INUDO Isshin, the promising filmmaker of the award winning TWO PEOPLE TALKING. OSHIMA Yumiko, the leading cartoonist in the shojo manga genre, who continues be a major influence on many Japanese artists. ISEYA Yusuke, the model/actor who, with his unique presence, has already established himself as one of the most sort-after young actors. IKEWAKI Chizuru, who is undoubtedly the most talented actress of her generation.

ACROSS A GOLD PRAIRIE could have never been made without the collaboration of these four talents.

ACROSS A GOLD PRAIRIE is no artsy-fartsy film, but a solid and entertaining motion picture with a message that is sure to reach the depths of our hearts. It is a universal message, but one that also bears an unmistakably contemporary reality.


ISEYA Yusuke was given the difficult task of portraying the old man as he sees himself in his mind, i.e. as a young man of twenty. Wildly popular among the younger generation through his work as a model (he was recently seen in Prada's Milan Collection), ISEYA made a splash with his debut as an actor with After Life. The experimental approach of depicting an 80 year-old as a young man was heavily dependent on ISEYA's performance, and he responded with every effort, convincing everyone that only he could have played the role. @

IKEWAKI Chizuru plays the young woman who befriends the 80 year-old who believes himself to be 20. After making her debut with the highly popular commercial series for "Rehouse", IKEWAKI was seen in the film Osaka Story, while also appearing in the TV series "Lipstick". Highly acclaimed for her solid performances, the young and gifted IKEWAKI has already proved herself to be the most promising actress of her generation.

Also featured are the up-and-coming MATSUO Masatoshi, TADANO Miako, and the veteran KATO Takeshi.


As the executive producer, IZUMI Masataka of Yoshimoto Kogyo Inc. overlooked the production, while KUBOTA Osamu, a long-time collaborator of INUDO Isshin, also known for his work on Swallowtail Butterfly, The Ring and The Spiral, took on the role of producing the film together with Prime Pictures.
Associate producers are SATO Hiraku of Prime Pictures and KIKUCHI Miyoshi of Film- makers Inc. The production staff was comprised of a unique mixture of creative talents working not only in the film industry, but also in the fields of commercials.


The opening and ending theme songs are composed and performed by the hip-hop/funk unit Elephant Love. The band has released four albums from Antinos Records since it's debut in 1992. The leader, KURAMOCHI Yoichi is also known as a member of the rock/pop duo Magokoro Brothers. The soundtrack album is also produced by Elephant Love.

OSHIMA Yumiko is undoubtedly one of the top manga cartoonist in Japan, well known for her spiritual vision of the world. Many artists including Banana Yoshimoto (novelist) and Spitz (rock/pop group) are known to have been influenced by her works. Her "Tasogare Wa Ouma No Jikan" was reconceived as an opera, while "Shigatsu Kaidan", "Mainichi Ga Natsuyasumi" and "Wata No Kunihoshi" inspired films of the same titles.
What is most characteristic of her works is her profound understanding of the human psyche. Within the depths of the rather unusual backdrops and settings she chooses to depict, lies a harsh, yet warm look at the world we live in.

Born in Tokyo on June 24, 1960, INUDO Isshin began making films while he was in high school. He continued to pursue his passion for filmmaking through university, and became one of the central figures of the '80s independent film scene. After graduating university, he joined Prime Pictures, a commercial film production house, where he has been directing various commercials ever since. His work for Visa International earned him an ACC award in 1995. He was also selected as a finalist at the NY Advertisement

Festival. Apart from establishing himself as one of the top commercial film directors, INUDO continued to make independent films. In 1993 he directed Nanimokamo Hyakkaimo Iwaretakoto, which became a cult hit, being re-released on video from Uplink in 1998. He then made The Life of a Goldfish (1993), a short film which won the Grand Prix from the Kirin Contemporary Award. With their support, he then directed Two People Talking (1995), winning the Grand Prix from the Sundance Film Festival in Tokyo and the 1996 Director's Guild of Japan Newcomer Award. Two People Talking also led to director ICHIKAWA Jun commissioning him to write a script. The collaboration resulted in Osaka Story, which went on to become Ichikawa's highest grossing film to date.
Across a Gold Prairie is Inudo's second adaptation of Yumiko Oshima's work, following Red Watermelon, Yellow Watermelon (1992).


Meet NIPPORI Ayumu, an 80 year-old man, who, due to a serious heart condition, has spent sixty years of his life confined to his house. One morning, he wakes up believing himself to be twenty again. In his mind, he has become the youthful young man that he once was. However, reality fails to keep up with his illusion, and everything around him seems to be quite different from what he is used to. So, he decides that he is simply dreaming. As his reality becomes his dream, his unhappy world turns into a life enriched with happiness and expectations for the future. Ayumu is now enjoying his life to the full again.

Enter KODAI Narisu, an 18 year-old home-care worker who is newly assigned to look after Ayumu. To his great surprise, Narisu looks exactly like the girl he had fallen for when he was twenty and he immediately mistakes Narisu for her.

Narisu, on the other hand, is trying to deal with her own secret love. She is living amidst the uncertainties of youth, struggling to find her way.

Ayumu's happy dream. Narisu's fragile and sometimes painful reality. The story takes place in an old house, where these two contradicting worlds intertwine with each other through their words and exchanges. Ayumu gradually begins to realize what is real, until one day, he decides to find out whether what he believes to be his life is in fact a dream or reality...