Was the film adaptation in the works from the beginning?
Will the film surpass the TV series?
Will there be a sequel if the film is a hit?
Welcome to the world of gConfidence Menh


The biggest con game in history begins!!

Dako, Boku-chan, Richard and Igarashi are veteran gConfidence Menh (scammers) who make a living scamming people in bold, glamorous style. Their next gfishh (target) is the empress of the Hong Kong mafia Lam Lau, also known as the cold, merciless gIce Princess.h Dako, Boku-chan and Richard head to Hong Kong in pursuit of the legendary purple diamond in Lam Laufs possession.
They try every trick in the book to gain her confidence, but she doesnft take the bait.
Separately, professional romantic scammer Jesse emerges on the scene, also after the same gfish.h
Things take an unexpected turn with the appearance of Japanese mafia boss Akaboshi, who seeks revenge after being swindled out of billions by Dako and her crew.
Who will ultimately control the game? Who will be outtricked?