"Suspect X", represents the much"anticipated, feature film adaptation of the 134th Naoki Prize winning novel by the same name, written by the undisputed king of the Japanese mystery writing world, Keigo Higashino. Suspect X is in fact a compilation of Higashino's famous gDetective Galileo"series, which in aggregate has sold over 3.2 million copies to date. The remarkable deductive abilities of its protagonist, physicist Manabu Yukawa, together with gripping human drama and a heart"rending closing scene transcended the mystery fan base to captivate all varieties of readers nationwide. After winning every major mystery award in Japan, the Galileo series was quickly turned into a widely"watched television drama that aired in the 9 p.m. Monday night slot on the Fuji Television Network from October 2007. Starring popular singer"actor, Masaharu Fukuyama in the lead role of gDetective Galileo"and Kou Shibasaki as the plucky female detective, Kaoru Utsumi who brings him all his cases, the series averaged viewer ratings of 22.2% and has been feted as having introduced a new feel and rhythm to the televised serial drama thanks to its strong casting and liberal use of popular music. The feature film version brings together the same principal cast from the series as well as the talented creative duo of director, Hiroshi Nishitani (gStar Reformer"'06, gSpiral"TV serial, '99), and screenwriter, Yasushi Fukuda (gHERO"'07, gUmizaru: Test of Trust"'06, gUmizaru"'04). Moving from award"winning novel to TV series and now to feature film, gSuspect X"project at last arrives on the big screen this fall, where a mesmerizing battle of wits by incredible minds will play itself out against a poignant and moving narrative.


The body of a male has been discovered, strangled to death, his face pulverized beyond recognition and fingers burned to a crisp. Assigned to the case are local precinct detective, Kaoru Utsumi, and her ex"colleague from headquarters, Shunpei Kusanagi. It turns out that the neighbor of the victim's ex"wife is a college alumnus of brilliant physicist, Manabu Yukawa, aka gDetective Galileo."He is Tetsuya Ishigami, a high school math teacher whom Yukawa personally considers a true genius. When Yukawa is brought onto help with the case by Utsumi, he begins to suspect that this gtrue genius"and a with whom Yukawa shares a bond of friendship as an intellectual equal is somehow connected to the murder. Elaborate bluffs, false testimonials, loopholes in logic | all begin to appear in Detective Galileo's way as if intentionally placed as a challenge by someone with mathematical brilliance.


Manabu Yukawa (37) c Masaharu Fukuyama
Professor of the Physics Faculty, Science and Engineering Department at Teito University. Also known as the geccentric Galileo.h Handsome, brilliant and athletic, he seems on the surface a paragon of perfection, without a fault. But underneath, he harbors odd eccentricities. As a result, he is often providing decisive keys to mysteries steeped in strange science and the occult, which are brought to him by detectives Utsumi and Shunpei Kusanagi, a former classmate. When this latest case brings him in contact with an old college alum in brilliant mathematician, Ishigami, Yukawa is excited to be among his intellectual equal, and yet something dark lays uncovered beneath the surface.

Kaoru Utsumi (27) c Kou Shibasaki
Detective at the North Kaizuka Police Precinct. Shefs new investigations, having been granted a transfer from the traffic division. A firebrand fueled by a strong sense of justice, she chooses to let her feelings trump logic, which puts her at odds with Yukawa, despite her deep respect for his friend and her superior, Detective Kusanagi. But she brings an important naked eye approach to the cerebral cat-and-mouse game that plays out between the two genius minds in this story.

Shunpei Kusanagi (37) c Kazuki Kitamura
The countryfs best sleuth when it comes to solving cases dealing in the occult. Nicknamed the gmystery hunterh, Kusanagifs strong track record has earned him a promotion from the North Kaizuka precinct to headquarters, but the truth is that he owes his success solely to occult cases and the help of Manabu Yukawa. His biggest fault, however, may be his weakness for women.

Yasuko Hanaoka (35) c Yasuko Matsuyuki
A sexy beauty who shares Kusanagifs vapidness, Yasuko quits her hostess job to open a modest gbox lunchh shop. She tries to flee from her physically abusive ex-husband, Togashi, but eventually enlists the help of her neighbor, Ishigami, to save her from her desperate situation. Finding herself at the center of the investigation into Togashifs murder, she and her daughter (from a previous marriage) now live in fear of the police.

Tetsuya Ishigami (37) c Shinichi Tsutsumi
The former Teito University classmate of Manabu Yukawa, whom he acknowledges as a gtrue genius,h Ishigami once had a promising career as a mathematical researcher at the university until domestic problems forced him to resign. Currently, he teaches math at the Kanto No. 3 Senior High School. Having no interest in anything outside of math, he leads a colorless existence until falling for his new neighbor in Yasuko Hanaoka, for whom he begins applying his genius faculties in hopes of protecting her from the police.



  • Manabu Yukawa c Masaharu Fukuyama
  • Kaoru Utsumi c Kou Shibasaki
  • Shunpei Kusanagi c Kazuki Kitamura
  • Kuniaki Kudo c Dankan
  • Shinji Togashi c Keishi Nagatsuka
  • Misato Hanaoka c Miho Kanazawa
  • Shujiro Katsuragi c Toru Masuoka
  • Junichi Kakimoto c Yasufumi Hayashi
  • Hiromi Kuribayashi c Ikkei Watanabe
  • Shiro Yuge c Hiroshi Shinagawa
  • Sakurako Jonouchi c Miki Maya
  • Yasuko Hanaoka c Yasuko Matsuyuki
  • Tetsuya Ishigami c Shinichi Tsutsumi@@@


  • Produced by Fuji Television Network, Inc.
  • Produced by Chihiro Kameyama / Toru Ota
  • Executive Producers: Kenji Shimizu / Tatsuro Hatanaka / Yoshiro Hosono
  • Producers: Yoshihiro Suzuki / Hirotsugu Usui
  • Co-Producers: Tadashi Makino / Kazutoshi Wadakura
  • Based on an original novel by: Keigo Higashino (gThe Devotion of Suspect Xh)
  • Screenplay by: Yasushi Fukuda
  • Music by Masaharu Fukuyama / Yugo Kanno
  • Director: Hiroshi Nishitan


On air information for the TV Series gGalileoh (Fuji Television Network)

Aired Title Guests Stars
Oct. 15, 2008 Chapter 1: gMoeruh Toshiaki Karasawa
Oct. 22, 2008 Chapter 2: gNukeruh Mantaro Koichi, Mieko Nijikawa, Yuki Imai
Oct. 29, 2008 Chapter 3: gSawaguh Ryoko Hirosue
Nov. 5, 2008 Chapter 4: gKusaruh Shingo Katori
Nov. 12, 2008 Chapter 5: gShimeruh Suzuka Ohgo
Nov. 19, 2008 Chapter 6: gYumemiruh Maki Horikita
Nov. 26, 2008 Chapter 7: gShiruh Kyoko Fukada
Dec. 3, 2008 Chapter 8: gMieruh Yumiko Shaku
Dec. 10, 2008 Chapter 9: gHazeru, Pt. 1h Hiroshi Kume
Dec. 17, 2008 Final Chapter: gHazeru, Pt. 2h Hiroshi Kume


Keigo Higashino. Born 1958 in Osaka. Graduated from Osaka Prefecture Universityfs School of Electrical Engineering and began working as an engineer while writing. In 1985, he won the prestigious 31st Edogawa Rampo Prize, awarded for finest mystery work of the year for gHokagoh. In 1999, his gHimitsuh won the 52nd Japan Mystery Writers Association Prize. In 2006, gThe Devotion of Supsect Xh won the 134th Naoki Prize, awarded to the yearfs best popular literature by a young author. Higashinofs versatilie writing style and passion for taking on a broad range of themes have resulted in a large body of literary work including: gDokyuseih (Classmate), gHenshinh (Transformation), gBunshinh (Replication), gTenku no Hachih (Supernal Bee), gMeitantei no Okiteh (The Rules of a Great Detective), gAkuih (Malice), gTantei Galileoh (Detective Galileo), gByaku-yakoh (White Nocturnal), gYochimuh (Premonition), gLakesideh, gTegamih (Letter), gGenyah (Phantom Night), and gSamayou Katanah (Wandering Sword). Many of his novels have been made into feature-length films, such as gHimitsuh (f99, based on gHimitsuh), g@ame. (f03, based on gGeimu no Na Wa Yukaih or gThe Name of the Game is Abductionh).