A daughter posted a Tweet about her bento box lunch made by her father, which brought 350 thousands of people to tears on Twitter.
This is a heartwarming touching true story of the father and daughter who lived an ordinary life.
The father kept on making bento for his daughter through three years of high school, and she ate it for lunch everyday.
In the last bento in her high school days, she found a picture of “the very first bento that her father had made for her” with a handwritten message from him.
The father and the daughter, who were connected by bento lunch. The Tweet was retweeted more than 80 thousand times and got 260 thousand “likes.” This touching true story is now made into a film.
Toshimi Watanabe got his first starring role in this film. Rena Takeda played the daughter role.

The modest story of the father and daughter, made from a Tweet on Twitter, will surely bring tears to people’s eyes all over Japan.


Rena Takeda as Midori

Born on July 27, 1997, in Fukushima Prefecture.
In December 2013, Takeda won the grand prix award at an audition named “Ameba Candy Collection: Seeking a second Kumicky.”
She was appointed as “KFB High School Baseball Girl” for the Fukushima regional tournament of the 96th National High School Baseball Tournament in 2014.
She made her debut as an actress in Assassination Classroom (2015 / Director: Eiichiro Hasumi,) and also appeared on the cover of the 13th edition of Weekly Young Jump as one of the most outstanding talents in the history. It was her first appearance on the magazine, which was an exceptional selection to be on the cover as the first appearance.
Takeda became an exclusive model for non-no by Shueisha in 2016. She played a role in a drama named THE LAST COP (2016 / NTV), and also appeared in the film, TOKYO CITY GIRL -2016-, released on December 13, 2016.

When I read the original Tweet of this film, The World’s Best Bento Lunch Box Made by Papa, I was moved by the content.
I can really relate to the Tweet because I also get along well with my dad, and it also reminds me that I should never forget to be grateful to him.
I’m honored to play a role in the film based on such a heartwarming story.
I hope many people will see this film.

Toshimi Watanabe as Father

Watanabe made his debut as a musician with a band, TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET, and made their major debut with the album, TRIPLE BARREL (Edoya Records / BMG.)
A wide range of people like the band's out-of-the-box and creative sound that includes a sense of various genres.
In 2009, Watanabe formed a band named Inawashirokos with Fukushima-born musicians and creators, Takashi Yamaguchi (Sambo Master), Shinji Matsuda (THE BACK HORN), and Michihiko Yanai (Wind and Rock.) (Toshimi Watanabe plays the bass guitar.) In April 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Inawashirokos released a charity song which was their first single, I love you & I need you Fukushima, from Tower Records. (They have donated all CD sales profit to the Fukushima Prefecture Headquarters for Disaster Control.) On December 31, 2011, Watanabe appeared on the 62nd Kouhaku Utagassen as Inawashirokos.
In 2014, Watanabe’s bento boxes made for his only son for three years of high school became a hot topic among people, and he published an essay book, which was a record of his daily bento, titled 461 Bento are the promise between Father and Son.
In 2015, the essay book turned into a manga and a TV drama as 461 Thank-you's: Father and Son Bonding through Bento of Love.
This is his first starring role in a film.

This is my first time to play the leading role in a film, and I really glad to involve in this wonderful story of Father and Daughter, The World’s Best Bento Lunch Made by Papa.
I love the song sang by Rina Katahira, too!