INTRODUCTION STORY CAST Who are the SP - Security Police?

A collision of two destinies.

Nowhere is completely gsafeh in Japan.

Ogatafs inexplicable actions at the conclusion of the drama are manifestations of a dangerous gambitionh - one which could lead to a grevolutionh that could, in turn, change the history of Japan.

gSP - Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th Districth aired on Fuji late-night TV from November 2007 to January 2008. Based on the innovative novel by award winning author Kazuki Kaneshiro, this original gdrama unlike any otherh starring Junichi Okada as protagonist Kaoru Inoue, delivered jaw-dropping action week after week, making it the most popular late-night program in the history of Japanese television. The subsequent two-hour special which aired on prime-time TV saw unprecedented ratings of over 20%, leaving an indelible mark on TV drama history.
But it didnft end there. The buzz continued long after the enigmatic conclusion of the series, as viewers speculated on the true intentions of Soichiro Ogata (Shinichi Tsutsumi) and the inevitable face-off between Ogata and the justice-seeking Kaoru Inoue. SP - The Movie will bring everything to a head. Part 1: gAmbitionh is packed with relentless action and speed, while Part 2: gRevolutionh will finally reveal the shocking truth.


Part 1: gAmbitionh

gIt couldnft be helpedcA sacrifice for a just cause.h

Shinichi TsutsumiWhen Ogata (Shinichi Tsutsumi) utters these unthinkable words upon learning of a high-ranking bureaucratfs suicide, Inoue (Junichi Okada) begins to harbor feelings of doubt and confusion, and finally confronts Ogata.
One month laterc
No matter which way you look, it's just another peaceful day in Tokyo. But beneath the surface, a terrorist plot is simmering that could uproot the very foundation of Japanc
It all starts on the streets of Roppongi -
The police have been focusing on disturbing activities of high-level bureaucrats that seem to go unnoticed by Public Security. Among them is Date (Teruyuki Kagawa), the Chief Secretary of the ruling partyc
Yoko MakiInoue is strained both physically and emotionally as his heightened ability to sense or gsynchh with danger and deceit are tested by an onslaught of terrorist threats while his team members Sasamoto (Yoko Maki), Yamamoto (Satoru Matsuo) and Ishida (Yu Kamio) become targetsc
What did Ogata mean by his shocking declaration? Is he an enemy or an ally?
What is his true agenda?
Inoue and Ogata finally face off in the fateful plaza where Inouefs parents were killed 20 years ago.
A conspiracy of staggering proportions is set into motion as their destinies collides

An outbreak of terrorism on a national scale drives the gSPhs (Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District) to the limit.

Kaoru Inoue (Junichi Okada) is reputed for his nerves of steel and uncanny ability to sense and avert danger. Tokyo University graduate and Chief of SP Soichiro Ogata (Shinichi Tsutsumi) recognizes Inouefs special talent and hand-picks him to join the elite SP force comprised of Sasamoto (Yoko Maki), Yamamoto (Satoru Matsuo) and Ishida (Yu Kamio). And now, the original 4th District team from the groundbreaking TV drama series reunites on the big screen in SP - The Movie.
The story delves deeper with the involvement of high-ranking Diet member Date (Teruyuki Kagawa) in Ogatafs suspicious activities. The first of two parts entitled gAmbitionh opens with a breathtaking gfree runningh action scene. Protagonist Inouefs furious pursuit of terrorists in the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo is bound to captivate viewers from the first scene. Junichi Okada, who plays Inoue, has been training in martial arts and physical agility required of SPs for the past two years to deliver pitch- perfect action scenes without the use of a stuntman. The crew features Takafumi Hatano who directed the 8-month long SP TV drama project and Yugo Kanno who wrote the hit SP theme song for the series. They will be joined by two-time Academy Award winner Robert Skotak, creator of the amazing visuals for gAlien 2h and gTerminator 2h, who will supervise the VFX. Post production will take place in Hollywood. SP - The Movie is a collaborative project bringing together talent from around the globe to make cinematic history in Japan.

A meticulous plot backed by powerful forces drives Inoue and his SP team to the limit!
The Metropolitan Security Police, Public Security, politicians and terroristsc
Suspense and action explode on the big screen as the truth is finally unveiled!

The mega-project gSPh finally comes to the big screen!
Part 1 opening in October 30th, 2010 and Part 2 slated for Spring 2011 release.
The conspiracy that would embroil the entire nation will finally be revealedc


Kaoru Inoue (Junichi Okada)
Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District
Police Sergeant
Kaoru Inouefs parents were hapless victims of a terrorist attack. Orphaned at the age of six, Inoue was adopted and raised by an elite police officer. When Inoue witnesses the terrorist attack which tragically takes his parentsf lives, the traumatic experience elicits an extraordinary sharpening of sensory perception and an uncanny ability to sense or gsynchh with danger.

Soichiro Ogata (Shinichi Tsutsumi)
Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District
Graduate of the prestigious Tokyo University School of Law. Prefers to work in the field rather than play politics, opting out of opportunities to advance in the ranks. Ogata also happened to be at the plaza where the young Inouefs parents were killed in a terrorist attack. Ogatafs character is always shrouded in mystery.

Eri Sasamoto (Yoko Maki)
Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District
Police Sergeant
The sole female officer in the 4th District -- a beauty with a tough attitude. She is always worried about Inouefs rash behavior.

Takafumi Yamamoto (Satoru Matsuo)
Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District
Police Sergeant
Joined the 4th District two months before Inoue. Was previously a mixed martial artist.

Mitsuo Ishida (Yu Kamio)
Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District
The strong, silent type whose actions speak louder than words. Well-liked by his teammates.

Ichiro Tanaka (Toru Nomaguchi)
Public Security Department 1
Police Sergeant
Specialist in undercover investigations. Harbors suspicions about Ogatafs activities and begins to secretly investigate Ogatac

Kunio Date (Teruyuki Kagawa)
Chief Secretary of the ruling political party
The young Chief Secretary of the ruling political party who is the constant focus of the media as well as political and economic circles. Considered the leader of the next generation.

Yuzo Asada (Kei Yamamoto)
Prime Minister
Highest ranking bureaucrat in the ruling political party. A terrorist plot to bring him down 20 years ago resulted in the death of Inouefs parents.

Who are the SP - Security Police?

An organization created in 1975 modeled after the American Secret Service. An elite, specially trained police force tasked with safeguarding domestic and foreign VIPs. At times risking their own lives, these professional bodyguards become gmoving shieldsh to protect their VIPs.