A Japanese-Korean Movie Co-Production
Japanese and Korean kids come together in a heartfelt and hilarious comedy about a showdown in the world of Japan's latest children's sports craze, 'Dodgeball'!
Our heroine is Yukiko, a 7th-Grader and mainstay of the dodgeball team, "The Bayside Dodge Kids". Just as her team approaches a vital match against their arch-rivals, "The Yamanote Dodge Fighters", she must accompany her baseball-playing father in his transfer to a Korean team, the "Lotte Giants". In order to save the remaining Dodge Kids from certain annihilation, she ends up returning with reinforcements from Korea, just in time for their ultimate showdown.

A wacky cast of characters recruited in both Korea and Japan!
In Japan, a nationwide casting call in 12 different cities, found 20 kids out of a total of 11,675 candidates who were then joined by a further 17 Korean children selected from among 2,816 hopefuls. Yumika TAJIMA, discovered in Shizuoka, plays the lead role of Yukiko and is the same age as her fictional character. Yujiro KAZAMA was the lucky 14-year old who was chosen to play her deadly rival, the captain of the "Dodge Fighters". Supporting these two is a line-up of colorful characters selected in the two countries, including a young female Tae Kwon Do champion, an expert hip-hop dancer and a young strongman able to carry a massive urn of Kimchi with ease.

An insight into the passion behind today's kids' love of the sport!
Since the Dodgeball scenes are integral to the story, it was vital for the actors to get as close as possible to the commitment of real players. Before filming began, all cast members took part in a Dodgeball training camp under the rigorous routine of the Yoshida Brothers, the coaches responsible for the victory of the real-life children's all-Japan champions, "The All-Tysons". Behind the movie's authentic Dodgeball action, there lies an untold story of numerous scraped knees, many teary outbursts and much, much hard work.

A look at the world of Dodgeball mania!
Right now, Dodgeball is white-hot! The sport is catching on throughout Japan among everyone from grade-schoolers to grown-ups. As the All Japan Dodgeball Federation celebrates its 11th year, its
membership numbers are at record levels. With over 60,000 elementary school memberships alone, it's the latest craze that's sneaking up on Japan!

A unique co-production between Japan and Korea!
SAIDUS, the Korean production company partner is among the top three entertainment companies in Korea. From the first ever simultaneous Japan-Korea casting call to the final stages of production, they were involved every step of the way. On the Japan side of things, Amuse Inc. (home of 'The Southern All-Stars' and Masaharu FUKUYAMA) was the other partner ensuring this project was a complete collaboration and cultural exchange between the two countries.

Total co-operation from the Pusan Film Commission. A first in Japanese film!
Yukiko's father, Shinichiro, choses Pusan as the site for his baseball career come-back. With this story background, the filmmakers received total cooperation from the Lotte Giant's Pusan home ground and were able to film real games. Further help from the Pusan Film Commission, ensured that this movie allows us a peak into life in that lively city, its schools, its markets and its sports.

Sports comedies, a specialty of producing partner, Altamira Pictures!
Altamira Pictures, another partner in the enterprise, enjoys wide renown for movies that both entertain and inspire, such as "Sumo Do, Sumo Don't", "Shall We Dance?", "Give It All!" and the recent hit, "Waterboys".


Japan's latest up and coming director, MITSUHIRO MIHARA!
Well-known both for scoring laughs as female office workers duel over table-tennis in the action-comedy "Moeyo Pimpon" and his delicate treatments of coming-of-age pictures such as "Definitely Tomorrow", MIHARA has added another heartfelt yet funny piece to his filmography.


Yukiko is a lively 12 year old, 7th grader and a member of the "Bayside Dodge Kids" dodgeball team. This team has a 25 year history of bitter rivalry with another team from the same borough, the "Yamate Dodge Fighters" stretching back to the time of Yukiko's father. However there's no real contest. The Fighters have an illustrious history of reaching the national finals, whereas the Dodge Kids have never once managed this. This year, the continuation of their very existence as a team is on the line and they must win at any price.

However, convinced that victory can never come their way, the older boys decide to up and quit without giving it a try. Yukiko, refusing to give up, tries to resurrect the team from among the younger kids only to have a falling out with everyone. It looks like there's nothing left but to disband the team after all.

Yukiko's father is a second string pro baseball player. Formerly active as a first team player, he's now relegated to the farm team with nothing more to do than parade around in support holding aloft the team's cuddly mascot. However, he still yearns to play baseball, and when he hears that a Korean team, the Pusan Lotte Giants, are holding tryouts for foreign players, he resolves to head over there.

When Yukiko is told that she is to go to Korea just as her dodgeball team is about to fall apart, she protests. However, in support of her father's struggle to get a second chance at doing what he loves, she agrees to go along with him.

Although finding it hard to tear herself away from dodgeball, Yukiko begins to get used to her new life in Korea. Having been accepted to the A team in Pusan, her father also manages to turn over a new leaf and is now immersed in training.

Meanwhile, back in Japan, the remainder of the Dodge Kids can't escape their love of dodgeball and regroup for training. However, with the game against the Dodge Fighters looming, they don't have enough members to field a team. When Yukiko hears of their dilemma, she decides to recruit help among her new friends and take them with her back to Japan. Among those she enlists, a budding strongman, a Tae Kwon Do expert and a soccer goalie.

The day of the final confrontation...Yukiko and her gang from Korea arrive just in time for the ultimate showdown between the Yamanote Dodge Fighters and the Japan-Korea Bayside Dodge Kids!


Toshio Kakei
Yumika Tajima
Naomi Masuko
Yoichi Nukumizu
Yuka Itaya
Hisahiro Ogura


Director: Mitsuhiro Mihara
Executive producers: Yokichi Osato, Hisashi Yamamoto, Masayuki Miyashita, Shoji Masui
Producers: Rumiko Ichige, Yoshino Sasaki
Screenplay: Atsuko Sagara
Original score: Yoko Ueno
Director of Photography: Takahide Shibanushi
Lighting: Tatsuya Osada
Editing: Ryuji Miyajima
Sound: Hiromichi Kori
Production design: Norihiro Isoda
Production company: Altamira Plictures

Presented by Amuse Inc. / SAIDUS / Amuse Korea Inc.