Kasumi Sawaki (Honami Suzuki) works for a top-ranked newspaper publishing company as a capable economic reporter. Speaking six languages fluently, she vigorously performs research and interviews. Her fiance, Ishii (Shingo Tsurumi) is an elite in the same company. Although her work and love seem to go very well, she is suddenly relegated to the minor Sports Department which is full of strange colleagues.

There she is assigned to be in charge of Professional Baseball which she hardly knows. Then she goes to the baseball game for the interview with her partner Hoshino (Issei Ishida), who eats chocolate bread all the time, but the outcome is so upsetting.

When she is depressed, Kasumi encounters Jinta Todoroki (Hiroyuki Sanada), a professional baseball player of the Yakult Swallows. Although she gets a scoop of him, it turns out to be his joke. And she is made a fool of by her colleagues.

Kasumi comes across Jinta again at the ground for the farm team, who is ordered to join the farm team because he ignored the instruction of the manager, Kajiwara (Tetsuya Takeda) at the game. And she blames him. Kasumi also meets Jinta's only 11-year-old daughter Tamako, who was born between his ex-wife, and comes to know that Jinta was once a great powerful hitter and all round player, having strong motto "Do an exciting play by expecting 1% chance that makes crowd go wild.". Kasumi also finds out that one accident caused him to put himself in a position of pinch runner for these three years. She feels sympathy for him.

Being over 30 years old, he almost loses his vitality and confidence and even talks about retirement. If he retires, the promise that he will present a home run to Tamako once more someday would not be fulfilled. Kasumi tries to cheer him up saying "You will be able to him a home run once more by expecting 1% chance!". Though Jinta's character it contrary to one of Ishii, Kasumi gradually becomes to like him. At about the same time, Ishii is told to be transferred to the branch office in Paris. He asks her to go to Paris together and marry......

On the other hand, Jinta who was encouraged by Kasumi, decided to challenge to the regular position again believing in his possibility. To get his lost pride back again and to let her accept his love, he goes to hard training for all his worth. Finally, Jinta manages to become again a member of the first team and participates in the most important game for the championship on the very day of Kasumi's leaving for Paris. Would Jinta be hero again? How will their love turn our?........


HERO INTERVIEW is a compilation of all the essence introduced in recent hit Japanese TV drama series which have grasped your heart and have never let go. Do you remember those emotions?..... of the devoting pure love in "Tokyo Love Story", of comical but moving earnest love in "The 101st Proposal"..... These series have made audience moved and excited all over Japan and other Asian countries.

HERO INTERVIEW is a movie that hit-makers of such popular dramas get together for and present with their confidence. - Written by Shinji Nojima, one of the most successful Japanese scriptwriters of "The 101st Proposal", "In The Name Of Love", "High School Teacher", "Under The Same Roof", etc.... directed by Michio Mitsuno, Fuji TV's director of "Classmates", "The 101st Proposal", "Just the Way We Are", etc... and produced by Toru Ohta, Fuji TV's producer of "Tokyo Love Story", "The 101st Proposal", "In The Name of Love", etc... In addition to the above "Big Three", theme song and inserted songs are performed by CHAGE&ASKA, one of the most popular and famous singers throughout Asian countries.

It is HERO INTERVIEW that such hit-makers gather and concentrate on their new field, "MOVIE", and that brings out a large-scaled entertainment depicting a romantic and impressive evergreen love story with exciting sports scenes as well as humorous and snappy scenes.



The casting is also great being gathered under much devotion of such staffs. Magnificent co-starring for their first time is HONAMI SUZUKI and HIROYUKI SANADA ----- it is very exciting to know how they act their roles as couple. Other casts are as follows;
besides the top-ramked casts from each generations. Tetsuya TAKEDA, Iseei ISHIDA, Yumi ADACHI, faces very popular among drama fans suc has Yosuke EGUCHI, Masato HAGIWARA, Goro KISHITANI, Shinji TAKEDA also appear on the screen one after another.
Now the greatest love story with the themes of "Love & Marriage" and "Life & Pride" is developed.

Born on August 14, 1966. She won the special prize in Hori Pro Scout Caravan 1984. Since she began her career as an actress on TV in 1986, she had started in many popular TV drama series, "Deceitful", "Light My Fire", "Love In Paradise", "Tokyo Love Story", "In The Name Of Love" and "The End Of The World" which gained high ratings. Now she is one of the most popular Japanese actresses in other Asian countries as well as in Japan.

Hiroyuki SANADA
Born on October 12, 1960. He has appeared in many action films, TV dramas and plays on the stage as an important multi-actor who can also stunt. He was awarded for Best Actor Prize at Japan Academy Award (1984) and Best Actor of Cinema Jumpo (1993). He is one of the most popular Japanese actors not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries.


Shinji NOJIMA (Scriptwriter)
Born in 1963. After receiving the 2nd Fuji TV Young Scenario Award in 1988, he started to write mainly TV drama series. His works include "Are You In Love?", "Love Is A Wonderful Thing", "The 101st Proposal", "In The Name Of Love" and "Under The Same Roof" all of which received high ratings. Currenty he has gained absolute support among Japanese in all age groups.

Michio MITSUNO (director)
Born in 1954. He is a director of Fuji TV. He directed many variety shows and dramas for TV including many popular hit dramas like "Deceitful", "Deceitful", "Classmates", "The 101st Proposal" and "Just The Way We Are". He is also well-known among Fuji TV's directors in that he does the most characteristic and stylish works. His past outstanding work career with these casts and staffs make this his first directing film "HERO INTERVIEW", more attractive and more interesting ever shot in Japan.

Toru OHTA (producer)
Born in 1958. He is a producer of Fuji TV. After he established a genre called "Trendy Drama", he had become a key producer in the world of Japanese TV dramas. His credits also include "Tokyo Love Story", "The 101st Proposal" and "Under The Same Roof". The ratings of these dramas prove that he know well about how to produce hit TV dramas. At least, he has started his career in the feature films with "HERO INTERVIEW".

1994 / color / Vista / 106min
(c)1994 Fuji Television /Hori Pro,


"Heart" theme song
"Natural" Opening Theme Song

This group consists of two men both born in Fukuoka in 1958. Most of their albums & singles are sold over a million and their every concert's tickets are sold out immediately. Recently they celebrated success at their concert throughout the South East Asia. The facts that they have been awarded at Monaco Music Festival every year for these three years and their songs translated in various languages prove they are one of the international top-ranked musicians. Like their songs "YAH YAH YAH" (from "He Is Always There") sold over 2.8 millions and "SAY YES" (from "The 101st Proposal") over 3 millions. The theme song of HERO INTERVIEW will also surely achieve smash hit.