What is KAZURA(wig)? Story Cast Staff

Everybody has an inferiority complex
Donft let that stop you from your happiness!


What is KAZURA(wig)?

"Based on the actual events"

When the film starts with the phrase, it usually means you're about to see a serious social drama, battling disease-of-the-month story, or a tale of miraculous hard-to-believe event.

But what about Kazura? In a way, it's none of the above, but also all of them. A miraculous love story about a man struggling with a disease called an inferiority complex. It's a poignantly funny and heartbreakingly exciting film based on the actual events.

Kazura is written as <é¡> in Chinese character. It's a specialized term for katsura <wig> which is used in the traditional Noh or Kyogen plays.


Shigeru Moriyama is a 35-year-old man who leads a peaceful life in a rural town with his family. His sister makes fun of him for using a hairdryer. He growls at his fluffy dog with jealousy. He always freezes whenever he hears a word ethin' in his office. His problem is premature boldness. His father is a baldy and his two younger brothers are almost there. Is there no escape from his heredity? Moriyama has always struggled with shame and he had not been able to live life with a positive outlook.

One day Moriyama is ordered a transfer by the superior at his construction company. As his balding family members see him off, he is sent off to Tokyo. He anxiously walks through the valley of threatening high-rise buildings and sees a wig commercial on the large street monitor. "You too can change your life!" Moriyama visits the large wig company only to realize the high cost of 1 million yen and it takes a month and a half to complete the process. With no money and time, browbeaten Moriyama gives up, but comes across a strange flyer on the sidewalk. "Fast! Cheap! Good! Create your own wig!" Out of despair, he decides to visit an odd looking store in the back alley called Owada Wig.

When he enters, Moriyama meets a surly man Owada. Inside the store, though equipped like a beauty parlor, lies a mysterious beautiful woman eating junk food on a couch further underlining the shady atmosphere. "We'll give it to you right away," says Owada and Moriyama orders a wig without expecting much. The price is fair and it looks just like the one produced by a big brand company. It's the custom made wig made only to fit Moriyama.

On the first day at work, he shows up with the wig. Does it look unnatural? Is it really unnoticeable? Unable to control his fear, Moriyama rushes into bathroom and calls Owada. "Everyone goes through this. You must have confidence." Owada also counsels his customer and provides him with meticulous advice and help. When a waiter accidentally spills food on his wig at a restaurant, Owada appears out of nowhere with a spare.

One day, a beautiful young Ryoko Makita joins his department. She has been assigned to help him design a new apartment building. Naturally, they spend a lot of time together and Moriyama falls for Ryoko. Naturally, Moriyama's boldness becomes the source of headache. He wants to go out with her, but it's impossible to disclose the secret.

Perhaps, Ryoko has sensed Moriyama's wish. She asks him out on a date on a holiday. It turns out she wants to go to an amusement park. It means a rollercoaster. It means strong wind. It will blow his cover. Should he come out clean and tell her the secret? No, she will hate him for sure when she realizes he's bold. Perhaps he can keep his secret.

Moriyama, a man in love who wears a wig and Owada, a mysterious man who created the wig, the two inscrutable men are going toe to toe. And what happens to the couple in love?


Summers: Masakazu Mimura (Shigeru Moriyama) and Kazuki Otake (Owada)

Masakazu Mimura: Born 1967, June 8th in Tokyo.
Kazuki Otake: Born 1967, December 8th in Tokyo.
They formed a comedian duo as eBakardif in 1988. Since then, they have starred in various TV shows including gQuiz Present Variety Q-sama!!h(EX), gMoyamoya Summers 2h(TX), gSummers X Summersh(EX), gHorisummersh(TBS), gWaratte iitomo!h (CX), gLincolnh(TBS), gOchanomizu hakaseh (TBS), g100 Japanese Who Is Going to Change the World! Japan All Starsh(TX, only Mimura), gOngaku Bakah(TX, Otake only), gUchimura Summersh(E!TV), gTululu Summersh(BeeTV) and etc.

Sei Ashina (Ryoko Makita)

Born 1983, November 22nd in Fukushima. She made a debut with gStand Up!!h (TBS) in 2003.Her credits include Silk (2008), Kamogawa Horumo (2009), Kamui (2009), gSaru Lockh (NTV/YTV, 2009), and gUntouchableh (EX, 2009). Shefs currently appearing in gBloody Mondayh (TBS 2008) and two theatrical films: Saru Lock The Movie (2010) and Nanase futatabi (2010).


Shinya Kobayashi - Original Idea / Supervisor

Born 1956 in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. Kobayashi has established himself as a non fiction novelist on athletes as well as a sports writer. He's particularly known for his work on a legendary baseball player Shigeo Nagashima including "The Legend of Shigeo Nagashima." In 2000, he made it public that he's a wigger in two of his autobiographical novels "A Wigger's Secret" and "Wig In Love" which became the basis for this film.

Renpei Tsukamoto - Director

Born 1963 February 24th in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. He has directed episodes on numerous TV series such as "Jikou keisatsu", "Saru lock", "God Hand Teru", "Dragon zakura", "Oniyome Diary", "Satorare", "Tokumei kakaricho, Tadano Hitoshi", "At Home Dad" and "Flowers for Algernon." He has also directed 700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police (2008), One Missed Call 2 (2005), and Ghost Shout (2004).

Yuichi Fukuda - Writer

Born 1968, July 12th in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture. He has written many TV variety shows including "Bakusyo red theater" and "Ikinari ougon densetsu" as well as TV drama series such as "Tokyo Dogs", "Saru lock", "1 pondo no fukuin", "33 Minutes Detective" and a very popular DVD series "The 3 meisama." He has made a directorial debut with Chasing My Girl (2009).

Takaaki Fujioka - Music

A freelance music producer. During his Sony Music Record days, Fujioka has worked with Sibugaki-tai, Kazuhiko Kato, Rumi Shishido, and many other musicians. While serving as a producer, he has formed his own duo Fujioka Fujimaki with his friend Naoya Fujimaki. In 2008, a newly formed group Nozomi Ohashi and Fujioka Fujimaki released a single Ponyo and became a huge hit in Japan.

Kariyushi 58 - Theme song

Formed in 2005, Kariyushi 58 became popular with their own interpretation on Okinawan music infused of rock and reggae with heartfelt lyrics. In 2006, their single Anmar won New Comer Award at Nihon Yusen Award. In February 2009, their new single Sayonara, a theme song for a hit TV series "Zenigeba" starring Kenichi Matsuyama entered the top 10 at the Oricon chart. Upon releasing their 2nd album Deji Kariyushi featuring 7 commercial tie up songs in April 2009, the band started the nation wide tour Haisai Road 09 / 47 Prefectures 58 Cities. They reside in Okinawa and continue to sing their Okinawan songs.
Official Site: http://www.ldandk.com/kariyushi58/