By Chance

A chance meeting
inspires a new beginningc

Every day, she encounters something new while exploring the beautiful country of Ireland.
What did she come to findc?
What will she discover at the end of her journeyc?
An adult fairy-tale that will ggive you the courage to share your feelings.h

By Chance

Where are you? Will my thoughts reach you?
Where am I? I donft know because Ifm lost.

My tangled heart is tinged with blue ink.
Look right through me with a magnifying glass.

I want to tell you how I feel.
What will you think?

The wind, the light, the sounds, the sudden rain,
The rainbow, the sun, the birds, the flowers | are all telling mec

Give the candy you found to someone elsech

Look carefully, and you will see so many thingsc

Starring: Yu Aoi, Kaiji Moriyama
Conceived, Screenplay and Directed by: Mayumi Komatsu

Produced by: Kumiko Itoh, Yosuke Miyake
Executive Producer: Shuji Omata
Producers: Rieko Takayanagi, Hiroyuki Tanahashi, Satoshi Oshima
Line Producer: Kohtaro Miyata
Photography: Yoichi Nagano
Sound: Ryotaro Harada
Art Direction: Mayumi Tomita
Stylist: Yoko Omori
Hair and Make-up: Eri Akamatsu/ Takayuki Miyamori
Music: Masakatsu Takagi
Music Producer: Katsuya Yamada
Editing: Hiroko Watanabe
Still Photography: Takehiro Goto
Production Manager: Shin Ebisawa
Lettering: Yu Aoi
Presentation: Itoh Company, Pony Canyon
Production: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Distribution: WOWOW
Publicity: Asmik Ace
2011 Japan/ Color / 53 minutes / 16:9 / Stereo
(C) 2011 Itoh Company / Pony Canyon
gTama Tamah Official website: tamatama-project.com

Opening Saturday, October 15

An adult fairy tale that will ggive you the courage to share your feelingshc

Comments from Yu Aoi

I respect Mayumi Komatsu as an amazing creator, but even more than that, I adore her as a person. There is no distinction between her personality and her art. My desire to create something with her was the impetus for this film, gTama tama.h
The constant rain in Ireland made filming quite a challenge, but we also saw many rainbows | even a beautiful double rainbow. Although it was freezing cold, the people of Ireland were so warm, it made me happy. In Mayumifs hands, Ifm sure this film will be transformed into an enchanting fantasy

Comments from Mayumi Komatsu

I met Yu Aoi, by chance, while shooting a commercial on the beach in the dead of winter. Teeth chattering, she rode the waves as if it was mid-summer. We spent bits of time together after that | talking late into the night in Fukuoka, meeting for breakfast at the crack of dawn, going house-hunting togetherc
We met by chance, but something about gush didnft want it to just end there. When wefre together, Ifm always excited by the feeling that something fun is going to happen, and Ifm motivated to take on new challenges. Connected events that happen gby chanceh begin to take shape as miracles. Thatfs what inspired me to collaborate with Yu Aoi on a film with the theme, gby chance.h gBy chanceh was our challenge. Places discovered gby chance.h Passersby becoming unexpected co-stars, gby chancehc Encountering gTama tamah | gby chance.h Could it be the beginning of something new?