Everythingfs fine. When the wind blows your way, just go with it!

Mitsuko Hara: 24-years-old and 9 months pregnant
Money: None
House: None
Husband: None
Sense of duty and humanity: More than most

A new film from director Yuya Ishii of gSawako Decidesh and gA Man with Styleh

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The acclaimed filmmaker x the new muse of Japanese film
Director Yuya Ishii x Riisa Naka - two young talents join forces!

The 28-year-old film director, Yuya Ishii, burst on the world scene with his brilliant filmmaking. Ishiifs film was featured in the 37th Rotterdam International Film Festival and the 32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival | an exceptional honor for a fledgling director. At the Hong Kong Asia Film Awards, Ishii was again recognized and awarded the inaugural gEdward Yang New Talent Award.h
Back home in Japan, Ishii won the Pia Film Festival Grand Prix in 2007 for gMukidashi Nipponh (Bare-Assed Japan) and followed up with the mega-hit gSawako Decidesh (2010) for which he won the Best Director at the Blue Ribbon Awards and the Best New Director Award at the Yokohama Film Festival. His next film gA Man with Styleh was again, highly acclaimed. The entire world has been enthralled with the originality of Ishiifs world that eludes categorization in any single genre.

The actress chosen to star in director Ishiifs newest venture is Riisa Naka, winner of this yearfs Japan Academy Award for Best New Actress. Her film credits include gToki wo Kakeru Shojoh (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) and gZebraman ~ Zebra City no Gyakushuuh (Zebraman: Vengeful Zebra City) as well as a number of TV commercials. Naka meets director Ishiifs world view head on, with a boldness that belies her sweet image. Evolving as the newest muse of Japanese film, gHara Ga Kore NandeiMitsuko Deliversj is destined to be one of Nakafs showcase films.

Shefs nine months pregnant with no house, no money and no husband. Yet she always puts others ahead of herself. Introducing the gcoolesth pregnant heroine of our time, who is guaranteed to cheer you up!

The most important thing in this world is to live a gcoolh life and to never lose onefs sense of gduty and humanity.h This is the credo of our heroine, Mitsuko Hara. She is nine months pregnant and has left the father of her child. She is also broke and has been evicted from her apartment. But even in the direst of situations, Mitsuko remains unfazed. Guided by the clouds drifting in the wind, she finds herself at the tenement housing of her childhood. The old neighborhood remains virtually unchanged since the Showa era, like an old relic abandoned by modernization and development, and its impoverished residents have lost all of lifefs vitality.
gOkay. No problem. Ifll fix that!h
Ignoring her own desperate situation, Mitsuko rises to the rescue of her fellow neighbors!
Mitsuko Hara is a modern-day heroine who is strong but cries at the drop of a hat. Although in dire straits herself, Mitsuko always tries to make others happy. She infuses the downtrodden with the strength to move forward. A pregnant heroine that will uplift our hearts and souls is born!

The sparkling performances of the talented cast will make you laugh, and warm your heart |

The motley group of people who are caught up in Mitsukofs powerful humanitarian mission are actually a little like her -- all thinking of others before themselves.
These lovable, off-kilter characters, whose kindness sometimes backfires, are portrayed by a talented cast of actors.

Mitsukofs childhood friend Yoichi, who has had a crush on her forever, is played by the up-and-coming actor Aoi Nakamura, featured in gBECKh and gOh Okuh. Veteran Ryo Ishibashi adds depth to his portrayal of the uncle, Jiro, who raised the orphaned Yoichi, sacrificing his own prospect of marriage. The gruff landlady Sei is played by Miyoko Inagawa, who has appeared in several of director Ishiifs films. Shiro Namiki, Miyako Takeuchi and Keiko Saito, among others, round out the exceptional all-star cast.
The original theme song, gAi Nanteh by GOING UNDER GROUND was written with input from director Ishii and captures the spirit of the movie. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of their debut, and the result is a song that speaks to the soul of the people.


Mitsuko Hara (Riisa Naka) tearfully watches an interview of a man who has lost his job. But Mitsuko is in a desperate place herself. Shefs nine months pregnant and has left the American father of her child. Shefs also broke and must move out of her apartment with nowhere to go.
gWhen the windfs not blowing your way, take a nap. Everything will be fine. And when the wind blows your way, just go with it!h For Mitsuko, who values duty, humanity and living gcoolh above all else, everything is gOkay!h

Mitsuko follows the drifting clouds and finds herself in a familiar neighborhood that time has left behind. It turns out be the very tenement where she and her parents fled to many years ago when their pachinko parlor went out of business. Mitsuko discovers that the once overbearing, sharp-tongued landlady Sei (Miyoko Inagawa) is now confined to her bed, longing to join her husband who died in the war. gIfm just waiting for the unexploded bombshell under the floorboards to go offh she says. Mitsuko decides to take care of Sei and give birth to her child in the tenement.
The neighborhood that was once full of poor but cheerful and kindhearted residents is now deserted, with only her childhood friend Yoichi (Aoi Nakamura) and his uncle Jiro (Ryo Ishibashi) remaining. They still run a small restaurant but with virtually no customers. 15 years ago, Yoichi proposed to Mitsuko, saying gMarry me when we grow up. I like you the best.h He still loves her and feels he must follow through with his promise. For Yoichi, Mitsukofs return is both joyous and disturbing. He feels he doesnft deserve to be happy when his uncle has sacrificed his love for Mama (Keiko Saito), the owner of the local coffee shop, gBellh, in order to raise him. Jiro, on the other hand, believes he can never marry Mama and abandon the landlady Sei, who has helped him through countless tough times.

On his turn to deliver dinner to the bedridden Sei, Yoichi sees Mitsuko and hands her his life savings, declaring that he will take care of her child. But when Mitsuko sees the pathetic balance in his bank book, she declares, gI see you guys are struggling, too. Okay! Ifll fix that!h
From the very next day, Mitsuko begins pulling in customers to their restaurant. She cries for customers who have lost their jobs, giving them words of encouragement, and at times, treating them to lunch. Before long, the restaurant is full of customers who adore Mitsuko. Her next project is Yoichi and Jirofs gmarital problems.h While Yoichi declared that he would take care of Mitsukofs child, he knows he cannot marry her and leave his unwed uncle Jiro behind. When Jirofs love interest, Mama, finally resolves to move back to Fukushima to look after her sick mother, Jiro does not even object to her because of the bedridden Sei.
Just when Mitsuko tries to resolve everyonefs problem by taking them all to Fukushima, her parents show up at the tenement. Once again, they are fleeing from creditors. They are shocked to see their daughter, Mitsuko, who is supposed to be in California and not supposed to be pregnant. Mitsuko reprimands Jiro for being indecisive, Mama breaks down in tears when Jiro declares that hefll never marry, and Sei wails that she wants to hurry up and diec!
gOkay, stop! Letfs take a nap. If we wait patiently, a good wind will blow our way.h
Amidst the chaos, everyone reluctantly follows Mitsukofs orders and takes a nap. No one knows that they are minutes away from a blast that will change everythingc


Riisa Naka / Aoi Nakamura / Ryo Ishibashi
Miyoko Inagawa / Shiro Namiki / Miyako Takeuchi / Momoka Ohno / Yoshimasa Kondo / Yukijiro Hotaru / Risho Takigawa / Shigeyuki Totsugi / Ryu Morioka / Keiko Saito

Written and directed by: Yuya Ishii
Theme Song: gAi Nanteh | GOING UNDER GROUND (Pony Canyon)
Produced by: Pony Canyon Inc., PARCO Co., SHOWGATE Inc., dub Co., Toei Channel, PIA Co., Yahoo Japan Co., TOKYO FM Broadcasting Co., smoke Co., Nippon Planning Center Inc.
Planning: PARCO Co., Pony Canyon Inc.
Production: smoke Co., dub Co.
Distribution: SHOWGATE Inc.
(C)2011 gMITSUKO DELIVERSh Film Partners
2011 / Japan / Vista Size / DTS Stereo / Color / 109 minutes