Kidnapper (working title)

A young man yearning for maternal love.
A woman convicted of a kidnapping long ago.
Their tale of "love" and "rebirth".



7-year old Masato, who was kidnapped as an infant and returned to his parents, grows up as an only child in an affluent home. Seemingly, he has everything he needs, but in fact, Masato's life is a constant battle in a loveless relationship with his mother.
To help himself cope, Masato comes to believe that the woman who kidnapped him 17 years ago is his "real mother" and embarks on a journey to find her...
His journey brings him to Okinawa where he is reunited with Aiko - his "real mother", who is running a small restaurant on the beach. Without revealing his past, Masato moves in as a part-time helper. Aiko is guarded and unwilling to open herself up to Masato, but eventually, his hard work and persistent efforts to win her favor begin to break down the barriers...and there begins a poignant love story, blurring the boundaries between "mother and son" and "lovers"...

Yasuko Matsuyuki x Tasuku Emoto

After a six year hiatus since his mega-hit "White Out", Director Setsurou Wakamatsu brings the novel of award winning author, Yoshinaga Fujita, to the screen!
The film features Yasuko Matsuyuki who has appeared in numerous TV commercials and dramas as well as high profile films including "Kogitsune Helen" (04) and "HULA GIRLS" (06). It also features Tasuku Emoto, whose unique aura has garnered attention since his debut in "A Boy's Summer in 1945".@Veteran actors Susumu Terajima and Kimiko Yo round out the all-star cast, as they weave a tale of passionate, heartrending love.