R100% Non-fictional,
Heart-Warming Stories starring -- Cats.

The producers of a popular Japanese early morning TV program on Fuji Television, gMezamashi Saturdayh are up to something new; they're producing movies!
With these movies, gMezamashi Saturdayh successfully brought something special to the whole population of Japan and now it is ready to target the world.
The first movie completed is gMeow! The Kitty movieh It's a collection of heart-warming tales depicting relationships between cats and people.

[ Episodes ]

  • Down and Out in Cats' Paradise, Tashiro Island
    On this island, where there are more cats than people, lives a cowardly cat known as Lop-eared Jack. Everyday, local fishermen toss fish to the cats but Jack cannot even catch one fish. Will the wheel of fortune turn for Jack so he can get something to eat...?

  • Nurse Cat at a Pet Hospital
    Cappie is the resident cat nurse at a pet hospital. When animals come to the hospital Cappie greets them and consoles them. Cappie does not care even if the patient is a dog three times his size. 7 years ago, Cappie was saved by the hospital when he was left dying at the hospital door. Cappie returns the favor by helping out as a nurse cat. Today, a sick dog comes to the hospital. You'll see Cappie in action.

  • The Marathon Team Mascot Cat
    Jun is owned by the coach of a College Women's Marathon Relay Team. 3 years ago, Jun was found abandoned besides the track. Ever since then Jun has been with the team wherever it goes. Training is hard but Jun raises the team's spirits and alleviates their stress. The seniors are having the last game of their college years. Jun doesn't know that it's almost time to say good-bye to the graduating members...

There are even more funny, cute and touching tales of cats and people!
*Three cat brothers in a ranch
*Diving into the washing machine
*Waiting for Grandma

and MORE!