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"The Bugs Detective" started as a comic by Daichi Aozora appearing in Kodansha's Morning anthology. The surreal manga about a detective that specialized in insects won a lot of fame, and in the fall of 2008 it was collected and published in a stand alone volume.
This project got its start after the editor sent a copy of the comic to the actor Show Aikawa, who was known as an insect aficionado. Aikawa read the comic, thought to himself "The only person who could play Yoshimi Yoshida is me!" and immediately contacted a producer he knew. "There's this interesting comic, let's make a movie out of it!" he proposed, and the project was off to a good start.
Sakichi Satou, director of "Tokyo Zombie," was asked to write the script and direct, and after reading the original comic he signed on immediately to the project.

Even though there are bugs that have starring roles, almost all of them in the movie are real live insects. In order to capture this strange unfamiliar world, CG was relied upon as little as possible.
Filming to capture a crucial scene of the mating of beetles, or insects fighting one another, was extremely difficult as insects take direction even worse than animals! But after many long nights of continuous shooting, the results are a complete picture of this surreal parallel world of insects.


Five years ago Shinjuku was wiped out from a giant explosion in a certain incident. In one corner of the ruined city lies the Yoshimi Detective Agency, Japan's one and only detective agency specializing in bugs. Insect Detective Yoshimi Yoshida is no good with humans, but by talking with insects he takes cases from them and receives dorcus beetles as payment. He has two assistants, a parakeet named Pitan and a dog, Mugi. Yoshimi Yoshida jumps at the chance to investigate cases of insect's cheating spouses, love affairs, missing insects, and all other kinds of requests.

One day, Yoshimi is searching for a stink bug at the request of an actual human woman. However, the woman never actually cared about the bugs at all, and instead yells at him "Don't play dumb, Tanaka!" and runs out of sight. But Yoshimi's last name is Yoshida, not Tanaka...
Later, Yoshimi is reported to the police when he got in a chirping contest with Sonny the Cricket in person's garden and he's arrested by the police. The detective in charge of the case is the woman who requested he search for the stink bug, the police detective Mari Onahama. Mari informs him that he is actually the legendary loose-cannon detective Tanaka who used to be her lover and disappeared after the giant explosion incident in Shinjuku.

Yoshimi is set free, and a jewel beetle appears before him calling itself an insect detective. It tells of the truth behind the giant explosion at Shinjuku five years ago... That it was set off as a warning to detective Tanaka. Yoshimi is instructed by the jewel beetle "You are detective Tanaka. Take responsibility for the incident and exterminate a parasitic insect that is manipulating a member of the lower house, Gondo." Yoshimi gradually begins to doubt whether he is really Tanaka.

Then, at a talk show event Gondo is participating in, Yoshimi sneaks in with a gun intent on killing Gondo. His bodyguard ends up being Mari... Yoshimi is trying to shoot Gondo like the jewel beetle told him to, but a slouching man in front of him aims a gun at Gondo instead! Gondo is protected by Mari and... What will happen? Is Yoshimi Yoshida really the legendary loose-cannon detective Tanaka? And where will the love between Yoshimi and Mari go?

Cast & Staff

Starring: Show Aikawa

Born in 1961, he debuted in the 80s as a singer. He acted at the same time, and with his talent was recognized immediately without ever being treated as a rookie, bathed immediately in the spotlight.
In the 90s, he had a big hit with Toei V-Cinema "Neo Chinpira Teppodama
Pyu." After that he was known as an actor who would guarantee hits with his V-Cinema film series.
His theatrical debut was the Seiji Izumi directed "Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo (1988)". In 1991, he had a big hit playing a fallen outlaw in "Shishioutachi no natsu (first performance)." He made his directorial debut as "Show Aikawa" with "Bad Guy Beach," in 1995.
In 2005 he was awarded the best actor award from the Japan Academy for his role in "Zebraman," as well as various other awards.
In recent years he has not stopped playing hard boiled characters, with reader polls viewing him as a reliable character, a good boss, and has even begun to be seen as a father figure to viewers.

Director: Sakichi Sato

Born in Osaka in 1964. Writer, director and also acted in various other movies and TV programs.
Directed "Tokyo Zombies", wrote "Kinpatsu no Sougen" "Mr. Rookie" "Tori" and "Gokudo kyofu dai-gekijo: Gozu" among others.

Cast & Staff
Starring: Show Aikawa, Sayuri Oyamada, Takenori Murano, Hidejiro Mizumoto
Bug's Voices: Kunikazu Katsumata, Youji Tanaka, Hirono Yamada
Written & Directed By: Sakichi Satou
Original Author: Daichi Aozora (Kodansha Morning)
Theme Song: "Ikiteru koto ga ii"/Yoshimi Yoshida (Show Aikawa) (released by Pony Canyon)
Producers: Pony Canyon, Magical, Libero, Is.Field, Kansai Television, Comcent, Travis Entertainment
Distribution & Promotion: LiberoBorn

2010/JAPAN/Widescreen/HD/90 Minutes
(C) Daichi Aozora - Kodansha/The Bugs Detective Production Committee.

THE BUGS DETECTIVE : on screen at Shinjuku Kfs Cinema and Cine Libre Ikebukuro starting from April 3rd in Japan, followed by other theaters across the country.