Fireworks from the Heart
Fireworks from the Heart


Based on a true story of a young girl living in a small town in northern Japan who loved fireworks, and her brother who dedicated his fireworks to her.


Once a year, the residents of Katakai sponsor a fireworks festival that boasts some of the biggest fireworks displays in the world. Every launch holds special meaning for the members of the community. A film four years in the making, gFireworks From the Hearth chronicling the moving, true story of a young man and his dedication of fireworks to his sister.
Taro is a social recluse who is transformed by the bravery of his younger sister Hana, who is fighting a terminal disease. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the snow country of northern Japan, the story tenderly portrays Tarofs relationship with his family and the members of the community.


Katakai, Niigata Prefecture. Five years ago, the Sudo family moved to this small town in northern Japan for the recuperation of their daughter Hana (16) who was suffering from some health issues.

 <September 9>
The small town of Katakai boasts some of the biggest fireworks displays in the world. Hana is released from the hospital on the day of the annual Katakai fireworks festival following six months of treatment for acute leukemia and learns that her older brother, Taro (19), has become a social recluse. At the festival later that evening, Hana sees the townfs Young Adult Group enthusiastically planning for the following year when they would turn twenty and sponsor their own fireworks. Hana resolves to get her brother more involved in the community and forces him out of seclusion. She drags the reluctant Taro to the Youth Group Office, but they refuse to grant membership to an goutsiderh. Despite the rejection, Taro begins to make an effort to reintegrate into society, starting with a local paper route.

Hana has a relapse and is hospitalized, but this time, her leukemia has advanced. When Hana tells Taro of her fond memories of Katakaifs fireworks -- they had first seen them together as a family five years ago -- Taro swallows his pride and approaches the Youth Group once again. His tenacity impresses the group leader and this time, he is accepted.
Shortly thereafter, however, Hanafs condition deteriorates. Taro and his parents rush to the hospital, but despite their desperate pleas, Hana quietly passes away.

Following Hanafs tragic death, Taro quits the Youth Group and takes on more part-time work with the intention of independently sponsoring his own fireworks display for Hana. He asks the head of the fireworks factory to help him create a special creation in memory of his sister.
< September 9 - The following year>
Round after round of fireworks are launched at the Katakai fireworks festival, each accompanied by a special message from its sponsor, with the Youth Groupfs fireworks display highlighting the evening. Finally, Tarofs fireworks are announced.
gHana, thank you for being my sister.h

Breathtaking red blooms explode in the night sky. Taro and his parents watch the beautiful display dedicated to Hana as cascades of brilliant red showers fill the sky and their heartsc


Taro: Kengo KORA
Born 1987. A current, promising young actor whose major works include gSad Vacationh (f07), gSnakes and Earringsh (f08), gFish Storyh (f09), gKanikosenh (f09), gSolaninh (f10) and gHagetaka (The Vulture)h (f09).

Hana: Mitsuki TANIMURA
Born 1990. A solid young actress active not only in film but also in television and theater. Major starring roles: gCanaryh (f05), gReal Onigokkoh (f08), gOrochih (f08).


Recognized for his direction of quality TV programs. This is Kunimotofs first full length feature film.