STAFF PROFILE Untold Stories Behind "Death Water"
It's The Evil Spirit Lurking In Water.
Drink This Water, And Curse Is Upon You.
So They Call It "Death Water"...


The Centuries-old Curse Is Trickling Down On Us This Summer...
This might be a prelude for the end of human beings.
In the year 200X, our vital water-supply source got polluted with something even the most advanced science couldn't identify.
The worst-ever nightmare...
relentless fear...
This unprecedented aquatic horror drives the whole world into panic.

You May Never Be Able To Drink Water Again...
Water covers 70 percent of the earth surface. It also comprises as much percent of human bodies. Water is our lifeline. What if it turned into a liquid that kills?
In a Japanese myth, there is cursed water called "death water." Can you imagine the consequences of the water entering into circulation for our everyday use? After consuming this water, one'd be haunted by an unquenchable thirst and grotesque delusions... until killing self by gouging out eyes. Is there any way to dispel the curse and halt the spread of the infection?
Following such blockbuster horror movies as "Ringu" (also known as "Ring"), "Chakushin Ari" ("One Missed Call"), and "Juon" ("The Grudge"), "Mizuchi (Death Water)," authored by Hirofumi Tanaka, is the latest of Publisher Kadokawa's horror stories to be converted to a film version.
Japanese Horror fans can never miss "Death Water," a spine-chilling mystery packed with a chain of shocking scenes.
Tap water is being drawn from wells in western Tokyo, the area where a number of abnormal suicides have been reported in recent months. News writer Kyoko Togakure finds all the deaths are linked with water. She seeks help from Yuichi Oka, her ex-husband and water quality researcher. These cases turned out to be beyond conventional water-borne infections. Ominous fear is tightening its grip on a peaceful town as the cursed water spreads mysterious deaths.

"Death Water" stars Haruka Igawa as news writer Kyoko. Igawa also appeared in "Ki No Umi" and "Daiteiden No Yoru Ni." Atsuro Watabe plays Kyoko's former husband. Watabe is known for his roles in "Keizoku: The Movie" and "Last Love First Love", and he is expanding his movie career into the global stage. Another lure of this movie is tons of ear-splitting screams let out by young actresses Nanase Hoshii, Mami Yamasaki, and Mio Suzuki. Other casts include Shin Yazawa, Hitomi Miwa, Yurei Yanagi, and Denden.
An up-and-coming talent in the Japanese horror world, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, tried his hand at screenplay and direction for "Death Water." Yamamoto's shot to prominence after directing episodes in "Honto Ni Atta Kowai Hanashi -Onryo-" and "Hideshi Hino's Theater Of Horror." Other top Japanese horror creators gathered for "Death Water": Production by Takafumi Ohhashi (known for "Honto Ni Atta Noroi No Video"), Cinematography by Tokusyo Kikumura ("Juon," "Chakushin Ari 2"),
Production Design by Shimpei Inoue ("Kokkurisan -Japanese version-"), Editing by Nobuyuki Takahashi ("Ringu," "Juon").


The Kanto region is experiencing mid-scale earthquakes one after another.
Newspaper correspondent Kyoko Togakure (Haruka Igawa) visits a nursing home in the outskirts of Tokyo. She finds the dead body of a resident. It was an apparent suicide. He's holding a piece of paper with the mystifying word "Death Water" written on it. Nearby was a blood-stained scissors, and his eyes are squashed. She has no idea that this death is just the beginning of a horrendous nightmare.
Kyoko and Yuichi (Atsuro Watabe) divorced soon after the birth of their first child Yohei. Kyoko is now taking care of the baby child single-handedly.
Kyoko hears university professor Morikawa (Yurei Yanagi) killed himself. She first met the professor a half year ago while covering a case involving a religious group. The professor said at the time he was doing research on the cursed water known as "death water." The professor disappeared and is rumored to be living on the street. Kyoko learns he committed suicide after boring out his own eyes. Scribbled on all pages of his notebook is the same message "Never drink death water."
His death coincides with unexplainable suicides by high school students in the area. Hiromi Yazawa (Mio Suzuki) is the first student to kill herself after puncturing her eye with a pen. She's been complaining of an abnormal thirst and a nagging dullness. Misato Noda (Mami Yamasaki) comes down with similar symptoms. She develops grisly delusions and commits suicide. She too disables her eyes with a broken mirror piece.

Kyoko's ex-husband, Yuichi, is a water quality researcher for the Tokyo prefectural government. Kyoko suspects the repeated suicides have something to do with water, and asks Yuichi if there is any chance of tap water driving people insane, or even killing them. Yuichi laughs off the idea, insisting water in circulation is being processed appropriately and is safe for human consumption.
Yumi Nagisa (Nanase Hoshii) is a close friend of Hiromi and Misato. Yumi, like Kyoko, thinks her friends' deaths have links with water. Yumi comes to see Kyoko. Yumi suddenly loses her composure after being told of professor Morikawa's suicide, and dashes away. Feeling a tinge of uneasiness, Kyoko goes to Yumi's home. Kyoko opens the door of Yumi's room, and finds Yumi just as she's trying to hang herself. Yumi is saved at the last minute but loses her sight. She pricked numerous needles on her own eyes during the suicide attempt. "You should've let me die," Yumi tells Kyoko, just before wrenching her own neck around to end her life.
Kyoko finds out all the suicides took place in the same areas, and these areas have one thing in common. These areas are rich in underground water famed to taste good. So tap water, taken from wells, are being put into circulation after the minimum disinfection.
With the help of the professor's assistant Aya Meguro (Shin Yazawa), Kyoko sees a loop emerging on a map after connecting recent earthquakes' epicenters. On the center of that loop sits Yomohira Town, which hosts a huge dam that reserves water for Tokyo residents. That's when the deep mist shrouding the words left by the deceased professor about the cursed water begins to clear up. The earthquakes made water cloudy in the area that houses the dam. A mudslide caused by one of the earthquakes also led to the discovery of an archeological ruin in the area. Kyoko comes to the conviction that a chain of unusual events were caused by the cursed water.
Yuichi notices minacious symptoms developing in him, a constant thirst and baleful hallucinations. He's earlier than Kyoko to recognize the impact of the cursed water, even though he's never admitted it in front of her. With the grim realization that there's no hope for his survival, Yuichi pleads doctor Ohmura (Masaki Irie) to perform dissection on him... while he's still alive. Kyoko finds a videotape that carries Yuichi's dying message. She learns his anatomy is being carried out in Yomohira and follows the two. The cursed water extends its reach almost to an uncontrollable level. Hopes for any means to stop its spread are fading fast. But Kyoko has no idea at this point the most shocking fact is just about to unfold...


HARUKA IGAWA : Born 1976 in Tokyo. Made her screen debut with "Filament" (2002 / directed by Jinsei Tsuji). Also appeared in "Hinagon" ('05 / directed by Takayoshi Watanabe) and "Daiteiden No Yoru Ni" ('05 / known as gUntil the light comes backh / directed by Takashi Minamoto) and many more. Won Japan's major movie award as the best supporting actress for her performance in "Ki No Umi" ('05 / directed by Tomoyuki Takimoto).

Also received a renowned award as the most promising stage actress for her role in "Hakana" ('02). Other major stages she took part in are "Miyo Hikoki No Takaku Toberu Wo" ('04) and "Urasawagi" ('05). Appearing now in Japan's public broadcaster NHK's drama "Junjo Kirari."

ATSURO WATABE : Born 1968 in Tokyo. Made his screen debut with "Hashi No Nai Kawa" (1992 / known as "The River With No Bridge" / directed by Yoichi Higashi).Won the Japan Academy awards as the most promising and best actor for his role in "Shizukana Seikatsu" ('95 / known as "A Quiet Life" / directed by Juzo Itami).

His other major appearances are in "Swallowtail Butterfly" ('96 / directed by Shunji Iwai), "Taiga No Itteki" ('01 / directed by Seijiro Kamiyama), "Last Love First Love" ('03 / directed by Hisashi Toma), and "Ashura" ('05 / directed by Yojiro Takita).



Original Author HIROFUMI TANAKA : Born 1962 in Osaka. Graduate of Kobe University. In 1993 His "Rakka Suru Midori" got nomination for publisher Kobunsha's mystery story competition. Also in '93 his "Haitoku No Rekuiem" (original title "Kyo No Kenshi") was nominated in a fantasy romance competition, leading to his debut. "GingaTeikoku No Kobo Mo Fude No Ayamari" ('02) won Japan's major short story prize. Other works include "Keritai Tanaka," "Shosuitei Baiju Nazotokibanashi," "Amanoiwayado No Kenkyu," "Bokyaku No Fune Ni Nagare Wa Hikari."

Screenplay and Director KIYOSHI YAMAMOTO : Born 1978 in Hachijo Island, South of Tokyo. Spent childhood days in Penan Island, Malaysia. Graduate of Meiji Gakuin University's psychology department. Built experience as director for TV programs and other projects. Served as structural director for "Honto Ni Atta Noroi No Video" and "Kaiki unbelievable" video series. At age 25, directed his first screen work "Honto Ni Atta Kowai Hanashi -Onryo-" ('04). Other works include "Okaruto Tanteidan -Shiningyo No Hakaba-" ('04) and "Kaidan" video series.

Untold Stories Behind

Its Curse Oozes Out Of This Movie... Untold Stories Behind "Death Water"

HIROMI (high school student) : Hiromi got jilted by her boyfriend and became
desperate. She seeks consolation though a one-night love. She passes out drunk in a hotel room. When she returns to her senses, she finds she is alone in the room. She then sees something that cannot be there. Searching hard for clues, she comes to suspect it might be her friend who committed suicide for being harassed by her...

AYA (university professor's assistant) : Aya holds a secret love for professor Morikawa. But the professor kills himself, leaving her tender feelings in tatters. One day she notices her sight has improved, but she cannot tell why. She senses something bad is happening, and cannot shake off the uncomfortable feeling of being constantly watched...

MISATO (high school student) : Misato's been feeling unbearable anxiety for an abnormal loss of hair. She knows the cause of this. Her cousin, Shiho, was having an extramarital affair with her workplace boss. Misato happened to see Shiho commit suicide by drowning herself due to the affair. Misato's always wanted her hair to be as shiny as Shiho's. But now Misato's hair keeps falling under Shiho's curse...

ARISA (high school student) : Arisa belongs to the school's photograph club. She accidentally takes the picture of a woman jumping off a building to commit suicide. What scares Arisa is a cat that's appeared in the developed picture. She is sure it was not there at the time. That's when she hears of the story about "death water"...

YUMI (high school student) : Yumi was in an intimate relationship with professor Morikawa. She comes to see the professor's phantom after his death. In the pursuit of his footsteps, Yumi's being drawn into the mystery of "death water"...

MORIKAWA (university professor) : Morikawa disappeared suddenly and is rumored to be living on the street. Holing himself up in a cardboard shelter, he's spending all his time on studying "death water." He grows confident an ancient myth holds the key. The answer he reaches is beyond anything he can ever imagine...