Examine the truth...
The dramatic conclusion of the medical mystery that captivated Japan.

The film is based on the bestselling medical mystery that sold over 10 million copies.
The popular drama series, “Team Batista” starkly portrayed issues facing modern medicine with an electrifying cast playing out an intricately plotted mystery.

2014 – the final project begins!

January kicks off the drama series “Team Batista 4 – the Mother of Pearl Labyrinth.”
The Taguchi/Shiratori “Team Batista” duo is reunited after a three year hiatus to tackle the latest challenge in the film adaptation.
The final chapter, “Team Batista FINAL – Portrait of Cerberus” is coming to the big screen this spring!
The star-studded cast from the popular TV series includes Atsushi Ito, Toru Nakamura, Tori Matsuzaka, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Chiaki Kuriyama and more.
Talented Mirei Kiritani and Katsuhisa Namase will join the incredible movie line-up.
The film incorporates some original storylines not seen in the original work. The most complex mystery in “Batista” history is about to begin.


The MRI machine “Leviathan” is about to be unveiled as the centerpiece of Japan’s first International AI (autopsy imaging) Center.
The new device boasting microscopic levels of resolution is the focus of public attention. Dr. Taguchi, a psychosomatic specialist at Tojo University Hospital and Shiratori of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare who is driving the opening of the AI Center, are pushing for complete reform of the current autopsy system – an initiative jointly backed by the national government, municipality and Tojo University Hospital. The highly anticipated kick-off symposium in the Great Lecture Hall is just ten days away…when a threatening letter is delivered to the Hospital.
“In March, I will destroy Tojo University Hospital and the Tower of Cerberus.”
If Cerberus is the three-headed watchdog of Hades in Greek mythology, the “Tower of Cerberus” must be the “Portal of Death” – the AI Center…
Who sent the letter? And why?
Meanwhile, the hospital is baffled by an unprecedented rash of suspicious deaths which cannot be explained through autopsy. And Shiratori knows one of the victims…
The opening day of the AI Center…the worst day in history – one that will rock the foundation of the medical world --- is about to begin.


Kohei Taguchi (Atsushi Ito)  …TIGHT BOND WITH...Shiratori
Keisuke Shiratori (Toru Nakamura) …TIGHT BOND WITH...Taguchi
Fumiaki Todo (Katsuhisa Namase)  …PROFESSOR
Yoko Bekku (Mirei Kiritani)  …FRIENDS ?? WITH…Takizawa
Hideki Takizawa (Tori Matsuzaka)   …FRIENDS ?? WITH…Bekku
Koichi Hayami (Hidetoshi Nishijima)  …TEACHER OF…Takizawa
Sumire Sakuramiya (Chiaki Kuriyama)   …MISSING

Running Time: 127 minutes