The long-awaited, new project from director Shinobu Yaguchi of "Water Boys" "Swing Girls" and "Happy Flight" is ready to launch!

A robot controlled by...a grandpa?!

The trend setting director of Japanese film and entertainment, Shinobu Yaguchi, will bring laughter and inspiration to Japan in 2012!

It doesn't transform.
It doesn't battle.
It doesn't fly or combine or even perform tasks.
Because the robot is controlled by...
Kick off 2012 with a hilarious, wacky, out-of-control adventure!
Laughter, excitement, inspiration...and an unstoppable robot await you?!


One of Japan's premiere film directors, Shinobu Yaguchi, is ready to launch his newest project, Robo-G. Yaguchi's mega-hits "Water Boys" and "Swing Girls" prompted male synchronized swimming and big band jazz crazes. In "Happy Flight," he gave us a comedic, inside look at the airlines industry. Yaguchi's unique insights have always brought us laughter and inspiration. Once again, Yaguchi brings us a totally novel concept ..."A grandpa in a robot!"

Three flunky employees of a small electronics firm are ordered by the company president to develop a bipedal robot "New Shiokaze." But just before its unveiling at the Robot Expo, the prototype is destroyed! With their jobs on the line, the desperate trio hatches a plan to insert a 73-year old grandpa inside a robot...!

Director Yaguchi outdoes himself in this hilarious, original screenplay. The bizarre premise and screwball developments are vintage Shinobu Yaguchi! But the ending will warm your heart...That's entertainment!!
Shigemitsu Suzuki, age 73. Occupation: Robot.
Kick off 2012 with laughter and inspiration -- "Robo-G!"

The lead role of Shigemitsu Suzuki will be played by 73-year old Cinderella Boy Shinjiro Igarashi, who earned the part through an audition of over 100 actors, including real grandpas from the Seniors Employment Center. Kimura Electric's Development Team consists of Gaku Hamada, Shogo Kawai and Junya Kawashima. The robot-crazy college student heroine, Yoko, will be played by the up-and-coming actress Yuriko Yoshitaka with other Yaguchi "regulars" rounding out the cast!
Watch the fresh, energetic cast bring the new Yaguchi creation to life!


Three flunky employees of Kimura Electric - Kobayashi, Ohta and Nagai -- are ordered by the company president to develop a bipedal robot to promote the company in an upcoming Robot Expo. But just one week before the big event, the robot-in-production, "New Shiokaze" is smashed to smithereens! The desperate trio hatches a plan to insert a human inside a robot and holds an audition to find a candidate that fits perfectly inside a robot costume. They choose 73-year old Shigemitsu Suzuki, a lonely, retired office worker. Little do they know that grandpa Suzuki is a crackpot...And when a robot-crazy female college student, Yoko, falls in love with "New Shiokaze," things really begin to go haywire...

STRICT RULES regarding all future activities of "New Sea Breeze!"
Only the Robot Development Team (RDT) is authorized to handle events and interviews.
No one will be allowed within a 1-meter radius of the robot.
The robot will not be exhibited in highly technical events that involve robotic engineering.
Operation, transportation and maintenance of the robot will be conducted solely by the RDT.
People entering the Robot Development Room must contact the RDT in advance.
The robot will be transported only by an RDT vehicle.


Shinjiro Igarashi Yuriko Yoshitaka
Gaku Hamada Shogo Kawai Junya Kawashima
Tomoko Tabata Takehiko Ono
Written and Directed by Shinobu Yaguchi
© Fuji Television, Toho, Dentsu, Altamira Pictures
Running Time: 111 minutes / Year: 2011