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Will Agetaro be able to reach his ideal as the Tonkatsu DJ?
The juicy sound of frying pork and the funky beat firing up the dance floor make for a mouthwatering mix!
Get ready for a hilariously yummy comedy that you've never heard or experienced before!


"Agetaro is the third-generation heir to his family's long-running tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. He spends his days chopping cabbages and slacking off because he has nothing else better to do.

One day, he goes to a dance club to deliver a bento, and is thrilled to get a chance to speak to Sonoko, the girl he secretly has a crush on. He also experiences the excitement of the dance floor grooving to the music for the first time, and is filled with an uplifting sensation that he has never felt before.

To win Sonoko's heart, Agetaro decides to become the "Tonkatsu DJ," a guy who can cook both tonkatsu and the dance floor! But he hasnft been allowed to fry pork, and has never touched DJ equipment before. So he enlists help from the irresponsible DJ Oily, while considering the talented and popular DJ Yashiki as a rival - - guided by impulse, mistaken impressions, and fateful encounters, happy-go-lucky Agetaro's road to becoming a popular DJ is fraught with challenges!