This is a story about me, my family and Rock \
August 2000 \ a devastating volcanic eruption ravaged the island of Miyakejima.
This is a story of friendship and the indelible bond between a dog, a boy and his family.
A miraculous story based on true events of a family torn apart by an unimaginable natural disaster.

Hankyu Railway  A 15-Minute Miracle

In 2008, a large-scale volcanic eruption forced all residents of Miyakejima, a small island on the Izu Peninsula, to evacuate to Tokyo. All except for one dog that was left behind and separated from his familyc

Rock is the beloved dog of the Noyama family, owners of a small inn gTaiyoh on the island of Miyakejima. The family consists of a young boy Shin (Ryunosuke Hashino) who raised Rock since he was a puppy, his dad Matsuo (Ryuta Sato), his mom Takako (Kumiko Aso) and his grandmother Fusako (Mitsuko Baisho).

Following a devastating volcanic eruption, the Noyamafs are forced to evacuate from their island home in Miyakejima. Separated from each other and their beloved Rock and struggling to adapt to life as evacuees in Tokyo, they grapple with anxiety and despair on a daily basis. But they never give up hope of being reunited with Rock and moving back to their home in Miyakejima.

11 years later \
Set in the beautiful, natural environment of Miyakejima, this story is retold through the eyes of a boy and his dog. It reminds us of the importance of emotional connection, family bonds, love of the homeland, and the will to live. Based on true events, this story of hope is coming to you this summer!

Ryuta Sato, Kumiko Aso, Mieko Harada, Mitsuko Baisho
Directed by Isamu Nakae