Nodame Cantabile2

3 Million Plus Pack Theaters for Nodame Cantabile Part One! Need Not Wait for Dramatic Part Two Finale! !
Phenomenal Mixed Media Series Reaches its Much Anticipated Conclusion!

"Nodame Cantabile," written by Tomoko Ninomiya as a comic serial in Kodansha Comics' Kiss Magazine, sold over 3.3 million copies and sparked a nationwide revival in classical music. In 2006, the live action TV drama series and specials, which aired on the Fuji Television network, soared to stratospheric popularity at home and earned a devout following abroad, leading naturally to a full-length movie, Nodame Cantabile 1. The feature film continued the story arc and drew over 3 million moviegoers upon its opening in December 2009. Yet that was only the first half. Part Two of the cinematic blockbuster, released in April 2010 as Nodame Cantabile 2, brings the phenomenal series to a dramatic finish nearly ten years after first appearing on bookshelves.

An All-Star Cast From the TV Series and Part One Re-assembles in Paris for the Final Chapter!
Will Love Spring Eternal for Nodame and Chiaki?

As Part Two begins, we find Nodame (Juri Ueno) still pining for Chiaki's (Hiroshi Tamaki) unconditional affection as she struggles to mature and find her own place in the musical world. The couple's quirky and farcically clumsy love affair begins to mature into a somber and serious adult love story as the final chapter unfolds. And with so much plot line riding on this final installment, the producers have pulled out all the stops with an all-star cast that includes most of the familiar fixtures of the series including: Eita, Asami Mizukawa, Keisuke Koide, Eiji Wentz, Becky, Yu Yamada, Takeshi Nadagi (The Plan 9), Seiji Fukushi, Michiko Kichise, Masato Ibu and Naoto Takenaka. The headlining star arguably remains the music itself as Nodame Cantabile Part Two offers a spectacular orchestral score, turning movie theaters into virtual concert halls. Throw in plenty of laughs, tears and emotion, and you get a spectacular climax to a growing legend that promises to settle once and for all the question of what lies ahead for Nodame and Chiaki. Will the Nodame-Chiaki concerto finally come to pass? And will their love triumph?


Citing a need to focus more on his music, Chiaki (Hiroshi Tamaki) and Nodame (Juri Ueno) have decided to live apart. Chiaki's agent, Elise (Michiko Kichise), offers Chiaki a chance to conduct a piano concerto with the beautiful prodigal pianist, Song Rui (Yu Yamada), along with the prestigious Wiltord Orchestra of Vienna, with whom Chiaki made his European debut. Meanwhile, Nodame continues to hone her piano skills at the conservatory in Paris in hopes of keeping pace with Chiaki. But Nodame's teacher, Professor AuClair refuses to let her participate in major musical competitions that could launch her career. Enter old friends from Japan, Ryu (Eita) and Masumi (Keisuke Koide) who suddenly appear on Nodame's doorstep in Paris to secretly cheer on Ryu's girlfriend, violin student Kiyora (Asami Mizukawa), as she prepares for the competition of her life. Along with Nodamefs classmates, Frank (Eiji Wentz), Tanya (Becky) and Kuroki (Seiji Fukushi), they all go to the concour. There, Nodame is enthralled upon hearing Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major and vows to make that the definitive piece she will someday perform with Chiaki. As fate would have it, it is the very concerto that Chiaki is slated to conduct with Song Rui. Nodame's spirit is crushed upon finding out, and is only further disillusionment upon hearing Chiaki and Rui unleash an incomparable performance. Still struggling to please even her own piano teacher, Nodame desperately turns to a different tack to stay close to Chiaki. She asks him to marry her. Chiaki dismisses the gesture as just another of Nodame's quixotic antics, but gradually realizes that she is deadly serious. In her lowest hour, Nodame accepts an entreaty by Streseman (Naoto Takenaka) to join his orchestra in a one-time headlining piano concerto. Chiaki, having been told by Elise about this "crazy idea," rushes to Prague to hear Nodame play. As Streseman lifts his baton, the music begins on Chopin's Piano Concerto and Nodame's debut on the world stage. As her fingers alight upon the keys, the future of Nodame and Chiaki's relationship blurs and their connections dissolve into uncertainty. Are they fated to drift apart? Nodame Cantabile 2, the final movement has begun.