How much would you be willing to liec for 50 million dollars?
  • Ultimately, money makes the world go around.
    Yes or No
  • You canft fight destiny.
    Yes or No
  • Love isnft to be trusted.
    Yes or No
  • Itfs better to deceive, than to be deceived.
    Yes or No

If you answered, gYesh to all of the above, welcome to The Liar Game.

The film and television adaptation of a best-selling gmangah series that stunned the comic-reading world! With a passionate fan base hanging on every move, let the games begin again!

Based on the best-selling comic book series of the same name by Shinobu Kaitani and published in Weekly Young Jump magazine starting 2005, Liar Game pits avaricious players against each other in a high-stakes battle of wits to deceive each other out of their money. When an innocent and guileless young female college student, Nao Kanzaki, finds herself unwittingly involved in the horrific game, she enlists the help of master con man, Shinichi Akiyama, to help her survive an onslaught of ruthless challenges.
In a game of live-or-die stakes where winners take home an obscene amount of money, while losers incur insurmountable mountains of debt, itfs no wonder that players will do anything, employ every possible device and trick, and lie through their teeth out of greed and fear as they move through the various stages of a game where the suspense level is always peaking. With each game carefully designed to be full of originality and electrifying thrills, plots are always thickening and developments are constantly unforeseen toward unforeseen. But what the Liar Game most succeeds at is churning out psychological and mathematical mind games on the highest order and with nerve-fraying realism. From the outset, the original manga series immediately overturned conventional comic book fare, riveting fans with its shockingly compelling narrative and earning a massive following.
In April 2007, Liar Game was adapted to television as a mini-series (Fuji TV) starring vibrant young stars, Erika Toda and Shota Matsuda, earning exceptionally high viewer ratings.

TV Drama x Tournament x Feature Film = The Most Ambitious LIAR GAME project ever!
From a second TV drama series to fan participation event to feature film release, the LIAR GAME continues to evolve and climbc to its earth-shattering climax!

The TV drama version of LIAR GAME came to a close as a highly-acclaimed success. But the fervor failed to die down. In fact, it only intensified. Sales of the comic soared through the roof, and the release of a DVD edition of the TV serial broke sales records. In response to passionate pleas by fans for more, a second mini-series, dubbed gSeason 2h and a major motion picture release were simultaneously announced.
LIAR GAME Season 2 will be aired from November 2009, culminating in the feature film gLIAR GAME The Final Stageh in February 2010. Season 2 depicted a Liar Game tournament up through the semi-final round. The feature-length film then picked up the action from there with the championship match, in what amounted to a breakthrough television and film crossover project. But it didnft end there, either. The franchise became part of a new, experimental spin-off format that builds on the success of the series and movie with the holding of a major real-life entertainment event called gLIAR GAME: FOR REAL!h where players are recruited nationwide to take part in a real LIAR GAME.
The real finale of the LIAR GAME is yet to take place. And the last player standingc could be you!

The Final Stage: gGarden of Edenh
A forbidden game in a paradise lost.
Ultimately, destiny will choose who survives the ultimate battle of wits.
Let the final round begin.


What drives humankind to seek wisdom? Why do they wish to become even with God?
God created the Garden of Eden, an earthly paradise and he sent there to live one male and female couple, Adam and Eve. But when they were tempted by the Devil to eat the forbidden fruit from the gTree of Knowledge,h they succumbed, and for that original sin were banished from the garden forever.
The championship match of The Liar Game pits the last 11 surviving players against each other.
Whichever players still have money by the time the game ends, they will get to keep it as their prize earnings. But whoever is in debt by the final bell, will be held liable to pay back the amount of their debt. The player who has earned the most money is the winner, and earns an additional cash prize of 50 million dollars! But therefs a twist to the final game, gGarden of Eden.h The theme is : gTrusting Souls.h To win, a player must ironically not seek to deceive anybody. Instead, players must endeavor to trust each other and cooperate. If they can do that, all have a chance to emerge as victors. But hiding the finalists is gPlayer X,h who has been tapped to serve as the ultimate gtrust assassin.h With their destinies on the line, the players begin the last game.
Just who is Player X? Who has what it takes to win it all? And what is the truth behind the Liar Game Tournament?
Nao and Akiyama set out on their final adventure for all the gold, and all the answers. Can they survive?