In January, 2001, the drama series “HERO” became a legend with unprecedented viewer ratings. Following a TV special and a film adaptation, Season 2 aired last summer, making a phenomenal comeback. Kouhei Kuriu, the renegade public prosecutor who refuses to wear a suit, returns in the leading role. Kuriu and his colleagues at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Josai Branch will be challenged with cases that are relevant to current issues today. This summer, the timeless and ever brilliant HERO will return to the big screen. Characters from Season 2, including Keiko Kitagawa, will reprise their roles, and fans who have waited for Maiko Amamiya’s return will not be disappointed. Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu will be reunited after an 8 year hiatus. Koichi Sato will play the antagonist, a foreign ministry official who obstructs Kuriu’s investigation. What message will Kuriu deliver about “justice” as he ventures into the inviolable territory of a diplomatic embassy? The “answer” will be stark and provocative -- a new legend will be born. This summer, we’ll witness the birth of a “HERO” to surpass all “HEROes.”


A female escort attending a party gets hit by a car on the street behind the Neustrian Embassy and dies. Public prosecutor Kuriu (Takuya Kimura) of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Josai Branch and Administrative Official Chika Asagi (Keiko Kitagawa) question the driver who hit the victim. Then, out of the blue, Kuriu’s ex-Administrative Official Maiko Amamiya (Takako Matsu) appears.
As a public prosecutor of the Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office Namba Branch, Amamiya is pursuing a key witness in a bribery case involving the yakuza, who happens to be the victim of the hit-and-run at the embassy. They realize this was no ordinary accident. While Kuriu and Amamiya launch a joint investigation, Amamiya is dismayed that Kuriu hasn’t changed one bit after all these years. Kuriu attempts to question the staff at the Neustria Embassy about circumstances surrounding the date of the accident, but he is promptly denied. Embassies operate outside the reach of Japanese law, like foreign countries on Japanese soil. To infringe upon these international rights, even in a quest for justice, would be detrimental to diplomatic relations. But Kuriu refuses to give up and continues to approach the embassy with no success, until an official of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Koichi Sato) begins to apply pressure to drop the investigation. Kuriu is up against a formidable wall – the inviolable territory called an “embassy.”


Kouhei Kuriui / Takuya Kimura
Renegade prosecutor who likes to hit the pavement, but refuses to wear a suit.
He believes every case is important and pursues justice without prejudice. He loves online shopping.

Chika Asagi / Keiko Kitagawa
Beautiful Administrative Officer who used to be a “bad girl.” She aspires to become a public prosecutor like Kuryu and looks up to Amamiya who rose from the rank of administrator to prosecutor.

Maiko Amamiya / Takako Matsu
Kuryu’s ex-Administrative Officer who is now a public prosecutor of the Osaka District Namba Branch. Does she still have feelings for Kuryu?

Kenzaburo Kawajiri / Yutaka Matsushige
Chief Prosecutor of Josai Branch.
Usually unreliable, except when he gets really mad.

Keisuke Matsuba / Koichi Sato
Director-General, European Affairs
Clashes with Kuryu, who is trying to infiltrate the Neustrian Embassy.

Masashi Tamura / Tetta Sugimoto
Ambitious prosecutor whose pet phrase is, “What?”
Married to Deputy Chief Ushimaru’s daughter. He was once seeing Prosecutor Baba.

Reiko Baba / Yoh Yoshida
Beautiful, ageless and feminine prosecutor who gets the job done. She’s still bitter about her break-up with Prosecutor Tamura.

Daisuke Uno / Gaku Hamada
Elite prosecutor from a good family, who is constantly teased by the Josai team. He is secretly in love with Chika.

Kenji Endo / Norito Yashima
Party loving Administrative Officer who talks non-stop. He is constantly annoying Prosecutor Tamura.

Shuji Ido / Bokuzo Masana
Ex-security guard turned Administrative Officer, who now partners with Prosecutor Baba. He adores his wife.

Takayuki Suetsugu / Fumiyo Kohinata
Administrative Officer to Prosecutor Uno. He is always smiling and falls in love easily. Hiscurrent love interest is Prosecutor Baba.