[ File 1.]
Name: Eikichi Onizuka, Male, Blood Type B
DOB: Sunday, August 3rd. (26 years old)
Education: Eurasia College graduate, Sociology major
Subjesct Teaching: Ethics
Motto: "Teacher for life"
Favorite Movies: "Death Game", "The Beast Must Die", "Entrails of the Dead"

[ File 2.]
His Youth: Spent his youth fighting, romancing and partying with his partner-in-crime, Ryuji. Feared but revered as the legendary "Savage Duo" " a charismatic role model for the "boys" in the neighborhood.
His Home: Until moving to Tokyo, lived alone with his mother in a luxury apartment in Tsujido. His father's whereabouts are unknown.
His Education: Graduated from his local middle school to Kyokutou High School, but transfers to Tsujido High School because it is co-ed. Drops out after 2 years and moves to Tokyo. Gets someone to take his college entrance exams on his behalf, passes and enrolls in Eurasia College.
His Reason for Teaching: To his surprise, a girl he picks up has a boyfriend who is a fifty-something loser, who turns out to be her teacher. Determined that teachers "get girls" even if they are short and bald, he chooses his career path.
His Strengths: Definitely not English, but he is very strong in Kanji (Chinese characters). He is able to translate simple phrases into his own style of complicated kanji jibberish.
His Method of Stress Relief: Even after pulling an all-nighter studying, once inside a coffee shop, he is somehow instantly refreshed.
His Wallet (contents): He has hidden a condom inside his wallet since the age of 10 - "just in case"
His Fashion: Monotone suits over a T-shirt or tank top to showcase his finely toned body.
His Motorcycle: A Kawasaki X750RS
His Sunglasses: Raybans (Onizuka Model)

[ File 3.]

Suspected Criminal Activities

1. Extortion - Held Raku upside down by his ankles and took his money.
2. Bodily Assault (1) -- Strangled Kawahara and Nakajo by the neck in a chokehold.
3. Assisted Suicide -- Urged Raku to jump off the school building (and jumped with him!)
4. Bribery - Paid Ayano 3,000 yen to go out with Raku.
5. Gambling - Bet on who would win in a fight between Raku and Nakasone.
6. Bodily Assault (2) - Kick dropped and injured Katsuragi's neck.
7. Impeding Railway Traffic - Stopped a running train by standing on the tracks.
8. Kidnapping - Carried off Ayano from a train car.
9. Interference with a Government Official - Forcibly ran through a roadblock.


GTO Data

Comic Series
Sold over 25 million copies since its inception in January 1997 in Weekly Shonen Magazine 2 (published by Kodansha).

TV Drama
Aired in 1997 on Fuji TV. Viewer rating averaged 28.5% with a peak of 35.7%.

Video Sales
Sold 100,000 copies through Pony Canyon (distributor).

TV Special
Aired on June 29, 1999 with viewer rating of 27.4%.

TV Anime
Series started on June 30, 1999 on Sundays from 7:30 pm (Fuji TV)

Official GTO Movie Book
Published by Kodansha

TV Theme Song
"Poison" ~ Iitai kotomo ienai konna yononakawa ~ (When you can't even say what you want to say)
Sung by Takashi Sorimachi. 500,000 copies sold.


Eikichi Onizuka (Male, 26) -- The Great Teacher

"Crap! I come all the way to Hokkaido and I lose my wallet AND my bike runs out of gas... What luck! How long is this blasted road anyway? Hokkaido is too damned big!! Whoa... temper, temper... I'll be at my new school soon. Ahhh... Hokubunkan High School... healthy, robust girls raised on fresh Hokkaido milk...pretty female teachers, all welcoming me with open arms! But wait, if I arrive penniless and have to take an advance on my salary, it won't look good...Damn! Isn't there some unsuspecting student I can squeeze for money? Hey, look here! The answer to my prayers..."

Raku Ichikawa (Male, 17) -- the Hapless Victim

"Eikichi Onizuka...This clown comes to my school as a substitute teacher. Here I am getting squeezed by bullies for money and does he help me??? NO, he joins in!
And on the school rooftop, in front of my secret love,@Ayano Katsuragi, he urges me to jump, and ends up diving off the building with me...
And that's not all. He says he lost his wallet and invites himself over to stay at my house, eats like a pig, pillages my room and reads my private love letter to Katsuragi.
My God! What am I going to do? I have to see this fool at home AND at school?!?"

Kaoru Kitajima (Female, 26) -- The Ambitious Reporter

"This will be the biggest scoop of my career! I've finally got you cornered...you despicable serial robber! When you slipped through my fingertips a few days ago, you made the fatal mistake of dropping your wallet. And this condom adorned with your scribble "2nd time around" led me straight to you! Who would believe that such a low-life is actually a school teacher?"

Ayano Katsuragi (Female, 17) -- the Rebellious Princess

"Here I was, ready to jump off the school roof, and this guy Onizuka appears out of nowhere. He's definitely not like the other brainless teachers who are all intimidated by me just because my dad is the Chairman of the Board of the school. He comes right up close, and then jumps off of the building right in front of my eyes! I can't believe he's going to be our teacher, but I doubt anything will change. Ever since "the incident" last year, I can't stand to be around school or my family. Onizuka won't be any different. He won't be able to stand the heat and will leave town, just like the rest of them..."

The 1998 TV program "GTO" starring Takashi Sorimachi was anything but your typical "classroom drama". It elicited a tremendous reaction from viewers, and middle and high school students from all over Japan avidly wished they had a teacher like GTO. His popularity spread to college students, working women and housewives, and the 12th episode enjoyed a 28.5% viewer rating (third highest in Fuji TV drama history) and the final episode commanded a 35.7% rating. The 2 hour special drama aired in June of 1999 and also enjoyed a 27.4% rating, making GTO a drama that remained on record as well as in our hearts.
The comic series (written by Toru Fujisawa) which was featured in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, is in its 12th volume and has sold over 20 million copies. Loved by readers of all ages, GTO has become a national form of entertainment. Go, GTO!!

Set in Hokkaido, Onizuka arrives at Hokubunkan High School on a 3-week assignment as a substitute teacher where he is put in charge of a class of troublemakers. Boycotted by his students and toyed with by the daughter of the school's Chairman of the Board (who is used to always getting her way), Onizuka is in for a wild ride! But when a beautiful journalist and the police show up, things go from bad to worse!
What now, Onizuka!?



Takashi Sorimachi
Norika Fujiwara
Rena Tanaka
Hideyuki Kasahara


Producers: Akifumi Takuma, Yasuo Namitome, Toshio Kobayashi, Hirotsugu Usui

Photography: Takeshi Hamada
Lighting director: Koichi Watanabe
Production design: Katsumi Nakazawa
Editing: Takuya Taguchi
Music: Takayuki Hattori
Original story: Toru Fujisawa, Shunkichi Aizawa
Screenplay: Mitsuru Tanabe, Takashi Hasegawa

Director: Masayuki Suzuki

Presented by FujiTelevision/Kansai Telecasting/Kodansha/Kodansha/Kenon
(C)Toru Fujisawa, Shunkichi Aizawa/Kodansha, FujiTelevision, Kansai Telecasting, Kenon