Japan's Favorite Legal Team Confronts Its Most Formidable Foe Yet!


Japanese and Asian mega-star, Takuya Kimura, returns to what is arguably his most acclaimed role as Kohei Kuryu, an unconventional young district attorney in Tokyo. Driven more by a sense of pathos for his clients than an ambition to climb the professional ladder, Kuryu constantly ruffles bureaucratic feathers with his "ordinary Joe" attitude and disregard of rigid protocol. Though a hopeless sucker for TV shopping ads, Kuryu is also a tireless professional who doesn't give up on a cause until the truth is fully revealed, and its impact clearly felt by everyone, particularly by his opponents. While his colleagues may shake their heads at his casual style, they constantly marvel at his dedication.
Six years after "HERO" became the most watched mini-series in Japanese television history, the much-awaited feature-length movie arrives with a much larger production scale and a bigger story. HERO: the movie, features a truly all-star ensemble cast, including a cameo appearance by superstar Korean actor, Lee Byung-Hun, and world-renowned Kabuki actor, Koshiro Matsumoto, as Kimura's legal nemesis. Filmed in Japan and Korea, HERO showcases some of the best talent in Asia in a warm romantic comedy and inspiring courtroom drama.


After six years of "professional exile" to local D.A. offices in Okinawa, Hokkaido, and Yamaguchi, Kohei Kuryu returns to the Josai Branch of the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office. The office is run by the amicable Yutaka Ushimaru (Takuzo Kadono), whose blood pressure seems to rise with every antic of his eccentric staff. There is Maiko Amamiya (Takako Matsu), the bookish but attractive legal aide who secretly admires Kuryu professionally and personally; Misuzu Nakamura (Nene Otsuka), a beautiful attorney with ice in her veins, Mitsugu Shibayama (Hiroshi Abe), a rising star lawyer looking to mend his womanizing ways in the face of a nasty divorce; Kenji Endo (Norito Yashima), his sardonic, wise cracking sidekick; Tatsuo Egami (Masanobu Katsumura), a talented but easily manipulated D.A.; and Takayuki Suetsugu (Fumiyo Kohinata) legal aide and ballroom dancer extraordinaire.
Kuryu is immediately asked to prosecute a seemingly "open-and-shut" case of second-degree manslaughter by a part-time security guard who has already confessed his guilt. But when the trial begins, the defendant suddenly claims innocence and surprises the court by having the nation's leading defense attorney at his side in Kazuomi Gamo (Koshiro Matsumoto). Kuryu welcomes the professional challenge but soon realizes there's more to the case than meets the eye. A high-ranking politician under investigation for bribery is apparently bent on ensuring that Kuryu loses the verdict. But why? With his case growing thinner by the minute, Kuryu and his colleagues find themselves in a last-minute scramble for key evidence, taking them from Tokyo to South Korea and straight up against the highest powers in the land.