Integrating the latest digital technology, graphic imagery and cutting techniques, these talented creators who dominate today's music scene launch a new form of visual expression in Japanese filmmaking.

The beginnings of a new romance, the pain of unrequited love, first love... these universal themes are interpreted by each of the four creators through their own unique world views.



A young girl taken hostage in settlement of her father's debts, and the ensuing battle between her boyfriend and his gang that come to her rescue. (Action)

Hiroshi's girlfriend Miku gets kidnapped and taken ransom. He's got to come up with 10 million yen to pay off the mafia money lender. A local gang hip-hop b-boys & extreme sk8ers lends a hand putting "Kuroki Cash Robbery Plan" into action. This shot from the hip, fast cut, life on the streets in TOKYO Underground set to street culture and gadgets, and def jams goes for broke in a money heist. Word up!

¡Director: Hide Inoue
¡Credits: Numerous snowboard, in-line skating and other extreme sports videos as well as stage direction.



In a desperate attempt to escape from reality, she locks herself up in a germ-free room. Who is the woman who appears before her? (Human drama)

The story of a young girl locked away in a germ free room whoovercomes her phobia for bacteria. A young woman gently lures her out of her emotionally protective shell. Yuka takes a leap of faith and ventures outside the comfort zone of her clean room where she learns the truth to her trauma. In the end, she recalls the first time she pictured herself as an adult and finds the secret to growing up.

¡Director:Eiki Takahashi
¡Credits: Music clips and promotion videos for artists such as THE YELLOW MONKEYS, Mr. Children, and Toshinobu Kubota.
¡First film directed: "trancemission" (1999). TV drama: "Hammerhead" (2001).
Music clips for artists such as REBECCA, PENICILLIN, Tomoe Shinohara, Mayo Okamoto, etc



How will he win her love? Will the traditional Japanese approach be effective? An instructive chronicle on how to be successful in the pursuit of true love. (Comedy)

Theories on how to find a girlfriend and the customs of dating and marriage puts Japanese tradition to practical and comic use in this film within an instructional video. Packed with actual theories mixed with parodies and inanely hilarious jokes as well as true-to-life characters struggling with the drama of boys meets girl, boys loses girl, and boy gets girl back. Remember: all Japanese men can do this. True love triumphs in the end.

¡Director:Junji Kojima
¡Credits: News station opening scene, promotion video of Yoshinori Sunahara's "LOBE BEAT",
collaborations with the popular stage contents group "Ramens".



A boy who doesn't want to grow up drifts between fabrication and truth in pursuit of reality. (Human drama)

An elderly man on his death bed goes back through the looking glass of childhood experiences from his first kiss to school bullies and peer pressure to the vulgarity of men to fiction versus reality via a super hero, a film set, and his mother and father. He doesn't like the world of adults he sees and reasons that he cannot become one of them. In the end, he finds his own unique answer to growing up and spiritual rebirth.

¡Director:Kouki Tange
¡Credits: Music clips include Keisuke Kuwata's "Shiroi Koibitotachi!", Mr. Children's "Youthful Days", "Kimiga Suki", Chemistry's "PIECES OF A DREAM", "You Go Your Way", etc.
Awarded in five categories in the Space Shower TV Music Video Awards '02.