"It doesn't really matter if you get it or not."

What is brotherhood? Freedom? Love?
All simple questions, without simple answers.
Answers we all should know, but when we really think about it... do we?
This is a story of two brothers that stumbled and searched for the answers.
Toraji and Haiji Koinobori...the slightly extraordinary Koinobori family went about this search in slightly extraordinary ways. This is their comically serious story of love, freedom and rebirth. Their arduous journey to arrive at..."Fantastipo."

"Fantastipo" is written and directed by Shogo Yabuuchi, renowned for his audio-visual genius. It is the first full length feature film he will direct. Through his compellingly quirky script and direction (and often unconventional ideas), and funky/stylish cinematography and music (his ideas permeate even the smallest detail), Yabuuchi creates a unique "world" that is both humorous and

At the center of this "world" are the two off-kilter brothers played by Kinki Kids' Tsuyoshi Domoto (in his first film appearance since 'Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Shanghai Gyojin Densetsu') as the younger brother, Haiji and TOKIO's Taichi Kokubun in his film debut as the older brother, Toraji.
Their sensitive, well-defined performances lend a persuasive realism to the characters.
Toraji–Haiji will make their musical debut with "Fantastipo", an additional bonus feature to the movie premiere.
This dynamic duo knows no boundaries - keep your eyes on these trendsetters!

And so this enigmatic, unconstrained, one-of-a-kind, fantastic comedy was conceived. It is a story that will hold different meanings for different people, and in the end, may move them to search for the answers to their own "?"s.
Just as the Koinobori brothers eventually realize that "it doesn't really matter if you get it or not", there is no right answer, and no single interpretation of this movie!


"This song is how we felt back then...when we felt something coursing through our veins."

In the studio of Armadillo Music, two brothers, Toraji and Haiji Koinobori are deeply involved in composing "Fantastipo". They are the President and Executive Director of Armadillo Inc., a mineral water company that has become a household name in Japan.
But why are these two young executives producing this strange song entitled "Fantastipo"? The song and title embody the brothers' histories...the way they were,
and where they arrive after their long, arduous journey. This is the story of the love, anguish and rebirth that they struggled through to reach "Fantastipo".

Armadillo Inc.'s former President, Kintaro Koinobori, his oldest son, Toraji and second son, Haiji make up a family of kindred free spirits. The ever Bohemian Haiji is the source of endless worry for his father, Kintaro, who has been both mother and father to his two sons since the death of his beloved wife. The mediator, the oldest son, Toraji is the dependable one...most of the time. They lead their slightly idiosyncratic lives until...the sudden retirement of the President of Armadillo Inc. (Kintaro) and the subsequent appointment of the brothers as President and Executive Director of the company.

The brothers continue to crank out hit products following Kintaro's unconventional management savvy, and it seems their father's legacy will live on...but little by little, the delicate balance between the two brothers starts to crumble.

The shadows of "change" encroach upon their seemingly peaceful lives (and hearts) with the arrival of Mashuko, the daughter of their father's old buddy, Frankie.
Kintaro, the widower who struggles to be both mother and father to his sons, Toraji, the oldest son who doesn't want to "grow up" and Haiji, the second son who pursues freedom while struggling with unnamed anxieties... The precarious balance between them was about to be tested.

Each grappling with their own insecurities, they stumble in search for the answers.
What is their place in life? What holds a family together? What is true freedom?
Through this process, they lose everything, learn to accept it, and become a family once again... and Toraji and Haiji experience this strange, unique feeling...of growth...that can only be described as "Fantastipo."

Regaining their spiritual balance and composure, the two start anew. Armadillo Inc.'s commercial song becomes a huge hit, and "Fantastipo" nears completion. This song is their "answer" - the destination they struggled so desperately to reach.



HAIJI KOINOBORI (Tsuyoshi Domoto)
The second son of Kintaro Koinobori, the President of Armadillo Inc.
Dropped out of college and went off to Finland for six months to harvest sardines.
Bohemian by nature, he is a source of perpetual worry for his father, Kintaro.
After returning to Japan, works part-time at Armadillo, Inc. and becomes Executive Director upon his father's retirement.

Kintaro's oldest son who is "a child at heart". Planning Director in charge of product development at Armadillo Inc. His hobbies are collecting animal miniatures (especially elephants) and Savannah sets. Has a habit of saying, "...I think" at the end of sentences. He is worried about his younger brother, Haiji. Becomes President of Armadillo Inc. upon his father's retirement.

MASHUKO (Nanako Ohkouchi)
Frankie's beautiful, mysterious daughter who has lived and worked on a Greek island doing PR for a doll museum. Upon her return to Japan, her father Frankie gets her a job in advertising and PR at Armadillo Inc. Her parakeet, Anthony, is always perched on her shoulder.

FRANKIE (Medaka Ikeno)
A pilot who flies all over the world, and an old friend of Kintaro Koinobori.
He has raised his daughter quite liberally, despite his reservations. He urges her to work at Armadillo Inc. upon her return to Japan.

The President of Armadillo Inc., who has produced the mega-hit product, "Armadillo Water". He is happy and content living with his two sons, although anxious about the instability of his second son, Haiji.
He secretly attends "Troublesome Second Sons Support Group" meetings.
Retires and hands over the company to his two sons so that he can work on his autobiography.