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The legendary BADBOYS comic series was featured in Young King Magazine (Shonen Gahosha) between 1988 and 1996, and sold over 40 million copies. The original author/artist, Hiroshi Tanaka was born and raised in Hiroshima. He managed to release his first comic series gFOOLh while attending high school. He has continued to depict Hiroshimafs street life in his work ever since, and the 15,000 paying subscribers to his website exemplifies his celebrity-like popularity. The authorfs exceptional passion for his work has been impeded the production of the film for long time, but finally the live-action adaptation of this legendary series has come to life. The movie is based on the comics, but set in current times with an original plot. It was directed by another Hiroshima native, Kubota Takashi, an up-and-coming filmmaker who began directing career at just 23 years of age. Kubota has worked on promotion videos for countless artists including Mr. Children and Suga Shikao, and this will be his second feature-length film following gYesterdaysh (Starring Takashi Tsukamoto). This talented pair of Hiroshima natives who both have enjoyed success from early in their careers come together to form a strong team.
Young talent is also present in the cast. The legendary Yutaka Nomura who is known as the sole victor against Hiroshimafs top fighter Danno, is played by Takahiro Miura who received 35th Annual Japanese Movie Awards Best New Actor for his debut performance in Railways - 49-sai de densha no untenshi ni natta otoko no monogatari. Tomohide Danno, the leader of Hiroshimafs most powerful gang gBEAST,h is played by Shinnosuke Abe. The conniving Chiharu Ishimoto who uses Yutaka to gain control of Hiroshima is played by Yoshihiko Hosoda. The main character from the comic series Tsukasa Kiriki who leads the Hiroshima No. 2 squad gGokurakuchoh is played by Shogo Suzuki, and the leader of the No. 3 squad gHiroshima Nights,h Hiro, is played by Hidenori Tokuyama. 23 years after the original series was published, this group of talented young actors has come together to bring the new BADBOYS to life.


The plot revolves around those who rule the streets of Hiroshima, Hidenori Danno of gBEAST,h Tsukasa Kiriki of gGokurakucho,h Hiro of gHiroshima Nights.h Also known as the gHiroshima TOP 3,h they have managed to maintain order among the violent youth.
However, a murder in Osaka triggers a series of disturbances among the gangs in Hiroshima. An old friend of Dannofs, the only man to ever beat him in a fight, Yutaka Nomura is on the run from the police as a murder suspect. Meanwhile, Chiharu Ishimoto falls out with Danno and quits gBEAST.h Ishimoto helps Yutaka evade the police, and together they start gCrazy Union.h
Ishimoto, a very ambitious guy, does anything to achieve his goal.
Anyone who refuses to join the gCrazy Unionh is destroyed one by one, and finally Hiro is also taken out. This starts an all out battle royal between the gTOP 3h for the number 1 spot in Hiroshima.
What happened to Yutaka Nomura, the man who quit fighting and moved to Osaka to become a judo wrestler?
Danno canft come to grips with the fact that Yutaka has joined forces with Ishimoto, so he plans a secret meeting with Yutaka to find out the truth. But the meeting turns into an ambush by Ishimoto and Danno is also taken out. With both Danno and Hiro gone, the gCrazy Unionh continues on its path of domination. Tsukasa Kiriki, the last man standing, chooses to take on the gCrazy Unionh alone, despite his outnumbered troops and apparent consequencesc


Director: Takashi Kubota (Born May 5th 1977, Hiroshima)
In 2001, he was chosen as a part of the Fuji Television Young Filmmaker Development Program, and presented a short film. He debuted as a director at the age of 23, and has continued to receive praise for his wide variety of movies. In 2008 he directed his first feature-length film Yesterdays (Starring Takashi Tsukamoto), which was released nationwide. His portfolio also includes music videos Hibiki | Mr. Children (Starring Ellie Toyota), June | Suga Shikao (Starring Tetsuji Tamayama), MOTHER | SEAMO (Starring Shiro Tsubuyaki), the TV series Karera no Umi VIII (Starring AAA) and Gekidan Engisha (Starring Tsubasa Imai), as well as short films MemoiR (Starring Yu Aoi) and Rifurein ga Sakenderu (Starring YuikaMotokariya). His newest movie, Kimi to Boku (Starring Aoi Nakamura) is scheduled to release in May 2011.

Author/Artist: Hiroshi Tanaka (Born January 9th 1970, Hiroshima)
His debut series BADBOYS, released when he was still in high school was a major hit. Since then, he has written a number of popular series including Bakugyaku Famiria, BADBOYS Glare, Megami no Oni, and KIPPO. He resides in Hiroshima and is a loyal fan of the local baseball team, Hiroshima Toyo Carp. In 2007, he heard about an open billboard in the Hiroshima Carp home stadium, and put up a sign with his own name above right field for the 20th anniversary of his career debut. This was the second billboard to ever be displayed in that stadium by an individual after Tamio Okuda.

February 26, 2011 (Exclusive Hiroshima Opening)
March 26th, 2011 (Official Japan Opening)

Runtime: 93 minutes

Production: BADBOYS production committee (Ponycanyon, Zenryoku Agency, Shonen Gahosha

Production Company : Parallel
Distribution: Zenryoku Agency

Website: badboys-movie.com

(C) 2011 Tanaka Production, Shonen Gahosha, BADBOYS Production Committee