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In this small world ours, we are all connected.
Filled with unexpected meetings awaiting all of us,
we go through our days, unaware of them,
swhile tomorrow always comes, bringing with it a brand new day.


Seven friends gather at Masamichifs (Shuji Kashiwabara) house in Kyoto, where hefll soon begin graduate studies. All of them college students; Nakazawa (Satoshi Tsumabuki), an aspiring filmmaker still contemplating his first project, his adorable girlfriend Maki (Rena Tanaka) who decides to open a small barber shop in the bathroom, Nakazawafs best friend Kate (Ayumi Ito) whose sole preoccupation is the boyishly handsome Kawachi (Tosohinobu Matsuo), intimidating the insecure boy while ignoring all of Masamichifs other classmates, the scruffy Nishiyama (Masaki Miura) and the seemingly detached Sakamoto (Atsushi Ishino).

Bottles are emptied, but the night is still young. Breaking news about a whale stranded on a beach and a man (Koji Okura) stuck between two buildings are broadcasted live on tv.

It is just another day in their lives, and yet so many things happen; short precious moments, fleeting thoughts, mundane events, unusual incidents, both trivial and significant, whether they're experienced in their hearts or in the real world around them.

The night slowly progresses and when they cross that hazy line between today and tomorrow, they find themselves greeted by the new morning of a new day.

Notes on the Film

Based on a novel written by Tomoka Shibazaki, one of the rising enew authorsf of Japanese literature, the subtle yet moving story gently touches the subject of life and its meanings. With an ensemble cast comprised of Japan's leading young actors, including Rena Tanaka, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Ayumi Ito, Shuji Kashiwabara and Chizuru Ikewaki, director Isao Yukisada follows a day in the life of his characters, revealing the charm and small wonders that at times make up our lives.


Maki : Rena Tanaka ("The 13 Steps", "Give It All", "First Love")
Nakazawa : Satoshi Tsumabuki ("DRAGONHEAD", "Waterboys" )
Kate : Ayumi Ito ("Swallowtail Butterfly" ,"All About Lily Chou-Chou")
Masamichi : Shuji Kashiwabara("Pick Pocket", "Desert Moon")
Chiyo : Chizuru Ikewaki ("Osaka Story", "The Cat Returns")
Kawachi : Toshinobu Matsuo
Nishiyama : Masaki Miura
Sakamoto : Atsushi Ishino
Yamada : Taro Yamamoto
("Battle Royale", "Go")
Yamada's Girlfriend : Eihi Shiina
Nozomi : Megumi Hatachiya
Surfer : Kazuki Kitamura
Matsumoto : Kanji Tsuda
Kawasaki : Kouji Okura
News Reporter : Hitomi Sato


Producers : Hilo Iizumi, Shunsuke Koga
Directed by Isao Yukisada ("Crying out Love, in the Center of the World", "Go", "Sunflower")
Based on the novel by Tomoka Shibasaki
Screenplay by Isao Yukisada & Shouichi Mashiko
Director of Photography : Jun Fukumoto
Music : Hitomi Yaida
Production Designer : Osamu Yamaguchi
Lighting Director : Tokuju Ichikawa
Editor : Tsuyoshi Imai
Line Producer : Akira Yamamoto

About the Director


Born in 1968, Isao Yukisada is one of the most sought-after filmmakers in Japan today. After working with notable directors such as Kaizo Hayashi and Masashi Yamamoto, Yukisada became assistant director on Shunji Iwai's highly acclaimed Love Letter and Swallowtail Butterfly, as well as working with filmmakers such as Hal Hartley. His highly anticipated first feature was released in 2000, the award-winning Sunflower, which he followed with indie features A Closing Day (e00) and Luxurious Bone (e01). In 2001, he directed Go, which garnered almost every film award that year in Japan, as well as winning first prize at the Marrakech Film Festival. After following up his success with several TV projects, he returned to the cinema with Rockfnfroll Sewing Machine (e02) as well as participating in the short film omnibus vehicle Jam Films with JUSTICE (e02).
A Day on the Planet is his latest feature.


Closing Day ('00)
Luxurious Bone ('01)
Go ('01)
RockfnfRoll Sewing Machine ('02)
JUSTICE ('02, short film, Jam Films)
A Day on the Planet ('03)
Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World ('04)

Directorfs Statement

I was writing the script for A Day on the Planet when 9/11 happened. As I witnessed the almost unimaginable reality being shown on television, I felt a renewed urge to make a film that touched upon the relationship between individuals and everyday events, those tiny escrapesf and marks we leave as we continue on our paths called life.

I hope you find A Day on the Planet to be an ode to the abundance of seemingly trivial and uneventful everyday lives.

(c)2003 "A Day on the Planet" Film Partners