Tokyo Zance was suggested by last summer's British hit "Tube Tales." Six well-known Japanese directors from various genres and one of the hottest actresses from Hong Kong, Kelly Chen contributed to this omnibus film with their impressions of life in Tokyo. Kazuna Iida, Takanori Jinnai, Kelly Chen, Naoko Nozawa, Katsuhiko Hibino, Takashi Matsuo and Shin Yamagishi are amongst Japan's most active and talented filmmakers.





An Exceedingly Kind Country
Director: Takashi Matsuo

Japan is full of exceedingly considerate announcements. Everywhere you go you are told what to do and buses are no exception. Our middle-aged hero has endured these annoying announcements for years. His complaints to the bus company meet with little success until one day his anger reaches its peak and he swings into action.

Takashi Matsuo is active in TV, radio, film and the theater.


Tokyo Escalator
Director: Naoko Nozawa

Emi, once a famous opera singer, is now reduced to wandering the city searching for a stage to perform on. One day she discovers a strange escalator which seems never to end. When she finally does reach the top she encounters a theater of the absurd from which she can never be free.

Naoko Nozawa was a popular Japanese comedienne until she suddenly went to the USA and married an American in 1991. Nozawa currently performs as a musician and makes films with her husband, Bob.


The Promise
Director: Kelly Chen

One day a young man who is tired of his routine life visits an amusement park. As a boy, he played there with his classmates and they all promised to meet there again in ten years. He runs into a beautiful girl and they ride on the Ferris wheel together. As they talk about their memories he realizes that she is actually an old classmate, one he had loved dearly, one who died years ago.
But if she is dead...then what does that make him?

Besides being acknowledged as one of Hong Kong's top stars, Chen is also a regular on Japanese TV. She earned enormous popularity in Japan after starring alongside Taiwanese pop idol Takeshi Kaneshiro.


Tokyo Scale
Director: Shin Yamagishi

The story of an ancient weighing machine in a Tokyo bathhouse. After 35 years of faithful service the scale is being phased out. Filled with memories of all those lovely ladies who have checked their weight the scale falls in love with Sanae, a beautiful girl who is desperate to lose two kilos by nightfall.
He does his best to make her happy, but it ends in tragedy.

Shin Yamagishi is a talented photographer who specializes in shots of famous personalities. With an eye to future media, Yamagishi has recently founded a photographic museum which can be accessed by mobile phones.


The "Apparently" Form
Director: Katsuhiko Hibino

One of Japan's leading modern artists, Katsuhiko Hibino has produced some stunning images suggestive of freedom and loneliness. A man who lives on the roof of a Shinjuku building. A woman standing in a field surrounded by wooden clogs.
Welcome to the fantastic world as seen by Hibino.

One of the most important of Japan's younger crop of artists, Hibino is also an assistant professor at Tokyo Art University.


Running Free
Director: Takanori Jinnai

Two primary school boys are studying hard in preparation for junior high school entrance examinations. One is the son of a police inspector, the other is the son of a Yakuza gangster. They have been rivals since they entered school and their fathers are also rivals who expect their son to be the best at everything. The school Field and Track Day has come and the two boys are prepared for the fight of their lives. Which one will win?

Jinnai is a popular actor active in film, theater, TV and commercials. He also sings the title song in the Tunku produced film.


Mach 85
Director: Kazuna Iida

Tomiko is troubled when she runs short of umeboshi, Japanese pickled plums, an essential part of anyone's daily lunch box. Four old men race their favorite machines, electric wheelchairs, in a bid to secure the pickled plums, and Tomiko's heart.

Iida is an up-and-coming photographer who works mainly in TV commercials and music clips.


Tsunku Town
Tsunku Town is a midnight TV show with the aim of discovering and highlighting talented young people.
Tsunku, the mayor, decided to invest one hundred million yen ($1 million) of his own money in an effort to allow young talent the chance to make their own films. The film making process is introduced in the program.



Executive Producer; TSUNKU

Directors; Takashi Matsuo, Naoko Nozawa, Kelly Chen, Shin Yamagishi, Katsuhiko Hibino, Takanori Jinnai, Kazuna Iida

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