A film adaptation of gFUN FUN STUDIO,h
the TV program loved by the people of Japan for generations

Now more than ever, the children need to smile!
The long-awaited new film
FUN FUN STUDIO: Escape From Wonderland


gFUN FUN STUDIO,h the popular childrenfs TV show that was first aired in 1959, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019. FUN FUN STUDIO: THE FIRST ADVENTURE, the first feature film in 2018, and FUN FUN STUDIO: Letfs Catch the Switcheroo Mask! released to theaters in January 2020 are both interactive family movies that were well received by viewers. The long-awaited new film, FUN FUN STUDIO: Escape from Wonderland!, is slated for production and scheduled for release in theaters nationwide in September 2021!


In this film, the members of the TV show, who are usually best friends, get into a fight and get sent separately to wonderland. A big adventure filled with laughter and tears by the usual members including the characters of GALAPICO-PU. The children and their parents will enjoy the familiar songs and exercises and new quizzes during the film. The children can remain their seats while they exercise and participate in the quizzes by clapping their hands. A new interactive family movie thatfs safe and fun amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when there is not much to do for entertainment. The popular gphoto timeh in the previous two films will also be included in this one for capturing good memories in photos with the members on the screen.

A FUN FUN STUDIO movie, a perfect first movie for children. In September 2021, a gift of smiles and hope to the kids and moms and dads!