The Suspect

The Bayside Shakedown franchise began January 1997 as a hit mini-series on Fuji Television about local precinct cops trying to fight crime under the constraints of a rigid police bureaucracy. In October 1998, when Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE hit theater screens in October 1988, it drew seven million fans and earned box office revenues of $101 million, becoming the 5th most successful feature length film in Japanese movie history. Five years later in July 2003, some 12.6 million moviegoers thronged to theaters to see the much anticipated sequel, Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2, which wound up outperforming its predecessor ($157 million) and setting a new standard as the highest grossing Japanese movie ever. With its growing legion of fans clamoring for more, the gBayside Shakedownh team reassembled once again in 2005 to launch the gBayside Shakedown Legends,h a series of spin-off feature films centered around popular supporting role characters from the franchise, beginning with gNegotiator,h starring Yusuke Santamaria. Set in Tokyofs vast subway system, gNegotiatorh raised the bar for Japanese gpanic thrillerh genre in scale and level of realism, grossing nearly $36.3 million at the box office. This summer, the gBayside Legendsh turns its focus from the glib Masayoshi Mashita to his taciturn and introspective boss, Shinji Muroi, Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Department, played by Toshiro Yanagiba. gThe Suspecth begins with Muroifs shocking arrest, for reasons not yet clear, and builds into an emotional test of one manfs inner strengths and ability to hold firmly to onefs beliefs and convictions even as the world conspires against him.

A stellar cast assembles around Toshiro Yanagiba (gShinji Muroih) and series creator-writer-director, Ryoichi Kimizuka.

The role of Shinji Muroi has had a great impact on my own personal development,h confides actor Toshiro Yanagiba, who with gThe Suspect,h is finally being given the opportunity to take his beloved character into uncharted territory as a leading man. His leading lady is fittingly portrayed by the extremely talented Rena Tanaka in the role of the young female attorney, Kumiko Obara, who is assigned, albeit reluctantly, to defend him. Yanagiba and Tanaka bring a superb on-screen chemistry to a film that is further enhanced by a strong supporting cast including, Show Aikawa as Keiichi Kudo, the street smart chief of a local precinct, who identifies with Muroifs dilemma and becomes one of his few allies in the film; Norito Yashima as the filmfs main antagonist, Hideki Haijima, a cocky and unscrupulous young lawyer who leads his well-greased legal machine on a dubious crusade to discredit Muroi for his alleged mistreatment of a murder suspect. The film also welcomes the return of Miki Maya as Muroifs tough female supervisor, who has softened somewhat since her debut in the second gBayside Shakedownh film, and sides with Muroi with during his ordeal. Toshio Kakei also recreates his role as Kentaro Shinjo, Muroifs boss at the National Police Agency (gFederal Police Agencyh in the English subtitles), who finds himself in an unenviable judge and executioner position, having to weigh a growing respect and sympathy for Muroi against his own career ambitions and the wishes of his superiors. Chihiro Kameyama returns as gBayside Shakedownh producer along with writer-director, Ryoichi Kimizuka. Akihiko Matsumoto contributes with a powerful and emotional film score.


gGod gives us only an ounce of courage.
Discard it and it's gone for good.h

The Abandoned Hero
AFebruary, 2005c two months after Masayoshi Mashita staves off disaster on the Tokyo subways, the police inspector who appointed him, Shinji Muroi, sits alone in a cold prison cell in the aftermath of a police scandal that threatens to discredit both the Metropolitan Police Department and the National Police Agency (gFederal Police Agencyh in the English subtitles). As both agencies scurry about trying to save face, an inexperienced, young female lawyer, Kumiko Obara (Rena Tanaka), arrives at the Tokyo Detention Center to meet her new client, Shinji Muroi.

Justice as means to an end
Several days prior, Muroi had been heading the investigation of a murder that had occurred on the streets of Shinjuku. In the process of questioning the prime suspect, a police officer, the suspect flees the scene, leading to a chaotic chase through the streets of Shinjuku that culminates in the suspect being hit and instantly killed by a car. With all evidence pointing to the deceased suspect as the murderer, the case is summarily closed. But Muroi is not convinced, and upon closer examination of the suspectfs belongings, decides to reopen the investigation, angering his superiors who seem more driven by political motives than by the pursuit of justice.

gInspector Muroi, under arrest.h
Muroifs commitment to continuing the murder investigation earns him a strong ally in Chief Kudo of the local Tokyo precinct originally in charge of the case. But just as the investigation is launched, Tokyo Public Prosecutor, Yuko Kubozono (Shiro Sano) arrives with papers for Muroifs arrest, citing the gauthorization of the mistreatment of a murder suspect.h The dead suspectfs mother has come forward with a suit filed against Muroi and the metropolitan police, led by the powerful legal team of Haijima (Norito Yashima). Muroi finds himself at the center of a political storm between the nationfs two largest police organizations, and about to be sacrificed at the altar of the nationfs legal system.

A skeleton from the past
Just as forces converge to extinguish his last ounce of will, Muroi is rescued by his lawyer, Kumiko Obara, who senses a genuine honesty and integrity about her client despite his guarded demeanor and her own personal prejudice against the police. She manages to break through Muroifs emotional armor and restore his resolve just as his enemies close in.


  • Bayside Shakedown TV mini-series (aired Fridays, Jan. 7 | Mar. 18, 1997, 11 episodes)
  • Bayside Shakedown Year-end TV movie special (Dec. 30, 1997)
  • Bayside Shakedown Summer Traffic Safety Promotional TV movie special, gStory of Bayside Precinctfs Female Officersh (June 19, 1998)
  • Bayside Shakedown Autumn Crime Prevention TV movie special (Oct. 6, 1998)
  • Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE (released Oct. 31, 1998)
    Box office turnout: 7 million viewers Box office revenues: 10.1 trillion yen@
    DVD/Video sales and rental 460,000 copies (a new record at the time)
  • Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2
    (Released July 19, 2003)
    Box office turnout: 12.6 million viewers Box office revenue: 17.35 trillion yen (Highest gross in Japanese movie history
    DVD/Video sales and rental 1.25million (First million seller for Japanese film, current record holder)
    ¦ including Bayside Shakedown 2-International version (Dec. 20, 2003 release)
  • Negotiator (Released May 7, 2005)
    Box office turnout: 3 million viewers@@Box office revenues: 4.2 billion yen (projected through end of July, 2005)
  • The Suspect (release Aug. 27, 2005)


Metropolitan Police Department

Shinji Muroi (Toshiro Yanagiba) Chief Inspector, Criminal Investigations 1st Division
Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Department, and the man constantly caught between serving the interests of both his bureaucratic superiors and the cop on the street. His devotion to the truth as final arbiter winds up turning the establishment against him.
Hitomi Okita (Miki Maya), Superintendent, Criminal Investigations 1st Division
Muroifs direct supervisor who, owing a debt of gratitude to him, becomes the only police bureaucrat to side with him. She is responsible for finding him legal defense.
Azumi (Shinya Owada), Deputy Chief of Police

Ichikura (Shigemitsu Ogi), Criminal Investigations, 1st Division Chief

Kaneko (Ken Teraizumi), General Affairs Chief

Tadano (Kenji Kawanishi), Criminal Affairs Chief

Kanno (Kenichi Yajima), Security Affairs Chief

Shimazu (Akira Hamada), Community Safety Affairs Chief

National Police Agency

Kentaro Shinjo (Toshio Kakei), Deputy Chief of Staff
Like Muroi, has risen through the ranks of the police bureaucracy but is more ambition driven. Tries to discourage Muroi from pursuing the murder investigation and leaves audiences guessing until the end whether he is friend or foe.
kegami (Masane Tsukayama), Deputy Commissioner

Omura (Shiro Namiki), Sergeant-at-arms

Sakamura (Takeshi Masu), Planning Division Chief

Konno (Hiroshi Okouchi), Criminal Affairs Bureau Chief

Sakakibara (Takeo Nakahara), Chief of Staff

Yokoyama (Ren Osugi) Security Bureau Public Safety Division Chief

Shinjuku North Precinct

Keiichi Kudo (Show Aikawa), Criminal Affairs Division Violent Crimes Desk
Shinjuku Precinct Chief who was in charge of the botched questioning of the murder suspect. Impressed by Muroifs dedication to solving the case under protest of his bosses, throws his full support behind him.
Mukoda (Keisuke Ebihara), precinct detective

Hayasaka (Kenichiro Tanabe), precinct detective

Kuramoto (Shu Nagasaka), precinct detective

Suzuki (Atsushi Mizutani), precinct detective

Yamashita (Yusuke Sunaga), precinct detective

Seiichiro Kamimura (Shigenori Yamazaki), Community Police Affairs Division

Bayside Precinct

gThe Three Amigosh
Kanda (Soichiro Kitamura), Chief

Akiyama (Satoru Saito), Deputy Chief

Hakamada (Takehiko Ono), Criminal Affairs Chief

Tsuda Law Office

Kumiko Obara (Rena Tanaka), Lawyer
Beautiful young lawyer assigned to Muroifs legal defense. Initially reluctant to take on the case due to her inexperience and hatred of the police. Gradually warms to Muroi and his plight.
Seigo Tsuda (Akira Emoto), Lawyer and president
Lawyer to whom Hitomi Okita, Muroifs superior at the MPD, turns to for his defense. Tsuda, tired of fighting impossible legal battles, leaves the defense of Muroi to his junior partner, Kumiko Obara.

Haijima Law Office

Hideki Haijima (Norito Yashima), President
A cocky and paranoid young lawyer who prides himself on legal manipulation to win cases for large corporations, politicians and celebrities. Holds a deep-seated grudge against police and authority in general, and therefore jumps at the chance to prosecute Muroi.
Shinichi Shinoda (Mitsuru Fukikoshi), lawyer
Haijimafs icy right hand man, who handles most of the day-to-day operations of the firm for his childish and temper-mental boss.
Shigeru Nagaregawa (Ko Murakami), lawyer

Kyohei Nemoto (Toru Nomaguchi), lawyer

Kota Watanabe (Tsuneharu Sato), lawyer

Wakiko Kohno (Reiko Matsunaga), lawyer

Shizue Kamimura (Yoko Tanaka), Seiichiro Kamimura (dead murder suspectfs) mother

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office

Yukio Kubozono (Shiro Sano), Public Prosecutor
Arrests Muroi on charges of allowing the coercive mistreatment of a murder suspect. A stickler for proper legal procedure who finds fault with Muroifs gstreet-orientedh investigative methods.

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