"We never conceal the truth, no subject is taboo.
We try to share everything with each other."

This is a family rule for the Kyobashi's.
The family moved into Danchi, a housing project in a town developed during Japan's economic boom, believing a bright future was awaiting them at a new place.
But with the passing of time, their hope was reduced to a dream long forgotten. They ended up acting up a good family, with each member harboring secrets.
Daughter Mana is habitually skipping classes and spending her time at a large-scale shopping mall. She even goes to bed with men she hardly knows.
Younger brother Ko is no different. He is always hanging out on the street, trying to beat a sense of frustration that's been hanging heavy on him for no apparent reason.
Father Takashi is busy having affairs, always bossed around by his new lover Mina.
Mother Eriko seems to be having a fulfilling life, working part-time at a noodle restaurant and paying frequent visits to her mother Satoko at hospital.
But the fact is Eriko is struggling to find out how to relate to her mother while being haunted by memory of her childhood days which she spent in total isolation from society.

Things start taking unexpected turns after Ko met Mina.
Mina becomes tutor for Ko and gets close with the family. One day the Kyobashi's throws a birthday party for Mina. That is when their lies are forced to come out one after another.
With the family totally fallen apart now, Each member begins searching for the door that'd open up their hearts.



Born in 1967 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduate of Waseda University's School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I.
Literary awards she's won include :
Umitsubame award for promising authors for "Kofuku na Yugi"(90).
Noma award for promising authors for "Madoromu Yoru no UFO"(96). Joji Tubota award for "Boku ha Kimi no Onisan"(98).
Awards of Sankei children literature and Fuji Television Network (99), and Robo no Ishi award (00) for "Kidnap Tour." Fujin Koron award for "HANGING GARDEN"(03).
Her novels include "Tokyo Guest House," "Chijo Hakkai no Umi," "Ashita ha Unto Toku e Iko" and "Economical Palace."
Her essays include "Korekara ha arukunoda," "Renai Tabibito."



Born in 1969 in Osaka Prefecture. Member of the training institution for professional Japanese chess players while ages of nine to seventeen.
He began as screenplay writer for "Checkmate"(91)(directed by Junji Sakamoto), and then wrote for "Biriken"(96)(also directed by Sakamoto). Toyoda also writes for stage plays and comic strips.
He made his debut as director with "Porno-star"(98). The film earned him the Directors Guild of JAPAN's award for promising new directors of 1998. He also won the same award at the Michinoku International Mystery Film Festival in 1999.
In 2001 he directed "Unchain," a five-year document on four boxers fighting their way up until retirement.
He directed "Blue Spring" in 2002. The film ranked second in popularity among mini-theaters. "Blue Spring" is written by cartoonist Taiyo Matsumoto who is known for "Ping Pong."
In 2003 he directed "9 Souls," which earned him critics' acclaim.
It depicts how nine inmates rediscover the meaning of life after breaking out of prison. The cast include Ryuhei Matsuda, Yoshio Harada, Takako Matsu, Misaki Ito, Itsuji Itao.
Among Toyoda's other works are : TV commercials for "Onimushya 2"(video game software), "Amino Supli"(nutrition-supplement soft drink), promotional video for "Kimi to iu Hana," the tune by Japanese rock band "Asian Kung-fu Generation."

Cast : Koji Chihara, Onimaru, Rin Ozawa, Reona Hirota, KEE, Tetta Sugimoto, Akaji Maro Direction and Screenplay by Toshiaki Toyoda Presented and Distributed by Little More Co., Ltd.
Production Partners : Tokyo Theatres Company, Inc. and Film- makers Inc.
The film won awards for promising new directors from New Director's Guild of JAPAN, the Michinoku International Mystery Film Festival(99).
Screened at : Torino Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival and more.

Cast : Unchain Kaji, Garuda Tetsu, Osamu Nagaishi, Seiichiro Nishibayashi
Narration by Koji Chihara
Direction, Screenplay and Cinematographer : Toshiaki Toyoda
Presented and Distributed by Little More Co., Ltd. and Film-makers Inc.
Screened at : Toronto International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, and more.

"Blue Spring"
Cast : Ryuhei Matsuda, Hirofumi Arai, Sosuke Takaoka, Yusuke Oshiba, Shugo Oshinari, EITA, KEE, Onimaru
Direction and Screenplay by Toshiaki Toyoda
Presented by Micott & Basara Inc., Shogakukan Inc., There's Enterprise, KSS-Inc, Nikkatsu Corporation, and Nippan
Production Partners : Film-makers Inc.
Distributed by There's Enterprise
Screened at : Tokyo FILMeX(competition division), Pusan
International Film Festival(competition division), Toronto
International Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and more.

"9 Souls"
Cast : Ryuhei Matsuda, Yoshio Harada, Koji Chihara, Onimaru, Itsuji Itao, KEE, Mame Yamada, Takuji Suzuki, Genta Dairaku
Direction and Screenplay by Toshiaki Toyoda
Presented by Little More Co., Ltd.,
Tohokushinsya Film Corporation, Eisei Gekijyo, Co., Ltd. and Film- makers Inc.
Distributed by Little More Co., Ltd. and Tohokushinsya Film Corporation
Screened at : Toronto International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Sitges International Film Festival, Fribourg International Film Festival(competition division) and more.


Direction and Screenplay by Toshiaki Toyoda
Original author : Mitsuyo Kakuta (Published by Bungeishunju Ltd.)
Executive Producers: Sun Chiapang, Kyoichi Mori
Producer : Miyoshi Kikuchi
Line Producer : Tomoo Tsuchii
Cinematographer : Junichi Fujisawa
Lighting Technician : Nariyuki Ueda
Sound Mixer : Kiyoshi Kakizawa
Production Designer : Mitsuo Harada
Editor : Mototaka Kusakabe
Director of Music: ZAK
Music: Kazuhide Yamaji(dip)
Ending Theme Song by UA
Costume : Masae Miyamoto
Makeup Artist : Midori Onuma

Executive Producer : Sun Chiapang
He proposed ideas for Junji Sakamoto's films "Knock-out"(89) and "Checkmate"(91) while at Office Genjiro Arato. He then produced Junji Sakamato's "Tekken"(90) and Seijun Suzuki's "Yumeji"(91).
After leaving Office Genjiro Arato, He produced Genjiro Arato's "Father Fucker"(94). In 1995 He joined Little More Co., Ltd. to supervise its moving picture division.

Producer : Miyoshi Kikuchi
He line-produced Junji Sakamato's "Tekken"(90) and produced Tamasaburo Bando's "Gekashitsu"(91). He established Film-makers Inc. in 1994.

Cinematographer : Junichi Fujisawa
His first work as cinematographer is for Seijun Suzuki's "Capone Cries a Lot"(85). His major works include Shun Nakahara's "The Cherry Orchard"(90), Seijun Suzuki's "Yumeji"(91), Yoichi Sai's "Quill"(04).
He won the Silver Frog award at Camerimage Film Festival (Poland) for his work in Makoto Tezuka's "The Innocent"(99). He also received the cinematographer award from the Mainichi Newspapers for his work in Hideyuki Hirayama's "Turn"(01).
This is his second film with Toshiaki Toyoda, the first work with Toyoda is 9 Souls (03).

Lighting Technician : Nariyuki Ueda
His first work as lighting technician is for Go Takamine's "Untama giru"(89). In 1998 he won the best lighting technician awards from Nippon Academy-sho Association and from Japanese Society of Lighting Directors for his work in Hideyuki Hirayama's "Begging for Love"(98).
His major works include Yoichi Sai's "All Under the Moon"(93), Takayoshi Watanabe's "Ghost Pub"(94), Hideyuki Hirayama's "OUT"(02), Kensaku Watanaba's "The Loved Gun"(04).

Production Designer : Mitsuo Harada
He worked as set-designer for Junji Sakamato's "Tokarev"(94), and Koki Mitani's "Radio no Jikan"(97). His first work as production designer is for Junji Sakamato's "The Goofball"(98).
His major works include Junji Sakamato's "Face"(99) and Jun Ichikawa's "Zawa-zawa Shimokita-zawa"(00).
He won the Production Designer award from the Mainichi Newspapers and the special Fujimoto award for 2000.
This is his third film with Toshiaki Toyoda, the previous works with Toyoda are "Blue Spring"(02) and "9 Souls"(03).

Sound Mixer : Kiyoshi Kakizawa
He has been working as sound mixer since 1993. He won the Sound Mixer award from the Mainichi Newspapers for his works in Tatsumi Kumashiro's "Bo no kanashimi"(94), and from Junji Sakamato's "Tokarev"(94).
His work for Yojiro Takita's "The Yin Yang Master"(01) earned him an award from the Mainichi Newspapers and the best sound mixer award from Nippon Academy-sho Association.
He was involved in all of Toyoda's films, "Porno-star"(98), "Unchain"(01),"Blue Spring"(02) and "9 Souls"(03).