Maruyama, the Middle Schooler
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Staying 14 forever is better than being a brain-dead adult!

I'm Kudo, the director.
In short my new movie is an action movie set in a housing project.
A daydreaming teenage boy conjures up a crime-fighting hero in the projects- that hero is played by Kusanagi.
Being a middle schooler is a sensitive and fragile time.
It's also a time of rebellion and chaos.
I decided to recreate that time without mythologizing it.
Maruyama, the Middle Schooler shows you what it's like to be 14.
I hope you'll enjoy it.

- Kankuro Kudo


Katsuya Maruyama(played by Takuma Hiraoka) is in second year at middle school. His life revolves around his housing project apartment and the school. He lives with his family; his mediocre dad who works 9-to-5 (played by Toru Nakamura), a plain mom who loves Korean TV melodramas(played by Maki Sakai) and an annoying sister with whom he shares a bunk bed. In the chaos of adolescence, Katsuya comes up with an exercise routine to make him limber and flexible all in the pursuit of a lewd goal. As a result whenever his spine pops, he loses himself in a wild fantasy. One day a new neighbor, Tatsuo Shimoi(played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) moves in. Single dad, Shimoi gets on unnaturally well with housewives and doesn't appear to work. Soon after Shimoi moved in, a murdered body is found nearby. Katsuya fantasizes that Shimoi is an assassin and his fantasy runs rampant...


Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Takuma Hiraoka
Kenji Endo
Ik-June Yang
Maki Sakai
Toru Nakamura
Nanami Nabemoto
Yuiko Kariya
Ryo Iwamatsu


Director of Photography : Kazushige Tanaka (J.S.C)
Music : Shutoku Mukai
Production Design : Hiroyasu Koizumi
Costume Design : Daisuke Iga@
Lighting : Sosuke Yoshikado
Editing : Ryuji Miyajima
Sound Mixer : Fusao Yuwaki
Executive Producers : Masahiko Mizuguchi, Chihiro Kameyama, Michi Iijima, Makiko Nagasaka, Yasuo Tsutsumida, Kazutoshi Wadakura, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Hiroshi Kozaki@
Producer : Makoto Okada, Makiko Nagasaka, Kazutoshi Wadakura
Written and Directed by Kankuro Kudo