movie starring Tori Matsuzaka and featuring Erika Sawajiri
“Funohan” – Coming to theaters nationwide in 2018!
A new breed of suspenseful entertainment!

What is a “FUNOHAN”?
A premeditated criminal act leaving no physical proof -- such as a murder in which the victim appears to be “cursed” or “brainwashed.” In such cases, the act goes unpunished, even if the victim actually dies.

The protagonist, Tadashi Usobuki (Tori Matsuzaka): He manipulates his target with glowing, red eyes that exert a mysterious, mind-controlling power. His “perfect crimes” are impossible to prove.
The heroine, Tomoko Tada (Erika Sawajiri): A female detective committed to justice. She is the only person immune to Usobuki‘s control.

The blockbuster manga “Funohan” (serialized in Shueisha’s Grand Jump Magazine) will be adapted to a live-action film featuring Tori Matsuzaka and Erika Sawajiri. (2018)

Tadashi Usobuki is a mysterious killer clad in a black suit.
His crimes are impossible to prove. How does he do it? And why?
Tomoko Tada is a tough but caring female detective who is committed to justice. She is determined to pursue Usobuki and uncover the truth!

A string of unnatural deaths occur in the city. A man in a black suit is always seen at the scene of the crime. His name is Tadashi Usobuki, a mysterious figure who SNS cites as “the phone booth killer.” His clients leave memos in phone booths, requesting him to kill someone. They must cite the reason and leave contact details. The victim always dies, but by illness, suicide, or accident…all “perfect crimes” for which no physical evidence remains.
The police are confounded and ready to give up – all except one female detective named Tomoko Tada. After repeated confrontations with Usobuki, it becomes clear that she is the only person he cannot manipulate.

The up-and-rising star, Tori Matsuzaka, takes on his first role as a “dark hero”!
Tadashi Usobuki is an enigmatic, sensual mental manipulator whose birth and past are shrouded in mystery. Clad in a black suit and stylish burgundy shirt, his eyes glow red and a sensual smile plays across his lips as he peers into the depths of his victims’ souls. Usobuki is an outlaw that viewers can align with, as his victims are either menaces to society or those who have lost their humanity. His cathartic signature phrase is, “People are so foolish…”
The exciting, up-and-coming actor Tori Matsukaza will play the protagonist Usobuki, a man who explores the true meaning of justice. Matsuzaka continues to impress with extraordinary and multi-faceted performances in varied roles such as the handsome playboy in “Kyo, Koi wo Hajimemasu“ , the soldier who stages a coup d’etat in “Nihon no Ichiban Nagai Hi”, a compassionate gay man in “Piece of Cake”, a ruthless terrorist in “Gekijoban MOZU”, a millennial teacher in the TV drama “Yutoridesuga Nanika”, a legendary ninja in “Sanada 10 Braves” and an aspiring musician who lives his dream through the musical talent of his younger brother in “Kiseki Anohino Sobito.” While his career resume is formidable, this will be his first time playing a dangerous and attractive “dark hero” that transcends good and evil!

The breathtaking Erika Sawajiri takes on the action genre in her first role as a female detective!
Tomoko Tada is the most beautiful detective on the force, but she’s no push-over. She abhors liars and injustice, and is committed to fighting evil and restoring justice. A compassionate detective known for “getting things done”, Tada has a harsh tongue, but also a soft spot for her subordinates and ex-cons who have mended their ways. Although her character is a male in the original work, once Tori Matsuzaka was selected for the male lead, a female detective role was created to enhance his mysterious allure. When Tada is confronted by Usobuki’s glowing red eyes, we discover that she is the only one who is impervious to his manipulative powers, so it was important to find a female heroine with equally penetrating eyes. When we approached Sawajiri, known for her passionate performances and magnetic eyes, she readily agreed saying, “I’ve always wanted to do an action film.” A new heroine was born.

The live-action film adaptation will be directed by Koji Shiraishi of “Sadako vs. Kayako”!
A new breed of suspenseful entertainment!
The film is based on the blockbuster manga “Funohan” by Arata Miyatsuki (story) and Yuya Kanzaki (artwork) serialized in “Grand Jump Magazine.” It will be directed by Koji Shiraishi of “A Record of Sweet Murder” and “Sadako vs. Kayako.”
“Funohan” portrays the extraordinary tactics and master plans of a professional assassin in a new breed of suspenseful entertainment.
The battle between a beautiful detective and a mysterious assassin, between hope and despair, light and dark, good and evil, begins now!

Starring: Tori Matsuzaka, Erika Sawajiri
Based on: “Funohan” (Manga serialized in Shueisha’s Grand Jump Magazine)
Story by Arata Miyatsuki, Artwork by Yuya Kanzaki
Directed by: Koji Shiraishi
Screenplay by: Junpei Yamaoka, Koji Shiraishi
Production Company: Kansai Telecasting Corporation
Produced by: Fine Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Distributed by: Showgate
(C) Arata Miyatsuki/Yuya Kanzaki/Shueisha 2018 “Funohan” Production Committee