Do you remember when you were a kid?
Do you remember the times on the playground,
while you shared your dreams with your friends?
And when everyday was an adventure?
"Juvenile" reminds us of that time
and of theinnocence of youth.

What "JUVENILE" Mean?

French.(noun) In English, it means "young", "youthful". Academic meaning:"boyish", "boyhood"("girl")
The film, Juvenile:
Juvenile delivers especial message regardless of your age, it's never too late to dream and to be adventures. Juvenile has a special message for the children of the 21st century, "Never stop dreaming".


In the summer of the year 2000.
11 year old Yusuke, and his classmates are camping in a woods when suddenly they see a bright light streak over the treetops and into the woods.
The boys take off into the woods towards the light.
There in the ground, growing, they find a small round metallic object.
Just as Yusuke reaches to touch the mysterious object up pops a set of eyes and the object says; "I am Tetra, I meet Yusuke".
Startled Yusuke replies "Your name is Tetra? Cool!"
Tetra is kept from adult eyes in Yusuke's closet.
Tetra begins creating wonderful gadgets using "never-seen-before" technology.
It would appear Tetra was designed with some ultra-high-tech artificial intelligence.
But where this Tetra come from and what is Tetra's purpose?
As the relationship grows between Yusuke and Tetra,
these questions are answered.


Pocket sized Ultra-Spec. ROBOT who's A.I. is far too advanced for the 21st century. Tetra appears to be a symbol for what the future holds. Tetra is capable of time-travel using a keyword; "juvenile". Is Tetra are key to the future?

Soichiro Kanzaki:
Currently an electronics shop owner. Soichiro also lectures in college at Physics and he was a highly sought after computer game creation during his high school days he acquired numerous patterns for computer games. Kept secret from everyone is Soichiro's genious in Physics. In his free time, he conducts research on time-travel. He befriends Yusuke who is introduced to Tetra. This leads to major advances in his research on time-travel. Befriended by Yusuke and his classmates, Soichiro is the only adults they trust with the secret of Tetra. Soichiro has not lost his dreams or sense of adventure. He not only helps the boys but keeps a watch for eye on them.

Noriko Kinoshita:
A sister in law of Misaki. She is a college student visiting Misaki during summer vacation. Her major is Physics and took Soichiro's class when he was an associate professor at her college. Her secret interest lies in "Spatiotemporal Transfer Employing Gravitational Physics"(Spatiotemporal Transfer=Space-Time Travel). Her strong opinion on Physics separates her from the other students. Gradually Noriko becomes compatriot of Soichiro in his Physic research.

Misaki Kinoshita:
Happy, outgoing, faithful and sometime bold girl who is the favorite of Yusuke and his friends. She wishes to carry out her idea of connecting Tetra to the Internet. She has confused emotions toward Yusuke.

Yusuke Sakamoto:
A little shy boy but he is full of curiosity. His room is filled up with all the junk and models scattered on the floor. Yusuke hides Tetra in a closet of his room. The gadgets Tetra creates are built from the junk Yusuke has scattered throughout his room. Yusuke is not confused about his emotions toward Misaki....

Hidetaka Ohno:
Careless but charming boy who is Toshiya's gopher. Hidetaka is the information source for everything happening at school and everything happening with his schoolmates. One day, his access to information will help his friends.

Toshiya Matsuoka:
Cheerful and outgoing, but a little precocious, he is the playmate of Misaki. He has never considered his feelings toward Misaki, but, unconsciously he meddles in the relationship between Yusuke and Misaki.

This kind of grand scale adventure fantasy film has never been successful without epoch-making SFX imagery. Computer Graphics is used in more than 270 cuts and composites with the real footage and CG with "Aftereffects" which makes the film ultimately realistic. The creatures were mainly drawn by CG that realized smooth and speedy movement of the mechanical parts.

DIRECTOR : Takashi Yamazaki
Born in 1964, Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan. At age 13, he saw "STARWARS" and "SPACE ODDESEY" and committed to be involved with Special Effects. After graduated from "Asagaya a Colleg of Art and Design" he started working with Shirogumi engaging in miniature SFX. Currently he is trying to develop a mixture of computer graphics and existing SFX. "Juvenile" is his first feature. filmography as a SFX supervisor "Sweethome"('89 Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa) "Daibyonin"('93 a.k.a. The Last Dance directed by Jyuzo Itami) "Eko eko azaraku1&2" ('96 a.k.a. Birth of the Wizard, Wizard of Darkness II directed by Shimako Sato) "Marusa no Onna"('88 a.k.a. A Taxing Woman's Return directed by Jyuzo Itami) "Shizuka na Seikatsu"('95 a.k.a. A Quiet Life directed by Jyuzo Itami) "Super no Onna"('96 a.k.a. A Super Market Woman directed by Jyuzo Itami) "Kowagaru Hitobito"('94 Scared People directed by Makoto Wada)

Founded in 1986 as a TV-Commercial production company. In 1994, director Shunji Iwai starting with his successful film "undo" Robot produces profitable theatrical features yearly. In 1998, "The Bayside Shakedown" directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro brought Robot recognition among film makes and audiences. Several entertainment projects are in pre-production.

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