Japanfs first Official Police Negotiator,
Masayoshi Mashita, Faces His Biggest Test!


In May 2005, the Bayside Shakedown legend continues with a brand new chapter!

Bayside Shakedown, first aired as a TV mini series on Fuji Television in January 1997, eventually growing into one of the most successful Television and movie franchises in Japanese entertainment history. In October f98, Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE quickly became a nationwide phenomenon, drawing 7 million viewers and pulling in nearly $100 million at the box office while climbing to 5th on the all-time earnings list among Japanese feature films. Five years later, some 12.6 million moviegoers thronged the theaters to see the much anticipated sequel, Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2, which wound up outperforming its predecessor at the box ($157 million) as the highest grossing Japanese movie ever. Its video and DVD release alone became a million bestseller, adding to the growing legendary status and fan base of the gBaysideh series. With so many of the seriesf characters evolving into Japanese cultural icons, it is only natural that a new chapter in the evolving saga be told. Fuji Television is therefore proud to present the first full length feature installment of the new gBayside Legendsh series: gNegotiator.h


It started with a casual remark to the press.
A rear guard cop now finds himself on the front burner!

On November 24, 2003, soon after police had closed down the Rainbow Bridge to apprehend the perpetrators of the gDaiba serial murder case,h police gnegotiatorh Mashita (Yusuke Santa Maria) found himself surrounded by reporters outside the Bayside Police Department. gWell, yes, Ifve been getting a lot of attention as the departmentfs first official negotiatorc.h was Mashita response to a reporterfs question. One year later, that remark would come back to haunt him, embroiling he and all of Tokyo in a subway crisis of potentially disastrous proportions.

A mysterious super train, three hidden bombs and a criminal with unclear motives!

Tokyo, Dec. 24, 2004. Christmas Eve. As dusk falls, the crush of commuters mounts. Not a good time for all the cityfs subways to stop running. Suddenly, the Metropolitan Police Department is faced with perhaps their biggest crisis ever. Somebody has hijacked the gSpider E4-600,h a state-of-the-art prototype super train, and is remotely controlling it via the Internet to run rampant through the massive web of underground railways that lies beneath Tokyo.
Police Superintendent Muroi (Toshiro Yanagiba) summons negotiator, Mashita, who is told, to his horror, that the mystery train jacker, who goes by the name of gDangan (Bullet) Liner,h has named Mashita personally to gcome out and play on the trains.h


  • Bayside Shakedown TV mini-series (aired Fridays, Jan. 7-Mar. 18, 1997, 11 episodes)
  • Bayside Shakedown Year-end TV movie special (Dec. 30, 1997)
  • Bayside Shakedown Summer Traffic Safety Promotional TV movie special, gStory of Bayside Precinctfs Female Officersh (June 19, 1998)
  • Bayside Shakedown Autumn Crime Prevention TV movie special (Oct. 6, 1998)
  • Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE (released Oct. 31, 1998)
    Box office turnout: 7 million people Box office revenues: 10,.1 trillion yen
    DVD/Video sales and rental 460,000 copies (a new record at the time)
  • Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2: gClose the Rainbow Bridge!h (Released July 19, 2003
    Box office turnout: 12.6 million people Box office revenue: 17.35 trillion yen (Highest gross in Japanese movie history
    DVD/Video sales and rental 1.25million (First million seller for Japanese film, current record holder)
    ¦ including Bayside Shakedown 2 (Dec. 20, 2003 release)
  • Negotiator: Masayoshi Mashita (set for release May 7, 2005)
  • The Suspect: Shinji Muroi (planned release Aug. 27, 2005)


Metropolitan Police Department
Negotiation Task Force, Criminal Investigations Department,
A new section promoted by Police Superintendent Muroi after the gOdaiba Serial Murder Case.h

Masayoshi Mashita (Yusuke Santa Maria),
Captain, Negotiation Task Force, Criminal Investigations Department,

Spent time with the Los Angeles Police undergoing an FBI negotiator training program to become the Metropolitan Police Departmentfs first professional negotiator. Puts his skills to the test against a faceless criminal who incites panic on the Tokyo subways.
Shinji Muroi (Toshiro Yanagiba),
Police Inspector Superintendent, Criminal Affairs Section 1, Criminal Investigation Department
Places his authority and trust in Mashitafs ability as a negotiator, asking him to gprove the necessity of the Negotiation Task Force.h
Special Assault Team (SAT),
Company Commander Kusakabe (Koh Takasugi) .
Heads up the Special Assault Team that is mobilized to try and bring the renegade gmonster train Spider E4-600 to a halt.
CIC Room (Central Information Center), 6-person team in charge of wireless communications and data analysis

Shigeru Koike (Kotaro Koizumi),
Detective and CIC Room Chief, Negotiation Task Force
Serves as the surveillance system operator in gBayside Shakedown 2,h after which he was appointed CIC Room chief of the Negotiation Task Force Section where he provides Mashita with vital information and support to conduct a negotiation.

Takeichi Kijima (Susumu Terashima),
Inspector, Criminal Affairs Section 1, Criminal Investigations Department
In charge of the manhunt above ground as Mashita carries out his negotiations with the intellectual criminal in the subwayfs command center underground. Effectively serves as Mashitafs remote sidekick in the film. Hefs garrulous and vulgar but relies on a strong professional sense and is really a gsoftieh at heart, perhaps.

Bomb Disposal Team
Mobilized when it becomes evident that the criminal has exploded a bomb and perhaps has planted others. Detective Kijima tells them he has a hunch theyfll need to prepare for three explosions.

Bayside Precinct

Yukino Kashiwagi (Miki Mizuno)
Police Sergeant and Criminal Affairs Section for Violent Crime

Mashitafs love interest and beat detective with a promising career. She finds herself waiting on Mashitafs arrival for their important Christmas Eve date only to get unwittingly embroiled in the unfolding crime drama.
Kaoru Ogata (Masahiro Kohmoto)
Police Sergeant and Criminal Affairs Section for Robbery Investigations

Takaharu Morishita (Shunya Tohyama)
Police Sergeant and Criminal Affairs Section for Violent Crimes

Ogata and Morishita are dispatched on Christmas Eve from the local precinct to assist with checkpoint inspections. The two have a Laurel and Hardy type relationship.

TTR (Tokyo Transportation Railway)
Private rail company operating 8 metropolitan subway lines. On Christmas Eve, they have over 200 train cars out on the tracks.

Fumihiko Kataoka (Jun Kunimura)
Commander-in-Chief, TTR Command Center

Hard-nosed commander of train operation systems for the TTR. Has difficulty trusting Mashitafs credentials as a police negotiator.
Tetsuji Kumazawa (Ryunosuke Kaneda)
"Senbikiya" (Line-Drawer)

Specialist called in to reconfigure train timetables in emergencies. Has trains in his blood and an old-fashioned work ethic. Enjoys the absolute trust of subway colleagues.
Kimikazu Yano (Masanori Ishii)
TTR Public Relations Officer

The only TTR representative with a cheerful disposition and is willing to assist Mashita from the outset. Provides Mashita with classified TTR information to help resolve the crisis.
"Bullet Express"
The mysterious behind-the-scenes perpetrator who has wrested control over the mysterious gmonster trainh via the Internet and intends to wreak havoc with it in the Tokyo subway system. Saw Mashita on a TV news program a year ago and asks for him by name..


In production! The 2nd Installment of the gBayside Legendsh Film Series: gThe Suspect"

One day in February, 2005, Metropolitan Police Department Superintendent Muroi (Toshiro Yanagiba) is arrested to take responsibility for a botched murder case he headed. His faithful colleagues, including Arashiro (Toshio Kakei) and Okita (Miki Maya), only exacerbate the situation when they try to help clear his name. Is Muroi guilty as charged or merely taking the fall? What is the truth behind the murder? Two lawyers, one determined to get Muroi, the other resolved to save him, a feud between two police departments, political power plays and legal trappings, all combine to orchestrate Muroifs downfall. Stay tuned for the powerful first legal thriller of the gBayside Shakedownh series!

March 5, 2005 Crank-in
Mid-May Crank-up
Mid-July 1st print completion (scheduled)
Aug. 27 National theatrical release (Toho)

[ CAST ]
Starring Toshiro Yanagiba as Shinji Muroi, Rena Tanaka as the young lawyer who defends Muroi, Sho Aikawa as Kudo, the detective handling the case, and Tomohito Yashima as Haejima, the prosecuting lawyer, with appearances by familiar gBaysideh characters Amashiro (played by Toshio Kakei) and Okita (Miki Maya).

Director & Screenwriter: Ryoichi Kimizuka
Music: Akihiko Matsumoto
Producer: Chihiro Kameyama

A ROBOT Production in cooperation with Fuji Television, ROBOT, Toho and Sky Perfect Well Think production


[ CAST ]
Yusuke Santa Maria
Susumu Terashima
Kotaro Koizumi
Toshiro Yanagiba
Miki Mizuno
Masanori Ishii
Jun Kunimura

Produced by Chihiro Kameyama
Oridinal Story by Ryoichi Kimizuka
Directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro

A Fuji Television Network, ROBOT, Toho, Sky Perfect Well Think production
gNegotiatorh127min/Dolby Digital/Cinemascope

OFFICIAL SITE : http://www.odoru-legend.com