A love story bursting with originality by Director Rikiya Imaizumi,
a flag-bearer of romance movies sJanuary 17th, 2020t

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Tickets to the world premiere of our blue moment, a story about a young woman awkward in love, sold out immediately at last yearfs Tokyo International Film Festival, indicating a strong public interest in the movie, and upon its theatrical release in February 2018, it became sensational hit among the youth. With two of his latest films slated for release in 2019, Imaizumi, who is creating a lot of buzz both within and outside the country, has started writing a new feature-length film that he will also direct.
It portrays the romantic interests of a variety of people and will star Kei Tanaka of Ossanfs Love and the young and fresh Sae Okazaki. Set in a stylish flower shop, their dialogue will make you chuckle, and the story will resonate in your heart. It is a love story straight from the world of Imaizumi that depicts gromanceh for what it is, the ludicrousness and awkwardness of it all.


Seiichi Natsume owns a stylish flower shop called gmellow.h Unmarried and girlfriend-less, he loves working with flowers and leads a peaceful life. After transferring to a new elementary school, his nephew Saho often stays home and misses classes. One day, Sahofs mother, Natsumefs big sister, shows up and leaves Saho in his care. There is a ramen noodle shop in the neighborhood where Natsume sometimes takes Saho. It is run by Kiho, a young woman who inherited the shop from her late father and who has Natsume provide flowers for the altar at her house. Hiromi, one of mellowfs regular customers whose family owns a beauty salon nearby, has a secret crush on Natsume. As Natsume diligently runs his flower shop and serves its various customers, Mariko, another regular customer and a housewife, confesses her love for him. Right in front of her husband... Natsume finds himself enmeshed in other peoplefs affairs of the heart, but his own thoughts are...


Rikiya Imaizumi: director, screenwriter
Born in 1981 in Fukushima prefecture. He started making independent films as a student in the School of Design & Architecture of Nagoya City University. After he graduated, he moved to Osaka and joined NSC, a school for aspiring comedians. He later relocated to Tokyo and enrolled in filmmaking school New Cinema Workshop. He won the grand prize at Mito Short Film Festival with Nuruma (2008) and the TAMA NEW WAVE Award at TAMA CINEMA FORUM with Saitei (2009). His first commercial film was A film of Tama (2011), a documentary about the three original members of Tama, a popular band of the 1990s. our blue moment (2018) was screened in the Special Screenings section of the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival. Just Only Love (starring Yukino Kishii and Ryo Narita; based on a story by Mitsuyo Kakuta) to be released in 2019 has been selected for the Competition in the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival and also invited to 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. Little Nights, Little Love (starring Haruma Miura and Mikako Tabe) is also slated for release in fall 2019 and is selected for Competition in the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. His works have been praised at international film festivals of late, and more of them are expected in the years to come.