Orpheus' Lyre
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After losing her young daughter Kanako in a traffic accident on her first day of school, homemaker Yoko makes the desperate decision to go and see her in the afterworld by committing suicide, only for it to fail, leaving her with a near-death experience. Since that day, Yoko starts telling her husband Nobuki that Kanako is back in their home, although she remains invisible to Nobuki. After a while, Kanako’s presence slips away from Yoko, but Kanako’s dog leads her to Masami, a pregnant teenager who is about to become a single mother. Believing that Masami carries her daughter’s reincarnation and seeing a sign when Natsuki, the baby, is born, Yoko helps Masami look after her, waiting for the child to become old enough to speak. Yoko had two questions that she must ask her – whether she remembers Yoko from her previous life… and whether she wants to return to Yoko.


Ryoko Hirosue / Goro Inagaki / Mayuko Fukuda / Sho Takada / Kyoko Enami


Producer Yasushi Yamazaki, Kazutoshi Wadakura, Kenichi Nakayama
Line Producer Junji Hashimoto
Postproduction Producer Manabu Shinoda
Director of Photography Akihiko Nihonmatsu
Gaffer Yukio Kamijima
Sound Recording Yoshiya Obara
Production Designer Nori Fukuda
Costume Design Masae Miyamoto
Make-up Artist Masako Hosokawa

Music by Mamoru Samuragochi
Based on the Novel by Kiyomi Niitsu
Written and Directed by Minoru Kurimura


Born in 1971. After graduating International Christian University in Tokyo with linguistics major, he studied filmmaking at Columbia College Hollywood. Kurimura started his career at Kurosawa Enterprises USA (Akira Kurosawa's Los Angeles office), then worked for several Japanese production offices, where he was involved in the coordination works for co-productions including "2046" by Wong Kar-wai and "I Come with the Rain" by Tran Anh Hung. Kurimura directed a short film "Studio Work" in 2005, which was selected for SKIP CITY D-Cinema International Film Festival. His first feature "Food and the Maiden(2010)” won NETPAC Award at 2010 Moscow International Film Festival and also selected for Culinary Cinema division of 2011 Berlin International Film Festivalrful cast and we worked hard to make this a wonderful film!"

“Studio Work” (05) short
“Food and the Maiden” (10)
EMoscow International Film Festival: NETPAC award winner
EAsiatica Film Mediale: Special award and Audience award winner
EBerlin International Film Festival: Official Selection for Culinary Cinema

“Moumantai : No Problem” (99) associate producer
“Paranormal Activity TOKYO NIGHT”(10) / assosiate producer