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A brilliant patissier who made a sudden exit from the world of pastry and the daughter of a small-town cake shop who ventures to the big city in search of her sweetheart.
Fate draws them together in a pastry shop brimming over with delectable cakes and life stories \
A bittersweet gem of a story that will warm your heart with just one, joyful bite.
Whether you're blue or downright depressed, a delicious cake will comfort you and put a smile on your face.
Stories of life's setbacks as well as comebacks are part of the fare at a popular Tokyo pastry shop named Coin de rue. The film features veterans of Japanese film, Yosuke Eguchi and Yu Aoi.@Joining them in their first collaboration is a standout cast including Keiko Toda, Noriko Eguchi, Hiroyuki Onoue and Mariko Kaga. And don't forget the precious "jewels" \ the delightful sweets that have mesmerized women throughout the ages.
The film is written and directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa of "Love Story at 60" and "Looking Up at the Half Moon" and the theme song "Asu, Kimito Tewo Tsunaguyo" is an original by Fukuoka singer songwriter Hiroko Momochi.
To overcome sorrow, to pursue one's dream, and to enjoy life. This bittersweet film celebrates these life themes interwoven with heartwarming tales of happiness.

"His cakes made everyone happy. They could make anyone smile."
No one knows why legendary patissier Ryotaro Tomura suddenly departed from the industry eight years ago. He is now a renowned sweets critic and lecturer at confectionary schools, yet darkness dwells in his heart. covers his heart.@ One day, he drops in on "Patisserie Coin de rue", a popular pastry shop run by his old friend Yoriko. Here, Tomura meets Natsume Usuba, the daughter of a Kagoshima baker, who has come to Tokyo in search of her boyfriend. Natsume ends up working at "Coin de rue". As Tomura watches Natsume struggle to make a place for herself at the shop with the support of Yoriko, her staff and some regulars, Tomura is moved and encouraged to slowly confront his own painful past. But when Yoriko is injured in an accident, "Coin de rue" finds itself in a jam...

Sweets help us to deal with life that is not always so sweet.
Cakes and sweets have always been irresistible to both men and women. But sweets are not the only reason patrons are drawn to "Patisserie Coin du rue". Tomura is grappling with a painful past and Natsume is desperately trying to make a place for herself in Tokyo. The staff and patrons of "Coin de rue" are all dealing with their personal issues as well. Life isn't easy. Life isn't sweet. But the cakes and sweets at this patisserie are packed with little miracles that help them to forget their sorrows for a little while. They come to the shop and are greeted with warm smiles and thanks. Tomura and Natsume have lost the most important people in their lives, but they realize that in order to makes cakes that will make others happy, they must first become happy themselves. Accepting the harsh realities of life and taking a step forward takes great courage, and their journey evokes heartwarming tears. The corner patisserie is a crossroads in life. Once you've seen the film, you'll want to go for some delicious cake and "keep on trying", just like the characters in the film.

A scrumptious, heartwarming world produced by the ultimate cast and staff
The main character Ryotaro Tomura will be played by the popular Yosuke Eguchi, considered the "face" of Japanese film, television and theater. In "Coin de rue", Eguchi portrays a legendary ex-patissier with a painful past. The other protagonist, Natsume Usuba, will be played by Yu Aoi, winner of numerous cinematic awards including the Japan Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for "Hula Girls" (08). She prepared for her role as an apprentice patissier by studying cake making, and she shines in her role of an emotional young girl. The cast also features Keiko Toda, who won the Japan Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for "Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald" (97), Noriko Eguchi, who has appeared in various masterpiece films, Hiroyuki Onoue, an up and coming young actor from the "ROOKIES" series, and veteran Mariko Kaga, who Director Fukagawa pursued fervently to appear in the film. The film is written and directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa, a critically acclaimed filmmaker who is currently involved in hit films such as "Byakuyakou" and "Kamisama no Karute." Fukagawa was extremely picky, not only of his cast, but also in filming the third "main character" of the story \ the cakes taking pains to capture them so that film viewers could practically taste and smell the rich, full flavored gems on film.
The cakes were provided by Patissier Koji Ueshimo of The Agnes Hotel Tokyo's "Le Coin Vert". The film also received the full support of the set and technical expertise of the Tsuji Culinary School. Fukuoka singer songwriter Hiroko Momochi is a local icon who made her professional debut at the age of 21 when she entered a talent audition. Her debut song "Asu, Kimi to Te wo Tsunaguyo" is the theme song which will accompany the emotional final scene of the movie.


Tartes, shortcakes, mille-feuilles... The showcase of the popular "Patisserie Coin de rue" in Tokyo is lined with these little "treasures". The shop is also full of smiling faces. In the bustling kitchen, the owner / pastry chef Yoriko, her husband Julian and Mariko work quickly and efficiently. Ryotaro Tomura, a confectionary school lecturer and sweets critic who has authored several guidebooks is a regular. "You'd be a great addition to the shop", says Yoriko, but Tomura just takes his cake to a terrace seat in the back.

Just then, a young girl enters the shop carrying a huge suitcase. "Is Umi around?" she asks with a thick Kagoshima accent. Natsume Usuba has come to Coin de rue in search of her boyfriend Chihiro Umi, who is training to be a pastry chef in Tokyo. Yoriko informs her that Umi is no longer with them, but Natsume refuses to leave Tokyo without seeing him again. The problem is she has nowhere to stay...
"Can I work here then?"
Natsume's family runs a cake shop in Kagoshima. She makes them a cake to demonstrate her skills, but Yoriko and Tomura are not impressed. "Have some cake and go home" says Yoriko, offering a Coin de rue cake. It is pure bliss, unlike anything Natsume has tasted before. Enchanted by the "real thing", Natsume begs Yoriko to take her on as an apprentice.

Natsume begins working at Coin de rue while living in the office upstairs. At Coin de rue, she befriends a regular, Ms. Yoshikawa, gets her very first paycheck, and works hard despite being continuously chewed out by Yoriko and Mariko for her miserable attempts at cre`me pastries and baked confectionaries. On her day offs, she goes in search of Umi, visiting cake shops all over Tokyo, but to no avail.
One night, Natsume finds a photograph in the office of Yoriko, Julian and Tomura in a white chef's jacket.
"Ryotaro Tomura was a legend. A top chef until 10 years ago... he won so many international competitions". Natsume asks why Tomura quit cake making, but Yoriko won't tell her.

Tomura is seen talking to the foreign owner of a prestigious patisserie. "I heard about your accident. I was worried about you". The owner is Tomura's mentor and he's trying to urge him to join his shop as their pastry chef. "There's no place for me in the kitchen". Tomura is unhappy with his current situation, but turns down the offer, eyes downcast.

Meanwhile at Coin de rue, Natsume and Mariko are fighting again. When Mariko spills Umi's location in the heat of an argument, Natsume runs out of the shop.
She finally finds Umi and urges him to return to Kagoshima, but he says he wants to stay in Tokyo. Natsume learns the reason why when Umi's new girlfriend walks in...
Natsume returns to the shop stone drunk.
"I've decided to dedicate my life to work! I'm going to become a famous pastry chef!"
Natsume declares to Yoriko, in between sobs.

Natsume throws herself into work with renewed purpose. She stumbles briefly when Ms. Yoshikawa's reaction to her Cassis Fromage is still only tepid, but she continues to strive towards her goal. Tomura finds himself moved by her passion and ardor.
One day, Yoriko tells Natsume why Tomura stopped making cakes. The story is too tragic to believe.
"His cakes made everyone happy. They could make anyone smile" Natsume is at a loss for words.

Days pass in a whirlwind and Tomura is still struggling to find a place for himself while Natsume forges ahead towards her dream of becoming a pastry chef. Meanwhile, Coin de rue lands a huge opportunity when Yoriko gets a big dinner party contract. But on her way home, Yoriko faints and suffers major injuries when she falls down the stairs...

What will happen to the dinner party? What does Natsume do to save the shop? What is Tomura's response? What will become of Patisserie Coin de rue?

Yosuke Eguchi (Ryotaro Tomura)

-Comments from Yosuke Eguchi-
When I was offered the role of Ryotaro Tomura, I honestly felt they picked the wrong guy. The character was so fragile. But through numerous discussions with director Fukagawa, the image of the legendary pastry chef Tomura slowly began to take form in my mind.
Before we started shooting, I baked many, many cakes and learned about the depth of this art form and the strict level of professionalism required maintaining a high standard.
While visiting many pastry shops in town, I was surprised to see the number of people enjoying delicious cakes, and I realized that this was their "sliver of happiness".
The jewel-like cakes beautifully illuminate the film and are considered the third main character in the story.
I think many people will call someone and say, "Let's go eat some cake!" after they see this movie. I hope that sense of happiness will be shared in the theater.

Yu Aoi (Natsume Usuba)

-Comments from Yu Aoi-
The big challenges for me were the Kagoshima dialect and cake making. I borrowed all the ingredients and utensils and practiced at home every day. I practiced the Kagoshima dialect while creaming the cream, but just as I got the hang of creaming, I would forget the dialect and have to start all over again... I struggled with this balancing act for quite some time.
Director Fukagawa is very kind, but he makes no concessions - a standard he sets not for himself, but for the movie, and everyone tried their best to support him. This was my first film with Mr. Eguchi. I'd never met anyone like him before, so I was curious. Our characters clashed a lot. I'll always remember our longest scene together was filmed on opposite sides of a door.
It was an ideal set. I think the most attractive feature of the film is the direct translation of everyone's emotions onto the screen.

Staff Profile

Director / Screenwriter: Yoshihiro Fukagawa
Born in Chiba, 1976. Studied film production in film school, and went on to win awards at the Pia Film Festival for "Giant Crybaby" (99) and "Bicycles and High Heels" (00). Made his commercial directorial debut in 2004 with the omnibus film "Jiten Shonen". His first theatrical full length feature film "Ookami Shojo" won critical acclaim in the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival where it was selected to show in the "Japanese Eyes / (Viewpoint)" category in 2005. Fukagawa went on to direct "Makiguri no Ana" (08) "Doukyusei" (08), "Taiiku kan Baby" (08) "Love Letter at 60" (09), "Looking Up at the Half Moon" (00), and will direct "Into the White Night" starring Maki Horikita and Kengo Kora and "Kamisama no Karute" starring Sho Sakurai and Aoi Miyazaki in 2011. Fukagawa is considered one of the hottest film directors today.

-Interview with Yoshihiro Fukagawa-
When the producers approached me with the film, I was attracted to the theme: "A girl's encounter with cake. A legendary ex-patissier and patrons of a pastry shop, and how their interaction with the girl changes them". The idea that this girl causes Tomura and others to go through transformations made me think of doing a young girl version of a "Torasan" movie. That's when I decided to do this film.
I started adding my ideas to the screenplay of Kiyotaka Inagaki and Hiroko Maeda. The original story was about a young country girl coming out to the big city trying to make a place for herself starting from scratch. I tried to express the emotional transformations and episodes involving the legendary patissier and various patrons of the pastry shop with care and sensitivity.
I also considered the actors, the location, the staff and the set in shooting the film. With Yosuke Eguchi, my mission was to draw out the "quietude" in him. We talked over each scene and action of Tomura's character. With Yu Aoi, we used the storyline as our base, but I relayed what I felt in every scene and we went with what resonated with her. I think the character of Natsume turned out to be a lot more interesting than originally imagined. The sweets themselves make up the third "main character" of the film. I shot them using the same lighting as the actors, trying to evoke their rich aromas and flavors. Unfortunately, this made the cakes melt quickly, and I had to ask Mr. Okawa and the staff to provide hundreds of cakes.
I am very happy with the finished product. I hope viewers will be encouraged to take a step outside of their comfort zones, and not be afraid of confrontation, getting hurt, making mistakes, or failing. The important thing is to take that step.

About Cakes

”Mille-feuille chocolat
Tomura orders this cake at Coin de rue.
”Chocolate shortcake
The first cake Natsume makes at Coin de rue. Yoriko tells her it's like the cakes sold on the street at Christmas time.
Yoriko offers this cake to Natsume and tells her to go home.
Natsume is so moved by the "real thing" that she asks Yoriko if she can work at Coin de rue.
Natsume doesn't coat the pan with enough butter, causing the cake to stick.
”Macarons pistache
Natsume makes this birthday cake with a decorative plate. She practices by writing "Natsume and Umi-kun" on it.
Natsume makes this cake without permission and asks Yoriko to taste it.
”Cassis Fromage
Natsume makes this cake and asks Ms. Yoshikawa and Tomura to try it. She stands by nervously for their verdict.
”Galette des Rois
This cake will be served at the dinner party. The lucky guest who finds la feve (a small ceramic doll) in their piece will have a year's worth of good luck.

About PATISSERIE Coin de rue

A pastry shop run by Yoriko and Julian Wilson, who trained in Paris and New York in the art of French pastries and cake making. Patrons can eat the sweets in the shop or in the garden (Coffee is self-serve and complimentary). The name "Coin de rue" means "street corner" in French.
Open from 10:00 to 18:00.