Genre : Movie
TIME : 72 minutes
DIRECTOR : Elisa Bolognini ("Ilfglio Incerto", "Aspiranti Ladri Di Carrozzelle")
CAST : Kyoko Kano, Maria Cocchiarella Arismendi
Year : 2009
© Il Vento E Le Rose Productions Committee

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Georgia is a young girl living a simple life with her devoutly Catholic grandmother, selling flowers to help make ends meet. One day, a limousine passes by and she catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman with jet black hair, porcelain skin, shimmering lips and a voluptuous décolletage. Little did Georgia know that this sensuous "femme fatale" would change her life forever.
Her name was Koko...

The following day, Georgia is told to deliver flowers to a villa. The rooms are nothing like she's ever seen before, with the finest furnishings and a magnificent view. Standing at the window is an extraordinary woman in a sheer gown, and next to her is a beautiful, blond-haired boy. As she watches them make sensual love, Georgia is tapped on the shoulder by the butler...

Koko is enjoying herself at her gentleman friend's villa. She catches him watching her make love to a handsome dark-haired boy and throws him a mischievous smile between passionate kisses. He can't help but succumb to her angelic face and unabashed nature. "Koko, let's not let petty things come between us..."

"We live in different worlds...I'm going to sell flowers for the rest of my life to support my grandmother and marry Andrea, the cattle farmer." A sigh escapes Georgia's lips.
But when Koko appears in a stylish hat and a gorgeous red dress and approaches Georgia languidly, she knows her life will never be the same...


KOKO (Kyoko Kano)
A bewitching woman who is a free spirit, uninhibited by sex nor tied down by conventional standards.

GEORGIA (Maria Cocchiarella Arismendi)
A young girl who sells flowers and lives in Anguillara. Lives with her Grandmother and is tied down by life and rules. From her Grandmother's teachings, she is used to suppressing her urges and feelings of lust.

GRANDMOTHER (Raffaella Panichi)
Georgia's grandmother and a devout Catholic. Makes a living out of weaving.

ANDREA (Alessandro Calabro)
Georgia's fiancé and a cattle breeder. A momma's boy.

Son of a millionaire who has a muscular body. He has a possessive nature and is a person of great pride.

GENTLEMAN (Antonio Matessich)
KOKO's lover. He's invited KOKO to the villa he owns at Lake Bracciano.

BLONDE YOUNG MAN (Paride Moccia)
A naïve young man with a pure heart, who was hired by the Gentleman to be KOKO's babysitter. He has beautiful curls and a robust frame.

BUTLER (Vincent Papa)
A butler that works at the villa.

SERVANT (Romano Fortuna)
A villager that works in the villa


---A story of love and sensuality - made by women, for women.
---Liberate your mind and body...
---At an Italian resort, the fates of a free-spirited woman and an inhibited young girl become entwined...

Georgia is a young flower girl living with her devoutly Catholic grandmother in the small town of Anguillara in northern Rome.
Her simple life changes dramatically when a goddess-like woman with jet black hair, porcelain skin and sensual lips arrives in town...

The film celebrates the female spirit, sexual freedom and unadulterated love, and embodies the philosophy of enjoying the freedom of being a woman...

The impetus for this film was the hugely successful book by Kyoko Kano entitled "Triolisme"which has sold over 100,000 copies. The collection of essays explores themes of "ultimate love"and "unselfish love"and resonated with young, modern women, making "Triolisme"a national bestseller.

The entire production staff was comprised of women, including the director Elisa Bolognini. This is a sensual film made for women, from the vantage point and ideals of women.

Fashion-icon Kyoko Kano wore many of her own dresses in the scenes - another "must-see"feature of the film. The beautiful natural environment and women of Italy made for breathtaking imagery and exquisite visuals. The lyrical Italian language, the sighs of love, the silky voice and sensual melodies of Nahoko Kakiage, the fragrant roses...all five senses are stimulated in this sublime love story.


"Lifestyle Producer" of inspirational genius and sophisticated beauty...
KYOKO is THE beauty icon of Japan, who many women aspire to emulate.
She is the author of many books on subjects which range from Beauty tips to Exercise techniques to Love & Sex advice. To many Japanese women, these books are the Bible.


"Japan proudly presents: The unbeatable sisters with the ultimate, perfect bodies! "
They first appeared as fresh-faced models in fashion magazines, where their gorgeous beauty and extravagant lifestyles caused a sensation.
They garnered a large fan base instantly, and are highly sought for TV show appearances, magazine layouts and many other publicity events as "the most famous, high-fashion sisters in Japan.h
The Kano Sisters have expressed a great appreciation for film and are well-known film critics, writing for a variety of Japanese magazines. They also have many friends in Hollywood.
Recently, they lent their voices to the TV anime "Time Bokan" where they guest-starred as "the sexy sistersh. MIKA& KYOKO continue to raise their profile in the entertainment field today with continuous hard work.