"Women on the edgecform a rock'n' roll band?!"

  • The “un-lucky in love” divorcee
  • The well-intentioned, perfect housewife
  • The mysterious “self-proclaimed” female rocker
  • The habitual shoplifter

Experience the real-life problems of real women
A grown-up chick flick that will make you laugh, cry and recharge your soul!


It’s tough to be a “forty-something” woman. A challenging age fraught with frustrations. A lonely time when good intentions are misunderstood, and neither family nor society seems to appreciate you. Fate brings together four such “women on the edge” – to form a rock band?!
The film adaptation of Takahisa Igarashi’s best-selling novel “Smoke on the Water 1995” is an irresistible formula of charismatic women + thrilling rock music. Four desperate women form a rock band -- all stumbling along the way, each facing their own problems while colliding with one another, yet burning with youthful passion! In chasing their rock ‘n’ roll dream, they regain their brilliance and invite you to laugh, cry and recharge your soul!


Keyboards: Kaori
Problem: Ridiculously unlucky in love
Drums: Yukimi
Problem: Misunderstood by her husband and friends
Bass: Shinko
Problem: Past (and present) cloaked in mystery
Guitar/Vocals: Mieko
Problem: A dysfunctional family

The miraculous collaboration of the ultimate female cast
This is no ordinary “cool!”
The biggest appeal of this inspiring film is its cast of heroines. Hitomi Kuroki plays Mieko, the seemingly “perfect” housewife struggling to hold together a dysfunctional family. Tae Kimura plays Kaori, Mieko’s alarmingly uninhibited ex-co-worker. Shizuyo Yamazaki (a.k.a. Shizu-chan of Nankai Candies) plays Yukimi, a salary man’s wife and mother who assuages her loneliness by shoplifting. Miki Maya plays Shinko, a mysterious hard-core female rocker. Each heroine delivers a sensitive psychological portrayal and together, they produce an undeniable harmony. Don’t miss the synergy between ex-Takarazuka colleagues Kuroki and Maya. As the band of four rehearses together, they overcome their flaws and shed all pretenses. The result is pure, thrilling magic. As an added bonus, the ending theme song “Don’t Forget That Smile” 20th Anniversary Version is performed by the ever-popular artist ZARD.


Mieko’s life seems so perfect. But in reality, this forty-something housewife is on the verge of a meltdown, with an indifferent husband, a reclusive daughter and a wicked mother-in-law.
”I get tired, too!”
Hoping for change, Mieko applies for a part-time job at a convenience store, where she meets three other “women on the edge.” The outlet for their frustration comes from an impulsively bold idea: “Let’s start a rock band!” Will the four desperate women be able to pull off a one-time, one-song concert to reclaim their lives?!

Production Note

Planner/Producer Yoshikazu Iguchi first read Takahisa Igarashi’s novel “Smoke on the Water 1995” in 2008. He was drawn to the universal theme of “family” and the “ordinariness” of the four heroines’ problems. He asked Yumiko Kamiyama to write the screenplay and Yoshiko Hoshida to direct this “grown-up chick flick” that is sure to make you laugh, cry and recharge your soul!