Screenplay and Directed by Koki Mitani

Writer/director Koki Mitani, takes us on a hilarious journey into outer space in his much-anticipated latest work; a genre-bending blend where space opera meets romantic comedy.

After a succession of much-loved hits, Suite Dreams ('06), The Magic Hour ('08), A Ghost of a Chance ('11) and The Kiyosu Conference ('13), the always-entertaining Koki Mitani is back with another of his unique films. This time he is making his first foray into outer space and taking with him the usual stellar line up of actors. In the lead role is Shingo Katori with Haruka Ayase as his heroine. This Autumn you're in for a hilarious treat so keep an eye out for Mitani's latest romantic space comedy and its cast of all-star aliens!


The year is 2265 AD and we are aboard the space colony "Uzu-Shio" which sits in orbit between Jupiter and Saturn alongside the supply route 246666 which leads back to Earth. This interspace highway is known as the "Galaxy Turnpike".

In its bustling heyday it was renowned for the number and variety of its different food establishments but after 150 years, reduced traffic volume has brought hardship. Now dilapidated and quiet, rumors of its pending abandonment abound.

Today is just a normal day as a smattering of different travelers from an array of different planets drop by. Although each may be an extra-terrestrial, their personal burdens of worry and fear all seem overwhelmingly human.

Our stage is a tiny hamburger joint, "Sando Sando Burger - Cosmo Branch", which sits all alone beside the space route. What unfolds is the tightly woven interaction between the employees and their sundry clients which include a detachment of a Space Ranger, a Space Hero, a Space Pimp, a Space Prostitute, a Space Doctor, a Space Bureaucrat, a Space Singer and a Space Part-timer...all of them alien beings!

So hold onto your helmet and stand by for the launch of Mitani's alien-packed Space Fantasty - 2015 Autumn!


Screenplay & Directed by Koki Mitani

Shingo Katori Haruka Ayase
Shun Oguri Yuka Takanori Nishikawa Kenichi Endo Yasunori Danda
Kanji Ishimaru Sayaka Akimoto Kenji Anan Zen Kajihara Rika Tamura Kazuyuki Asano Koji Yamamoto
Shinobu Otake Toshiyki Nishida


"Even though this new project is a work of science-fiction, most of the drama unfolds within a hamburger shop frequented by extra-terrestrials. It's a single set dramatic piece heavily dependent on dialog. We'll be rolling long takes so in addition to your acting skills, it'll take a great deal of concentration, too. (And you'll all be playing aliens to boot.) To this end, I'm bringing together a group of very strong actors. If you all rise to the challenge, we're going to create a fantastic ensemble piece packed with alien humanity. One thing's for sure, as a performance-based, dialog-intense work of science fiction that's light on action but heavy on comedy, I think we can say it'll be pretty unique."

Her performance was superb and she is just so charming on screen. It looks like she had a lot of fun playing the trouble-maker. Her response to subtle changes in direction was swift and she surprised me with the range of performance she offered up. She and Toshiyuki Nishida are two actors I want in all of my movies.

As a hero on the side of justice, I was looking for someone who cuts a fine, upstanding figure and he was that man. Moreover with a great sense of timing, his instinct as a comedian proved perfect. His scenes are perhaps the funniest in the entire movie.

about YUKA
Previously working together on a stage piece, I was impressed by her speed off the mark. She must've acquired this instantaneous power from her sketch comedy work. I'd always had my eye on a film role for her so watch out as she plays a bewitching yet prideful beauty. Just be sure to look beyond the pretty face.

We met on the Fuji TV show "Shin Domoto Brothers" and always got along so I jumped at the chance to cast him in this. Since I wanted to put a musical number in the piece, I took the opportunity to employ his vocal skills as an intergalactic Frank Sinatra character.

He plays a hermaphrodite alien and I'm particularly proud of the scene in which he gives birth. I cast him based on his ability to portray the pangs of labor pain and it worked. His comic sense is spot on and it's been a while since we had to stifle our laughs on set so much.

Ishimaru-san is the last person you could imagine in space so I had him play an elderly gentleman of the old-school. His refined presence, appearing like a character from an old movie by Kon Ichikawa, makes you forget for a moment that this is a work of science fiction.

(Commenting at the end of production)
"It's nice to be finally back on Earth. We were filming on a space station set so each day returning home from the film studio felt like a long journey home from space. I've been lucky in that Mitani-san always helps me make my dreams come true. When we worked together on the musical "Talk Like Singing" in New York in 2009, he said to me "After this, do you fancy heading off to Outer Space for a project?" and now that has finally come true. What makes it even better is that I love hamburgers and so getting to be the manager of a burger place was just fantastic. Although, despite my complete confidence that no one could do it better, I never got to be in a scene where I had to eat one! (Laughs) In any case, this is a unique kind of Japanese movie. I hope you'll enjoy the non-stop hilarity that should have audiences in stitches. I also really like the love story, too. See you in the theaters!"

(Commenting at the end of production)
"It seems like filming was over so quickly...I wish I could've spent longer in Outer Space. Acting alongside Katori-san was a very laid-back experience and I mean that in a good way. The world view of the movie was very carefully laid out so it was easy for us to get into character. Viewed objectively, I think we made a really good couple. The range of characters in the movie is so varied that I'm really excited to see how it all ends up when we're gathered on screen. I think it'll be a thrilling and hilarious film which will leave the audience with a spring in their step. Please make sure to catch it in theaters."