Hiroshi Abe -- as an ancient Roman???
An epic bath fantasy transcends time and space.

Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto star in the phenomenal live action film adaption!!!


(C)Mari Yamazaki/

An ancient Roman architect (specializing in baths) struggling to invent new ideas for baths accidentally slips through time and resurfaces in a public bath house in modern day Japan!? Travelling back and forth between ancient Rome and modern day Japan, this hilarious, highly original "time slip bath-driven manga - ?THERMAE ROMAE'h (currently serialized in Comic Beam Monthly) will be miraculously transformed into a live action film starring Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto!!
The film is an adaptation of the wildly popular manga that won both the "2010 Manga Grand Prixh and the "14th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize Short Story Award.h (Volume 3 on sale April 25 / Enterbrain, Inc.) The title "THERMAE ROMAEh means "Roman Bath.h The three volumes published to date have sold over 2.5 million copies and are hailed by the media as the "hottesth manga today. THERMAE ROMAEh is the brainchild of up-and-coming manga artist Mari Yamazaki, whose husband is Italian. Hiroshi Abe is perfectly cast in the lead role of ancient Roman Lucius while Aya Ueto plays the adorable heroine Mami, an aspiring Japanese manga artist. The screenplay is by Shogo Muto, who also scripted the film "Crows ZEROh and dramas "Train Manh and "Hanazakari No Kimitachi E.h The film is directed by Hideki Takeuchi of film and drama "Nodame Cantabileh and dramas "Train Manh and "Kamisama, Mou Sukoshidake.h The project brings together a star-studded cast and staff, and features scenes shot on the colossal open set of ancient Rome at Cinecitta Studios, the premiere film studio in Italy.
Proud ancient Roman architect, Lucius, is flabbergasted by every aspect of Japan's bath culture, and his beliefs are shaken to the core. His every move, rife with humor and wit, is sure to make you laugh, but the story also explores in depth the origins of the Japanese and ancient Roman "bathh cultures. Witness the birth of an epic, fantastical comedy masterpiece that is both uproariously funny and deeply touching!


Ancient Roman architect Lucius (Hiroshi Abe) is too serious. His inability to keep up with the fast-moving times costs him his job. When a friend takes the dejected Lucius to the public bath house to cheer him up, Lucius accidentally slips through time and resurfaces in a modern day public bath in Japan. There, he meets aspiring young manga artist Mami (Aya Ueto) along with others of the "flat-faced clan.h ( = Japanese). Shocked by the many inventive aspects of Japan's bathing culture, Lucius returns to ancient Rome and garners tremendous attention when he implements these novel ideas back in Rome. As he time-slips back and forth between ancient Rome and modern-day Japan, Lucius' reputation as the ingenious, new bath architect begins to grow...

Comment from Hiroshi Abe
I loved the original manga's idea of comparing Japan's bath culture with ancient Rome's "thermaeh culture. The concept of crossing over time and space and people interacting "in the buffh is somehow both heartwarming and comical, but I intend to play the role of ancient Roman Lucius with great seriousness.

Comment from Aya Ueto
The premise of travelling back and forth in time between ancient Rome and modern day Japan, and Hiroshi Abe playing an ancient Roman, Lucius, is too hilarious. As a representative of the "flat-faced clanh I will do my best in my portrayal of Mami.

Comment from manga artist Mari Yamazaki
Actually, Ifm shocked because the film adaptation may surpass my original work. Hiroshi Abe plays the ancient Roman architect Lucius to perfection. Even the Italian staff on location was overheard saying, "Hefs like a real Roman!h Amazing!!



Hiroshi Abe
Aya Ueto
Kazuki Kitamura
Riki Takeuchi
Kai Shishido
Takashi Sasano
Masachika Ichimura
Midoriko Kimura
Bunmei Tobayama
Kei Iinuma
Taro Iwate
Takao Kinoshita
Hiroshi Kanbe
Shungiku Uchida
Satoru Matsuo
Yoshiyuki Morishita
Yoshikazu Ebisu.


Produced by Chihiro Kameyama Minami Ichikawa Atsushi Terada Hirokazu Hamamura
Producers Naoto Inaba Miyoshi Kikuchi Kaoru Matsuzaki
Based on the comic by Mari Yamazaki"THERMAE ROMAEh (ENTERBRAIN)
Screenplay by Shogo Muto
Music by Norito Sumitomo
Director of Photography Kazunari Kawagoe
Lighting by Toshio Suzuki
Sound by Yamato Kato
Production Design by Mitsuo Harada (N.V.U)
Edited by Hiroshi Matsuo
A Fuji Television Network, Toho, Dentsu, and Enterbrain Presentation
Directed by Hideki Takeuchi
(C) 2012 "THERMAE ROMAEh Film Partners